Thursday, August 3, 2017

A Kind of needed!

Well, me thinks the world has gone nutzoid.  It's been so crazy - accidents everywhere, busy, buzzy people everywhere.  Everyone needs something.  And I can't get anything done until everyone else is hushed and settled and gets what they need.  I feel like a mother who can't get anything done til the kids all get in bed.  lol

I feel like I want to break into a Karen Carpenter song, "There's a kind of hush, all over the world tonight....."  Oh wishful thinking.  There is kind of a hush this morning.  Tugie the Toy P is behind me snoring loudly.  She has had her morning business and treat and Science Diet.  And now it's my quiet hour.

Don't really have much I can say in this blog as my world has mainly been at work.  Trying to dig out of a hole still from being gone and way too much going on.

Can't get much done at home either.  I don't put a lot of demands on my time at home after 6.  I try to get laundry rebooted and the dry ones folded and put up at least and any immediate errands or prep for the next day.  I usually get about 30 minutes to check facebook, instagram, or work at my desk to add something to the Walmart list.  Then dinner is ready.  We watch a show together and then it's bedtime again.  Then the alarm goes off and then it's time to start all over.  So this is my blessed hour.  And it goes way too fast.  Just never enough time.

Hard to believe it's August already.  I kinda like August ONLY b/c it is next to September and the thought of cooler air just makes me smile.  September can be quite hot too but it usually starts to get better.

In about two months Katy and I will be going to Charleston.  I need to get our horse carriage ride booked.  Of course I had seen a thing about the horses there being unruly and injuring passengers.  Of course I would have seen that article after booking our trip.  So that made me kind of hold off.  But I guess we will do it and hope for the best.  If the horse bucks the cart - then he does.  lol  Maybe I can get that done this weekend.

I downloaded an app called "Mystery Society" and you find things that are hidden in the scene.  I really like it a lot.  That is what I did in the 15 minutes surprise time that I had after watching Below Deck Mediterranean.  Very relaxing.

George and I have to decide where to go for our anniversary.  I thought we were going to his high school reunion but he has suddenly decided that he would rather do our anniversary celebration that day instead.  It's in September. So I think that we will look at one of the new restaurants in town.  That will be exciting.

Well, I am having to dream up stuff to say on here.  Just as always, I need more home time.  I'm a little bit irritated with a few things too but life goes on as it has.  Hope you all have a great day.

Oh I changed the commenting where anyone can comment without having a google address so that one of my readers could comment as she was not able to with her AOL address.  Since I have my comments set to where it will not post until I approve it, that will work.  I had never allowed "just anyone" to comment b/c I didn't want a bunch of goof ball comments and spam.  If I start getting a lot of that though that I have to moderate through, I'll have to change it back.  There is always someone out there trying to spoil anything good.  That has been the most well learned thing in my life.  You have something nice or do something nice and there is always a thorn in your side trying to tear you down, knock you down, or mess you up.  And as we know blogging is NO exception.  lol  So hopefully everyone will be nice.  I have my doubts.

Have a good one!


  1. For awhile I had my comments set so I would approve them first before having them published. I was getting a lot of spam entries and didn't like that at all. It's nice you have been able to keep your quiet hour of me time. I always did that when I worked too. It sure helped me to get a good start to the day. Work can some times overwhelm us but there is more to life than work. Hope your Thursday is a great day ! The end of another work week is almost here!

  2. book the carriage ride. you'll be fine. it will be fun. how sweet your hubby will give up the class reunion in lieu of your anniversary.

  3. I just hope you don't start getting spam or worse again.....That is good that George would rather you both go out for a meal for your anniversary, ( how many years is it now ?.....) nicer than going to his school reunion...not long now till you and Kate go of for your time away together. Please don't worry about the horses, instead of thinking of the horse, that was badly behaved.....think of the hundreds that are trotting around every day enjoying pulling their passengers around..Mum and I once had a carriage ride when we were in Salsburgh......the sound of music was lovely you are sure to enjoy it especially with Kate to look after you !....night night mGod bless xxx

  4. The carriage ride sounds like fun. I want to ride in one when it is like in the movies. I can't believe your little dog snores. Husbands snoring is bad enough but the dog too. That is so funny. Enjoy the weekend. It is going to be a hot one here.


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