Thursday, August 17, 2017

Adventure in the Air and Roger a Momma's Boy Lately

Sorry if yesterday's entry was deep.  I had just read an article that was really good and it made me start thinking about myself and how quickly things get to me and how I over analyze things and worry about things. And I needed to walk through what I'm learning from this psychologist - on how to process things.  I hate being so sensitive but - as I said yesterday - it's just part of me which - even though it's a bad thing at times, it's also a good thing and the thing that makes me successful.   The only point to improve on is really not letting others control your mood, steal your joy, simply because of their own mood, or their own perceptions.  People's perceptions are just that - not necessarily spot on and if there is a problem they should come to you with it so you can set their thinking straight. lol Or else it's done and they can get over it or not - but it's not your issue at that point.  So that was about a paragraph summary of yesterday's entire blog post.  A deep one for sure.  One you need coffee to absorb.  lol

Today is lighter.  The mood is lighter.  I feel a come what may sense about me today.  And that is a good thing I suppose.  The coffee is good.

There is a slight feel of adventure to the air....the office move is happening today and tomorrow.  Much packing yesterday.  Archives coming today, moving the PC today at 3 and going to the new place.  Back to the plant in the a.m. tomorrow to let the movers in to my boxes to get them in on the truck and then I guess the truck arrives around noon.  So a couple of days of getting settled.  But the work continues.  Will be a little crazy for a while, but a fun crazy.  I love the new office setting.  It's so pretty and nice.  The drive will be shorter and I guess that won't be until next week as today and tomorrow I'll still have to fight the whole commute.  But next week there will be 15 to 20 minutes shaved off.  I'll get a half hour back into my day.  Doesn't sound like much but you can get a lot done in half hour.  I could walk, garden, do a project, read in a book, cook.  ;-) And that is 2.5 hours back in my week!

Well, I'm going to go.  I've been rushing every day this week. It makes me mad to have to rush.  I don't like hurrying.

Oh - George and I had eggs and grits for dinner.  It just sounded good.  And it was.  George bottled wine last night.  But we watched a Soprano show and it took us til after 9 so I fell asleep.  lol George was pokin' me saying "wake up it's almost over".  lol

Finally got in bed and it felt gooooood!  Sleep was good.  Oh and Roger was a Momma's boy last night.  Don't know why.  But he was so happy to see me when I got home.  He wanted to sit by me on the sofa.  He followed me around some and wanted me to take him outside.  I did.  And then this morning he scooted over next to me in the bed and put his head to mine and rolled over so I could pet his tummy.  I'm not sure why he is a Momma's boy.  I'm so used to calling Tugie a Momma's girl that I accidentally called him Momma's girl and he looked at me with big eyes like "oh no".  I realized what I'd done.  I love when Roger becomes attached to me too.  Mostly he only has eyes for George.  But he really gave me the attention last night so I gave it back!  I wonder if it is because I've given them little bites of things lately.  I gave them some of my hummus I fixed yesterday. Not much but a little bite. Maybe that is the trick!  ;-)

Have a good day!


  1. Yay! The move is actually going to happen. How great for you to be out of the old place and be in a nicer environment for work. Hope you can get some pictures to share. Have a great day! It should be exciting !

  2. Dogs are so funny. Our yellow lab is a big momma's boy and our black lab mix can take it or leave it. But when he wants to snuggle - you get snuggled whether you want it or not LOL.

  3. how sweet about roger wanting his momma these days. moving will be an adventure, i'm sure.


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