Friday, August 25, 2017

Bad Wine and an Unsettled Sleep

Had looked forward to having pedi's with Kate and then dinner after at The Goat.  We got our toes done.  And got some white wine.  But the wine tasted like a mix of wine, and apple cider vinegar and looked exactly the color of urine.  Oh my gosh, I just could not drink it.  Life is way too short for bad wine.  

I was not exactly sure what to do with it.  Didn't want to hurt anyone's feelings.  It was free so I didn't want to send it back.

I didn't ever put it in the plant, but it was tempting.  And I finally just threw it away at the front, in front of the lady while paying.  But I tried to cover the bottom of the glass and do it quickly where she couldn't see I had not drank it all.

We had a good dinner at the goat.  There is usually live music.  And the food is always good.

So last night after going to bed, and after George came to bed, Tugie decided that she was unsettled.  She had coughing (probably her heart) and she had her ears bothering her.  So I got up and gave her meds in her ears.  She was still unsettled and wanted down off the bed.  I took her outside, fed her some and she drank some water and finally was ready to settle down in bed.

Then George got up with indigestion and coughing.  And I tried to get him to take a Nexium.  I started to type Netflix - lol lol lol  Can you imagine?  "Here honey have a Netflix".   "Let's watch Nexium tonight".  Anyway, he would not take it.  I was worried about him and got up 3 times to check and make sure he was ok.  He had to sit up and drink water for a while.

So finally got back to sleep around midnight and when the alarm went off I did not want to get up.  Now I need to hurry.

Hoping to get more accomplished today, as yesterday a little wild.  

Ya'll have a wonderful Friday and by the way I'm so glad it's Friday.  This weekend I am going to get a few things for my office.  Like a desk organizer.  Perhaps some type of shelf system for under my desk.  Need chocolate.  Need some fake, but cute greenery.  I'll bring pics of my family.  And I'm not sure what to do with the walls yet.  But I want it to be chic.  Whatever that means.

Well off of here.


  1. Hope your Tuggie and George both feel better soon so you can all get a good nights sleep. Thankfully it is Friday and the weekend will give you a little time you can catch up. Sounds exciting being able to shop for your new office! Yay! You finally are at your new office. Celebration time is here !

  2. funny about disposing the wine. sorry you didn't get much sleep. hope tugie and george feel better tonight.

  3. Ewwww. I don't blame you. That wine looks fishy.


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