Sunday, August 13, 2017

Big Ole Birthday Day out for George, and an Evening with Friends

Well, this little gal got a lot of attention lately.  I think this is Harriet, the HR Lady giving some great advice.  lol  We may have to see a little more of Harriet.  Just saw this in the videos and decided to share.

So we had a fun filled day yesterday.  George came back from yard sailing and errands and then we opened gifts.  George came home with a huge box of CD's that he got for $20.  How lucky was that?  He was excited over it.  And when he got home he opened his birthday gifts.  He seemed really happy with them.  I gave him an itunes card, 3 bottles of nice French wine (nicer that we would normally buy ourselves), 2 spherical ice molds, a red wine aerator that sits on top of the bottle, the new John Grisham book and then he's spending some to get a guitar fixed, and he bought some things for himself that he'd been wanting at Lazzaroli's (truffles for one, ravioli, sauces, spices) and also at Coursair he bought a $65 bottle of liquor (it lasts a couple of years).

But before we headed out for the big Birthday Outing, I fixed a beautiful salad (if I say so myself).

George packed the cooler with some ice.  He was proud of his ice molds he did the night before.  lol  
Made with various dishes he found in the house.  ha.

He needed the cooler so we could put our Lazzaroli's in it, which included their homemade ravioli, and sauces, and cheese.  

Their bread must really be good as there were lots of people leaving with it.  Isn't it the cutest little Italian Store?  It's in the Germantown area of Nashville. We love going here and we do so at least once per year.  I love our little annual rhythms and customs.

Hmmm...maybe that is why I love pasta so much.  It's always been magical in my world!  

If you look up, you might just see a rolling pin or two!  

We walked a bit to some places in the area and passed by this in Germantown.  Cute houses redone and making the neighborhood look so lovely.  That is Kate walking there on the right by the way.  She's pretty too.  

So we went to a restaurant to eat a light lunch - which could be argued was not too light.  ha.  Well we ordered a few things and split it all and it was wonderful.  We went to this place there in the Germantown area that was called Butchertown Hall.

The restaurant was neat.  It was trees, foliage, concrete, and wood.  

We had some freshly made quacamole, and some brisket tacos, which I heard George say "those are about the best tacos I've ever had".  They were pretty darn good! 

Then there was this kielbasa dish.  With tortillas (very fresh and warm) and sauer kraut (which was good - even though I don't like it) and then there was brussell sprouts and I don't like those either but they were good.  And the mustard sauce was really good too.

So we split all that.  And then....we went to another place in the area to get a brewski.  We had never been here - but we went to The Bearded Iris Brewery.  It's a warehouse type place and you would probably even have a hard time finding it.  Word of mouth and knowing it's there - and it was still a pretty busy place - not much of a sign or anything.  And it was kinda dark inside, but our eyes adjusted pretty quickly.  About the only lights were two chandeliers coming down from the ceiling over the bar.  A nice touch and a bit of whimsy to the warehouse feel.  

The beer?   Well, it was ok.  It was a beer.  I have some favorites I like that cannot be topped.  CeZann's is my absolute favorite.  Black Abby will always be thrown in there.  I'd have to think on the 3rd. 

Then we went over to Corsair and walked around and George bought himself a present.  He bought the "Grainiac".  This stuff is too strong for me.  He can have it all.  lol  This is the stuff that will last a long time.  He doesn't drink much at all.  It's a late night sipper kind of thing. 

So we have been out for hours at this point, and while at the Corsair we stepped over to the Corsair Tap Room and got another beer.  I have always enjoyed sipping a beer over there.  And yesterday I made a joke about a hurricane brewing in my beer.  For obvious reasons....

If the day did not seem like a big day already....well we headed back to our house, dropped off the ravioli, and went back out again, went to Publix.  Katy got some stuff to take to the party - chips and dips, and then we got the birthday cake for George and Judy, and some chicken wings and headed out to Paul and Judy's.  We were running a bit behind.  

Here is George sitting around at Paul's playing an instrument.

Albert, needed a bit of air and was hoggin' the vent.  I love him.  He's so sweet.  He likes tummy rubs!

The other pet at Paul and Judy's awaited in the pool with taunting eyes!  He tempted the guys at dinner.  All swore that they would mount him with success and ride for several seconds.  

We had appetizers of all sorts and then we ate outside by the pool under the patio.  Paul grilled hamburgers and hot dogs.  We had potato salad and I forget what all else.  Sadly not many had salad.  I guess we should have had separate bowls or something?  Everyone said how pretty but only two of us had any.  Next time I think I'll take baked beans.  

Anyway we got in the pool after dinner and there are several videos of George riding trying to ride the bull.  No one could even mount the thing.

Here's one of the videos: 

After being in the pool awhile, I decided to get out and dry off by the fire.  It was nice.  

And then we all sat around and the guys played music and sang.  It was a perfect evening - except for one thing.  Mine and Katy's phone both died and so she had no way to text Cody to say when she would be home.  I felt bad.  I did not want to tell George we needed to leave.  It was his birthday day and he was having fun playing guitar.  I offered to take her back to our house and also offered her my keys so she could go sit in the car long enough to charge phone and text Cody as I had a phone charger.  She was tired and I was too but I told her that they didn't ever play long - six or eight songs and they are done.  It was fun.  We got in the car and I had a text from Cody checking on Katy to make sure she was ok and was she with us.  I told him we'd used our phones taking videos and such all day long and the phones ran out of juice.  I hated that she had to drive home but she said she was awake and not sleepy.  

I came home and crashed.  I think it was 11 by the time we got everything upstairs and dogs out and ready for bed. 

One of my cousins sent a pic of Cody at the Williamson Co Fair.  He had a shooting game for the kids there.  I was so impressed that my cousin who had never met Cody before knew him from Facebook.  lol  She said "are you married to Katy?"  I'm sure Cody had fun doing that.  That is why he was not with us last night as he was working.

I'm glad Katy likes to hang out with us old folks when he is busy.  

And I've had a busy day today.  But this entry has been so long that I think I'll wait and talk about Sunday's entry tomorrow.    

Ugh, I didn't get the ironing done so I'll have to do ironing a bit every night!  I just needed to do some other things today besides spend all of it in the laundry room.  

Ya'll have a good day!  

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Well, have a great evening!  


  1. Looks like a wonderful birthday celebration for all of you.

  2. Definitely was a great day for George and the rest of you too! Nice that Katy could spend the time with her dad too. I love the cow in the pool. What a unique idea. I've never seen anything like that before. I know a couple of my sons would enjoy that ! Your video of the HR person was a cute one too! I could just imagine you at work looking just like that some days!


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