Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Calm and Stillness, Basement Night, Chili and Hot Dogs, and Big River

Today's pic is of a still boat in calm and peaceful waters.  This one caught my attention this morning.   I was thinking.  I need that.  No not the sailboat. I'd wimp out on a sail boat.  Too much work and chance of upheaval in a storm.  But...the peace and calmness.  Just to be still for a few, gather ones thoughts, to see if you even have any thoughts.  Right now I can't even hear myself think.  Either on someone elses dime working, or stuck in a car for nearly 2 hours a day.  So I'm longing for free time, me time, time that does not have to be filled with chores and necessary to do's.  I want to finish a book.  I want to work on my projects.

Anyway dream on right.  So I came home and rebooted laundry and fixed chili.  George went to see his Mom and then came back and we went down stairs and worked on the basement for yard sale items.  The past two weeks I've been going through old letters and things.  I've thrown away some of my letters from people I've no longer been in touch with.  Mostly the letters don't really mean anything to me now.  And they were mainly fluff - just kids talking about boyfriends and school.  But I did keep all the letters from my family and my Mam-ma just wrote letter after letter.  I can never bear to throw those away.  One day in my rocker when I no longer work - I'll read them all again.  Maybe even before then.  They are each much of the same - what she cooked that day, what the dogs did, who she talked to on the phone, what the weather was like, what she thought I must be doing, and wishing me well.  It's very much like my blog entries I think.  Only I complain about what bugs me on here, as this is my vent hole, but she did not do that I don't think, lol.

Anyway, I'm almost through with that 1 big box and now my letters will fit in one smaller box.  I think George wants us to do 2 nights a week b/c my "letter going through" has taken too long.  lol
Now we only have 2 months til yard sale time.  I will be getting rid of some stuff but I still hold my stance that most of the stuff that needs going through is either his or Katy's b/c I go through my stuff all the time and get rid of it, lol.

Well, we came upstairs and ate chili and hot dogs.  George wanted hot dogs with it and I will say they were pretty darn good, but very greasy and I'm just trying not to eat too much greasy stuff.  My chili turned out good.  Of course he cooked the hot dogs and so therefore exclaimed 'oh my gosh how good the hot dogs were" over and over.  So I'm like "well....sooo...do you not like the chili?"  "Oh yeah, the chili is good too."  lol  If I ever get a compliment without having to ask for it - it's a good day.  Of course I was trying to make a point by asking this time.  Perhaps I should have exclaimed myself very loudly how good my chili was after first bite then!  If I were following suit.  lol

We watched a Frankie and Grace show last night as the CD came in for it.  There are 4 shows on it.  I think I needed some comic relief.  Only last night it was more sad or poignant than funny.  But perhaps tonight will be funny.  George wanted to watch the next show but I told him "nope, just b/c we spend 30 min in the basement, does not mean I'm staying up 30 minutes later on those nights to make up for the lost time as I need my sleep".  I did that the last two times and it gets the week off to a bad start.  The 30 min has to come from somewhere and it's not going to be my sleep.  It'll be entertainment time.  Of course we ate at 8:30 - right before bed time and frankly that is not acceptable to me either.  

Time - it IS ever such a problem.   Never enough of it.

Well, this morning I chose to snooze and got up late.  But, I have managed to blog anyway.

Oh - George's cousin is in "Big River", a Huckleberry Finn play with music from Roger Miller.  I think it will be really good.  So we booked tickets last night.  I booked it on a Thursday night in August as the tickets were quite a bit cheaper.  It's not too far from here.    I'm excited about it.  Yeah I know, I sit here fussing about time and then keep booking up the calendar.  I enjoy a good play and especially when we know someone in it.  Here is the info on it.

With music and lyrics by country music legend Roger Miller and book by William Hauptman, "Big River" is a rip-roaring musical adventure based on Mark Twain's classic 1884 novel, "Adventures of Huckleberry Finn." It features music in the bluegrass and country styles and had remained an immensely popular show since its 1985 Broadway debut.

I don't think George is wildly enthralled but he does like Roger Miller's music.

Well, anyway, I better go and get ready for work.  Always going and getting ready for work or working or on the way from work or working at home and prepping for the next day's work.  God wasn't kidding when he took away the pleasures of the Garden of Eden and gave us a curse of having to work to survive.  Just think, if Adam and Eve hadn't sinned we could all just be munching down on mangos and swinging from trees and swimming and hiking and walking around naked and no one notices b/c no one is ashamed b/c no one tasted of the wrong fruit - oh wait - that means we wouldn't need clothes and shoes and ---well I kinda like being able to go shop every now and then.  lol

Well I better go before I rewrite history here.


  1. I had to chuckle at your rewriting history this morning. We make time for what we consider important and the rest just has to wait it's turn. Hope your Tuesday is a terrific one !

  2. Big river by Roger Miller will be fantastic, that's one I would be booking up,for I'm sure...hope today has gone ok at work. Still no date for the big move ?..the way they are going on its going to be Christmas before you move !!!.....it is fun getting your stuff organised for the garage sale. Wish we had something like that here in Box.....by the way look up on wickapedea about Rabbits rabbits rabbits, there is quite a write up about it all.....have a nice evening, hope you get your downstairs stuff sorted out...you have given me an idea to try to clear out the wardrope in my spare room, I have a visitor from Edinburgh staying for a week, I will have to make space for her.....night night love. God bless. Xx

  3. The Roger Miller musical sounds good. I'm sure you'll love it. I know what you mean about finding some peace and calmness in the world around you. I could use some too.

  4. The sailboat photo sure does look relaxing. Id love to sail. I will be on the beach next week and will have that peace of listening to the ocean.

  5. I Loved Tom and Huck books. I bet the play will be fun and interesting. Have a great time. I love hotdogs but not with chili. I like slaw, onion and relish on mine. They are a rare treat at our house.

  6. Have a good Sunday!


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