Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Conversations with Granny, Conversations with God and a Busy Evening

Dry Erase board added.  Perfect.  My assistant did most of it.  I brought my tool box and she measured and hung it in there.  I'm not that coordinated.  I can only hang things with ONE screw and hole - not two!  The office is coming together.

After work I went to pick up Tugie's heart meds.  Had to get gas in the car - and glad I can go nearly a week and a half on the same gas tank instead of once a week.   Then I went to visit with Granny Jan (George's Mom).  She was eating when I got there.  We had an almost normal conversation.  Almost like old times.  She even brought up some things that had happened and talked about some memories with George's Dad and coming to our house.  That surprised me.  She only repeated herself once.  And seemed to me to be like normal.  However, the staff said it had been a hard day with her.  She likes to sleep all day and not be bothered and it makes her mad.  But she seemed happy when I saw her and was eating alone.  She came at the tail end of supper.  She is a loner sometimes and I think she probably likes to eat alone so that could be a purposeful thing.  That and she likes to be on her own schedule.  So they had held back some things in the warmer.  I guess they are compromising with her.  I know that she likes to be her own person - as we all do, but it probably comes out in a big way in situations like that.  She did seem to have a yellowish tint to her skin and face.  But she was wearing a smile and I'm glad that we had our conversation yesterday.  I told her several things that made her laugh or smile and she seemed alert and interested and asked questions.  It was special.  So I'm glad I went on my own for that.  It was good for both of us I think.  

Had a nice conversation with DD Katy too.  Her class room this year is bitter sweet.  The good kids are really good but the bad kids are really bad.  I think it has made her question why she is doing this.  But she said she had a nice devo time with God and apparently they had a good conversation and he showed her the reason why she is teaching.  I think it's awesome to commune with God and be still and hear what He has to say.  I need to do that more often too.  DD Katy has a sweet heart and a heart for God.  What more can a mother ask for?  I think God is showing me a few things too.  

Well I'm going to turn on the TV and see what is happening in Houston and drink some more coffee.  
Oh we finished Wild Hogs last night and I fixed pizza for us.  George had not wanted dinner b/c he ate lunch at a pizza shop with our neighbor across the street (they work close together).  So I just fixed pizza - but after the movie - George ate the rest.  So a big pizza day for him.  Had I known he wasn't hungry earlier I'd have stopped at Sonic for a burger being that I was right there, but I said "naw I'll go home and eat with G".  Oh well.  lol    The movie  Wild Hogs was good and funny.  I think it's 10 years old.  But we are very behind on the movies.   And so that I had a few minutes of me time I stayed up til 10 b/c losing sleep was the only way I'd have any free time yesterday.  

Nothing planned for tonight and no errands after work.  


  1. So glad to hear George's mom was doing so well. That dry erase board will come in handy and I like that it's right across from your desk. Using less gas and having a shorter trip now to work is a blessing for sure. Teachers like your Katy do have a big job to do and not easy. I know because several in my family are teachers too. They are very special people. It's hump day already so have a wonderful Wednesday!

  2. Talks with God are always the best.

  3. Your office space looks nice. I am glad you visited Georges mom. I am glad she had a good visit. What happened to her happens to many. It is heart breaking. I hope if it happens to me someone will come visit and not forget about me. When she is gone you will look back and cherish these times.

  4. glad you got the dry erase board installed. sounds like you and your mother in law had a nice evening. teachers often have a tough time of it depending on the students they get. glad katy has come to terms with hers this year. good luck to her. lessons to be learned for sure.


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