Sunday, August 20, 2017

Eclipse Tomorrow and Relaxing Weekend

Friend Lisa, brought George and I a Halloween towel with Roger and Tugie on it!  haha. 
She brought us a big huge Hershey bar with almonds also.  Hey wait, where did that go?   

Ok I found it.  I thought maybe George ate it already and we are going to split it!  lol 

So it's been a great weekend.  We have had a grand time being home.  George has worked in the yard and ran his errands like he does.  He came home with some lovely looking steaks from Houston's the local butcher.  Yum Yum - he's cooking those tonight. 

He also labeled the "Girls Are Meaner" wine - Oh wait it's Gewortsraminer - Yeah that.  And he bought his own labels as always b/c the labels usually do not come with the kit.  He was so surprised to realize that this kit had labels and guess what it was!  He has two other kits also he is doing this year with Eclipse labels.  We'll have 90 bottles of various eclipse wines.  How cool is that.  Oh my - really cool!

George's Eclipse Wine "surprise" wine labels! 

How fun is that?  

So yesterday I was able to get 4 loads of laundry done and folded.  Ironed about 5 pairs of pants and 3 tops.  I could have done more ironing today - but I think I have enough to get through the week now. 

I cleaned the kitchen and rebooted dishwasher and washed some dishes by hand.  I swept the kitchen and after that it didn't really need to be mopped.  I'll save that one for later.  

I vacuumed - (enjoy vacuuming again now that I have the new - to us- Oreck vacuum.  

Dusted the coffee table - ignored dusting anything else. 

Cleaned the bathroom (mine).  George usually does pretty good about keeping his clean.  

Did a Walmart order.  Only takes $35 for free shipping so I do one about once a weekend.   

I booked the carriage ride!  And looked up our flights and put some reminders on my iphone so I can remember to check in and print our hotel info and carriage ride info - got all the addresses down.  I have started an agenda - of sorts.  So that we have everything in writing and all the addresses and the time frame down.  We'll be using Uber a lot unless I break down and get a car.   If there are some storms brewing down south in the Atlantic - I may just do that.  We can get a little car to zoom around in/park in and can get out of town if something headed our way.  If there is any waves coming off that convergence zone off of Africa, this chic is getting a car! lol  (#HurricaneSkeered)  Unless we decide we are up for an adventure.  lol

I am not sure where the time went, but I fixed spaghetti for dinner with Italian Sausage.  George was really excited.  I made it extra hot for him.  I liked it too.  I put hot pepper flakes in the meat while cooking it and also put hot pepper flakes in the sauce.  It was perfect.  I had two lunches to freeze afterward.  But he and I had seconds last night.  We had "spinach" pasta.  It was very dark green.  So hopefully a bit less of enriched flour starchy stuff.  

We watched Frankie and Grace or Grace and Frankie - I forget which it is and don't really care - we watched it.  It's always an easy watch - not too deep and usually with humor.  
We watched 2 shows.  I fell asleep during both shows.  George didn't catch me the first show but he did the 2nd one.  lol 

Oh my gosh did you hear that Vince Gill is singing with the Eagles? Sorry to randomly insert that but a song came on that reminded me of it on George's ipod.  So I looked up the tickets and the concerts closest to Nashville are Louisville and Atlanta - I think.  So----I thought well, perhaps we could drive a bit overnight if Katy could take the doggies.  But the tickets ranged from $195 to $240 - ennnnnhhhhh!  NO!  George doesn't like the Eagles like I do so that would have been my first hurdle.  Probably my only hurdle.  Getting over that one would be tough.  But with a hotel room also- yeah count that one out. 

Oh well. 

I'd rather spend it on OTHER travel.  ;-) 

Speaking of OTHER travel, while on my Southwest account, I'm building *some* points up.  Not a whole lot, but I'll have enough to buy a ticket or two, not too far away!  So I asked George if he would be up for a trip to Chicago (if Katy or a house sitter or someone, can keep the doggies for us). Just a long weekend.  Like be off on a Friday and Monday - next year - thinking next spring - or early summer.  I really want George to go to a Cubs game.  So I want to do it when they are playing.  I have to avoid my open enrollment period but late May and early June would be good.  Chicago is on my bucket list.  I want to see a "great Lake" again.  And eat a pizza there and a hot dog.  ;-)  It's time to get a few things done on my bucket list.   I'm thinking of doing a Bucket list of sorts on my side bar.  

As you notice my project list never gets done.  So it rarely changes.  I have a hard time getting projects done b/c real life stands in the way.  We do have a lot of fun I guess.  The problem with Chicago - is that I also want to go to Amelia Island, and to see Aunt Martha so we'll have to figure it out.  But George was very excited about Chicago. It's on his bucket list too.  So I'll have to ponder it all and how to fit both into 2018.  We'll fly to one and drive to the other.  Perhaps a fall trip to Amelia instead of Spring?  Rates are cheaper.  We can "hole up" with Auntie M and Uncle K if a hurricane comes.  lol  I'd even be good with going there after hurricane season is over.  I've always wanted Christmas or Thanksgiving at the beach.  Not ideal but very appealing! ;-) We'll have to see.  
But it's making me look forward to next year for sure.  Mom would probably enjoy going back to FL.  
Well, last night I went to bed at 8:30 (lol).  I had been up early the day before.  So probably got to sleep by 9.  Anyway I slept til almost 6 this morning.  9 Hours right?  Oh my gosh.  Much needed.  And dreams - oh my gosh.  I don't even want to go there.  They were all over the place.  Intriguing as everything.  I'm not sure I could even remember them.  I did this morning.  I think sleep is good for us as we "work out" so much in our minds while resting.  Crazy how that works but it is so.  When we don't get to do that 7th or 8th hour of sleep - I think we suffer. 

We went to church this morning and since I slept late, I didn't have time to blog.  I did have time to sit and sip a cup of coffee though.  And it was good.  My back (at my kidney areas) always hurt so bad when I sleep that long.  I don't know if it is a skeletal thing from being in bed too long, or something else. I think Katy told me that she does that too so I guess it's hereditary.  There is nothing wrong with my kidneys that I know of and it's done that for years.  So I think it's just a skeletal/muscle like thing.  Once I was up and moving it went away.  

We went to church today and the lesson was about HEARING - Hearing God - and about the Spirit and how He guides us and that sometimes we are just to busy to listen.  "Be Still and Know that I am God".  What wonderful advice.  

God has blessed us.  He watches over us.  How wonderful that is, that He is our Rock, our Tower, our Refuge.  

Our friend Kathy was there.  And I met a childhood friend from elementary days at my OLD church and also met another friend from my church as well - at MY NEW CHURCH.  How awesome is that? 

Both remembered me!  So excited about that.  The world is so small sometimes and that always amazes me.  

Sunday school class was mainly spent talking about the Eclipse and issues people were having.  It's really more like a "small group" on Sunday morning.  We really like this church.  I do anyway and George keeps going - so that that means a lot. I'm happy with that.  More than you know.  It's an answer to prayer.  

Well, I'm going to close soon..  I know I often keep writing after I say that and tonight is no different.  lol 

The eclipse is happening TOMORROW.  I'm going to work early and I do NOT plan on blogging in the morning.  I don't think! I want to be out and at work before any crowds get up and roam around. 

I have heard there are possible rumblings of terrorist activities in the area - by someone that is in a government role.  So I'm glad I'm going to be in a private area - well sortof - so I doubt anyone would target that specific area of work where I will be, but we are expected to have the following and most of this I think we will avert:

*gas shortage
* food shortage
*cell phone coverage issues
*terrorist activity
*horrible traffic
*power outages

I forget what else!  But I'm getting to work early, and I'm very happy to be doing the viewing with coworkers that I consider very good friends.  We are all in good hands with each other should anything go awry.   I have 2 extra glasses I'm taking to work tomorrow.  

I'll be honest, I don't expect to look up continually.  I'm a bit skeptical.  But I will look up at least once.  I'm very excited about having a totality in the middle of the day.  I will be amidst concrete and not nature so I won't get to experience the change in how nature behaves (which would be my favorite part).  But I am going to be close to my car as it is "white" which is supposed to show the "snakes" - just before totality I think.  I need to look it up again so I'll know when to look for it. I'm really excited.  

So far our town has not been bad with traffic - other than the normal horrible Providence traffic on a regular basis.  I'm glad we are North of our town.  It's pretty laid back comparably.  Roads were wide open today around us.  Kroger, after church, was mildy busy - as normal on a Sunday afternoon. No problems YET! 

This afternoon at home, I've done more laundry, dishes, changed sheets, played games, of course done this blog entry, facebook'd, and took a walk with the doggies and got so hot, lol.  Been a good day.  Still haven't read any.  My goodness I've been trying to read these four books all year long it seems.  lol

We are about to eat steak and watch the last two Frankie and Gracy videos on this Netflix disc.  

Well, ok, I will see you all on Tuesday I guess from a blog standpoint.  I'll do a report on the Eclipse happenings if at all possible. 

Gotta go.  Ya'll be good.  ;-)



  1. Cute towel. Neat about the wine too. You better hide that chocolate.

  2. It's nice you had such a great week end to gear up for this coming week. It's a cloudy day here so chances are I would not see any part of the eclipse and will watch the news for pictures. Hope your Monday is a great one and not too crazy!


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