Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Favorite Mug and a Brief Morning Message

Good morning!  Not much time this morning either.  Just poppin' in to say hello. 
Monday flew by.  Was a good day.  But very busy.  Had the opportunity to eat at a German Restaurant for a business lunch and that was a nice twist for a Monday.  Much work awaits today at the desk. 

I love this mug above.  It's my favorite and gives me good chi in the a.m. when I reach in for a mug and it's there waiting just for me.  

Yesterday was a rainy day.  I don't mind a rainy day.  Last night was "work in the basement night".  I finally finished with the big box of memorabilia and letters.  Much to my surprise was a big huge print out of my Southern Home Blog.  lol  I found an entry I'd been wanting to see and hadn't looked it up yet.  I'll have to reshare/recreate it about the worst hotel we have ever stayed in.  Too bad we didn't take pics of the inside.  Yeah perhaps I can reshare that experience with you soon.  We tell others about it often. You won't believe it. 

Well, I need to get off of here and rush like I do every morning.  Yeeeee haa!  Can't wait to be in that traffic out there.  That HOUR LONG traffic.  

Well, tonight has got to be an IRONING night.  I have no pants left (that I like) so I've got to get busy and get that done.  I folded like 3 loads of laundry last night but now the ironing has to happen or I'll not be going to work unless I wear jeans and I don't think they'll like that.  

Maybe tonight is laundry and reading night.  Yeah that sounds good to me.  I think George said we'd have Chicken curry or something like that.  That sounds really good to me.  

Ya'll have a grand day!  What are YOU doing today?


  1. I have been on a mug kick latley. I have my favorite but always looking for a new one.

  2. Nice to start the week with a lunch out ! I don't iron much these days and try wear clothes that don't need it. Most I can shake out from the dryer and wear. But summer clothing requires more than most so I've got ironing on my list to do too. I've never had a curry at all and need to find a recipe to use. I've heard that it is delicious. Sounds like some good eating coming your way. Hope your Tuesday is a terrific one.

  3. i love your blue lobster mug. i can see why you reach for it often.

  4. That was weird, I wrote my coment and was about to write a bit more when suddenly my letters disappeared and no way could I get back on, I had to switch off altogether then restart !...anyway by now hopefully you will be sitting there drinking your wake up coffee in your fav. mug. You asked about our yesterday. Well I went with Mary to Chippenham I needed a new land phone as my old one wasn't working properly we went to ARGOS we got the ones I wanted ordered also an electric clock for Mary so that she doesn't have to,put on a light to see the time at night ! , then it was off to get a new bedside light as it to had broke when my last visitor was here, then it was a stop for breakfast...yes all shopping done by 9.45 ....if we don't get into Chippenham by 9 it's hard to get a disabled parking spot.....home and emptied the bags, what did I find ?..ARGOS had not packed marys clock, and last night when Peter went to fix up the phones for me there was only one phone .,!! I had ordered a twin as I like one on charge during the night so I always have the other phone at my hand (mostly in case anyone needs me) so first thing this morning I will have to phone ARGOS again to tell them about phone I had already called them about the clock and arranged to go back Saturday I will take the phone back then as well......meantime I will pop along to CURRIES today they are a large shop selling computers TVs etc also phones I will have to wait till the blinds fitter comes ...I had ordered new blind for the sitting room and they are coming today but no time was given.......hope all goes well with you at work today, you hopefully will be drinking your fav. Coffee in your fav.mug getting ready to start your day...I pray that whatever the day holds it is an exciting one, God bless x


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