Friday, August 11, 2017

Friday and the "Down Time" Outlook

mmmm mhhh.  It's Friday.   I was so tired yesterday from about 1:00 on, that by the time I got off, it felt like it was Friday yesterday.  It just truly felt like it.  And I kept having to tell myself "NO it's NOT Friday afternoon".  

So even at home it felt like Friday.  In the night I woke up and was thinking "Yay I get to sleep in - but then again, had to tell myself ---NOOOOO this is going to be Friday - not Saturday.  

My head is already in the weekend I guess, and a few brain cells short due to lack of sleep.  I slept last night but woke up about 4 times.  At least I was able to go back to sleep.  

Last night I had to run a Publix errand for George's birthday to get two items I had forgotten to get the other night.  And I was going to wrap his presents last night so he could look at them for a day or two but I had promised to cook so I didn't get to wrap.  

I fixed pan spinach - just wilted in olive oil, garlic, lemon juice, salt and pepper, pepper flakes, and I added in some lemon dill seasoning.  Ok and threw in some butter at the last minute b/c olive oil just was not giving it the flavor I wanted.  

Anyway, George said "oh this would be good with steak".  Yeah it would be good mixed in with rice too.  Really liked it that way once all the seasonings were added in.  

George didn't really want any meat last night - we just ate veggies.  I fixed baked sweet potatoes, and also had squash and vidalia onion sliced and steamed in the microwave with seasoning and that was really good.  

We watched a Soprano show.  And it seemed so long.  But I made it through without falling asleep - barely.  Bed felt great!  

Much to do this weekend, but not sure we have much time to do anything in.  Maybe Sunday afternoon, after church and grocery.  But I may have to claim an "I'm not doing anything day".  George wants to go out for his birthday tonight.  Even though his birthday is tomorrow.  Friends Paul and Judy are having a party tomorrow at their house - a little cookout.  We are taking salad and wings.  I'm making a Cobb Salad.  Going to be a good salad and will take some effort as I'll be boiling eggs and frying bacon.  I will have to get my ingredients together and George is going to the store in the morning when he runs errands.  It might be better if we actually do that after we eat tonight so I can be making the salad while he runs errands tomorrow.

He wants to go out at Noonish to a brewery and have a beer, lite lunch.  

Then we come home for a few minutes and get ready to go to Paul and Judy's for the evening.  

So Sunday, I think is free - except for church and perhaps the store run for the week.  I can't concentrate on next week today.  So I think we'll just be running to the store all weekend.

So much needs doing around here.  The laundry I've kept up with pretty good during the week.  And the kitchen looks pretty good as I worked in the kitchen last night after our show.  But the carpets need vacuuming and dogs beds needs refreshing and blankets washed.  Our sheets need to be changed.  I need to do a Walmart order.  My desk is an overflowing mess of projects, recipes, mail and to do's.  

And it really bothers me that I have been reading about the same four books for several months!  I need to see some projects completed.  We need to get our carriage rides booked before we lose out.  And I need to order our luggage locks in case we have to leave our luggage at the hotel before check in or after check out - for our Charleston trip. 

Anyway!  It's Friday but no time to get anything done until at least Sunday.  I hope there are no plans that I'm forgetting about.  Because I need some down time!    


  1. TGIF! Thank goodness it is Friday! Yes it is a busy time for you so it would be easy to forget something. I'm always making lists and checking things off so I don't forget. It's good you are so organized and can make the most of your time. Happy Birthday to George it certainly sounds like he should enjoy his special day !

  2. I hope that you have a real good weekend...happy birthday to George from me XXX.....please try to keep some ME time I think it's essential that you try to keep at least one day free. And empty every week.....night night, sweet dreams !!

  3. Sounds like you won't have a free moment to rest over the weekend. hope you get some zz's.


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