Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Gnats, Roger's Raw Hides, and Total Eclipse Day!

What IS it with these dang gnats this time of year?  I guess they come in with the fruits and veggies we buy?  Oh. My. Gosh.  They are like hard core criminals armed and dangerous - they are coming for what YOU have!  They want it and won't take no for an answer.  

The doggies have been given some more raw hide chews in the last few days just to entertain them.  They love them so.  Roger is the one that mostly loves to collect them and hide them from Tugie.  It's pretty easy for him to do.  He watches Tugie and when she gets tired of chewing and goes to get water or something, he sneaks over non-nonchalantly and picks it up and will lay on it for a while and when she goes to sleep, he will hide it in his little dog bed covers.  Yep, caught him in action......


I'm looking at his bed right now.  He has all 4.  George decided to get two more out so there would be plenty.  And it's his personal mission to own all in the house.  

By the way.........

So yesterday was eclipse day.  It seemed unreal to me that it would be getting dark mid day.  I was so excited.  Like a child I think.  I'm not too sure that others was excited as I was. If they were they contained it until the totality.   After all we were working yesterday, but we all came out during the various phases and popped in and out.  And a large group of us watched as totality occurred.  

It was a partly cloudy day.  And as totality came on, a huge cloud came over. As it did, all the people around us were yelling in unison "noooooooooo".  Like the "other team" just stole the ball.  However, luckily the cloud had holes in it and periodically you could see it through the cloud.  I got some pics.

See that dang cloud that covered things.  And the crickets and cicadas began singing.  We were mostly in a concrete area with only a few trees but still we could feel "night descending".  The building lights came on.

And so through the clouds, way up there, you can see a moon covering the sun.  It turned much smaller in the picture than in real life.  Kinda like when you try to get a pic of the moon.  It just shrinks on you.  But this is what it looked like only way more magnified than this.

Totality did not last but like a minute or so.  I looked for the snake shadows and did not see them.  The cloud took that away I think. 

And then here you can see that it began coming out of totality. 

I did not watch the moon continue to pass by as it phased out.   I had seen enough of it.  But I wish I could see more eclipses in the full effect and not have clouds take the full experience away.  But this was my experience and I will treasure what I did see.  George and Katy saw the shadow snakes, and they saw the crescent shadows in the trees.  Even Mom saw that.  So I missed a lot.  But it was still an awesome experience.  And it was awesome to hear everyone go "wow" and sounds of amazement when the moon was in front of the sun.  

Coming back in, when the sun started to shine again, you could see it was not as bright as it usually is.  I left my lights off for a few minutes.  

The new office is so nice.  I enjoyed the work day yesterday and got the filing cabinet situation solved.  Another person let me have their filing cabinet that had a working key.

So after the eclipse was over, I kinda felt deflated.  Like, "what now?"  It was a weird feeling.  Not much can top that.  lol

So I talked to George and Katy and Mom (on the way home) and got everyone's account.  
And last night after doing the chores, I finally got to finish looking at everyone's pics on facebook.

We worked in the basement last night.  Monday night is Yard Sale prep night.  We have quite the stack going.  So we'll attempt a yard sale in October and hopefully it will do well.  Mostly it truly is a lot of work for a little bit of money.  But there are just a few things we really would like to get some money out of, so I guess it will be worth getting something out of it.  We'll make it fun anyway.

What is nice is that we are getting rid of some stuff in the basement.  We sure know how to fill a space up.  I dread marking it all.  George doesn't want to mark it but put it on tables with $ sign.  He has forgotten how people are though.  If something is on the $5 table, they will move it to the $1 table and claim it to be so.  So NO.  It will be marked.  Less confusion. And I of course would call them on it.   Of course George is going to give it all away anyway.  lol He'll be taking a stack of $30 stuff and go "have it for 10" and here's a cup of coffee for ya, and here go pick my wife's flowers too and have a good day.  Bless him.  I know this to be true.  He is a people pleaser all the way.  lol  So...yeah, the yard sale is really going to be a social event and if we make anything at all then we'll just go buy a bucket of chicken and call it a day. Katy is bringing some things over to sell so we'll have to keep track of whose making what.

So this is not til October, a few more weeks to get ready.

George and I were talking and we are really looking forward to not having much this weekend either.  I'm all for that.  I can keep trying to get my projects done.  I'm getting closer!

Not this weekend but next I'll be decorating for fall.  Labor Day weekend.  So awesome.  Nothing planned for that weekend either.

Well, last night we watched a Soprano show.   In true fashion I fell asleep after my tummy was full.

Oh, I must say yesterday that I left early for work to the new place and it took 22 minutes.  lol Going home it took 30.   I'm loving it.

Today I have to go to the plant and decided it was best to just go there first and then go back to the office.  I have to meet with someone there today.  So it will take an hour to get there.  :-(  And so it will.

It's Tuesday already.  And I'm needing to get off of here and get ready.  Ya'll have a fabulous day and we'll see what Tuesday brings.


  1. I was in my office during the eclipse snapping photos of the window too. It never got dark here but an eirie shade of noon.
    The gnats are terrible at my work. They set out bowls of vinegar and they all go to that and die. (Hince why they like your wine). Gnats hate vanilla and smoke so if you have a vanilla candle or insense , that may help. Im actually trying the candle tomorrow.

  2. Thanks for sharing the pictures of the ellipse! I didn't get a chance to see it. I loved the picture of your office too! Looks like a pleasant place to work. Thankfully you won't have to make that trip into the plant every day. The shorter trip must feel wonderful. Have a terrific Tuesday!

  3. Your new office looks nice! Hopefully you will be cooler :) I'm scared to death to give my dogs rawhide. I've heard too many horror stories about them messing up their intestines.

  4. you look happy to be in the new offices. great eclipse moments. roger is a sweetheart and a little thief. how cute is that hiding them from tugie. i bet she gets upset when she looks for them. sounds like you are garage sale organized. good job.

  5. A nice new office & a shorter commute. All wrapped up in a nicer location. That would make me happy.
    Very happy.
    The eclipse happened way too fast.
    Take care,


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