Thursday, August 31, 2017

Hurricane Leftovers and Looking Forward to the Holiday Weekend

Good morning!  Well a band from Harvey just came through.  A big HUGE downpour for about 35 minutes or so.  From the looks of the radar it may be a few hours before we see more rain.  That is just my 2 minute speculation and weather check this morning.  I've not studied it like the meteorologists.  But Harvey is supposed to be headed toward Memphis I think and then we'll get more rain as it inches forward.  

We have a "thing" tonight. It's the play of Big River that George's cousin is in.  We've told him we are coming and will get to see him after the show.  

I'm going to try to head in early today so I can leave early.  As it is we don't have much time to eat before the show and I have to eat before the show.  I am guessing that we'll have rain about the time that we are driving around tonight.  I guess I should watch the news, huh?  It doesn't matter.  We are going regardless.  We are under a flood watch so I hope all goes well. 

It feels like it should be Friday already.  I'm not sure why.  I think I am just really tired.  That said I'm going to go so I can get in early.  Nothing much to tell anyway today.  Worked all day yesterday and came home and ate and watched a Soprano show.  And George and I were both in bed with both dogs at 8:46.  I was shocked.  I think he was tired too.  

Let's get Thursday done, so we can get Friday done, so we can be on with our weekend.  No plans except for Monday.  We are going to see Sterling, our Grand Cat and Findlay our Grand Dog.  

At some point we need to go see Mom.  Time has passed and it's been a while.  But I have to get the dogs trimmed the next week if Sandy will take them.  

But this weekend I'm mainly looking for R & R and getting some projects done.  

Ya'll have a good Thursday.  


  1. They say that we'll even feel the effects of the hurricane here in Ohio, but not so much as you will. Hope you don't get flooding. Stay safe !

  2. Hope you had fun at the musical. Also saying prayers you all don't get any of the flooding associated with Harvey.

  3. Morning from a sunny Friday in Box...sorry I did not get in to leave my usual comment last couple of nights...but it was good to read what's been going on in my absence!...glad that Georges mum was better, it really is a horrid disease, but good that she was in a chatty mood....your office looks truly fab. I bet it is the nicest offiice in the building...there should be a competition for best office...think you would win hands its now Friday with us I expect you are hopefully still asleep. It's 7.50 here. I laughed at myself as when I glanced at the clock I thought it said 7.15 I kept out of bed had a quick wash dressed etc came through to sitting room put on breakfast tv to get latest news when someone tells us the was only 6.35 !! No wonder Masy looked at me as if I were mad....well yes you can agree with her if you like !.,.,


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