Friday, August 18, 2017

Moving Day

Well, the day yesterday mostly was spent packing up and wrapping up things on the PC in case there were connectivity issues.  We packed up cars with our computers and printers and desk items and hanging file folders (in advance of the files).

At about 2:45 we headed toward our destination...our new corporate offices.  We unloaded, got our computers set up.  Our bosses and IT were there and people helped.  It was very nice.  Soon after our desks and PC's and printers were in business.  Files come today.  Wave 1.  Wave 2 comes when more filing arrives.  We'll see how much space we need.

Normally don't talk about work any more on this blog but I'm excited and just wanted to share.  The offices are very nice.  We stayed til after 6 I think.  Then headed out to eat Italian with a couple of co-workers.  I told George it was a good night to grab a bite with coworkers and celebrate.  It will be easy to do that there in that neighborhood from time to time.  I'm also closer to George and we can meet for lunch sometimes.

I look forward to the shorter commute as you have been hearing.  But today I have to go to back to the plant this morning and unlock my office to let the movers get my boxes.  My dept has red tape on the boxes and there is a red tape on my door at the new place so the movers know where it goes.  I think by Noon or so we'll be seeing our files arrive.

Our company is having donuts this morning (I'll miss out on that one, lol) and having pizza for lunch for our first day.  That is so nice!

I was so excited when I got home.  My wheels were turning.  Even woke up in the night placing things around in my head - like where to lock up the huge I-9 notebooks and such.  I actually love moving - always have.  I'm a strange sort but I like to organize things, set things up, and make things efficient.

Anyway, I'm pretty sleepy.  I tossed and turned b/c I was so excited and energized still.  So a little tired today.  Coffee is good.  Dinner with friends tonight at a new place (for us).  Then hopefully a deeper snooze tonight.

Ya'll have a great Friday.  Oh - and George and I have minimal plans for the weekend and I think that is just awesome!  I need a calm weekend and hopefully a productive one at home.


  1. How wonderful for you that everything is going smoothly with the move. It is exciting ! I'm excited for you too ! I know it's going to be a fantastic Friday and sounds like a great weekend is coming your way! Happy Friday!

  2. finally it all comes together. exciting for sure.


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