Wednesday, August 23, 2017

My 3:00 p.m. Visitor, Too Many Books, and Unsettled Pets

It's like clockwork....He walks up and down by my window every day around 3.   lol   He walks and looks around and then he's gone.   Yesterday was day 3 of me seeing him.  I've been in the new office that many days.  The picture does not really reflect his size.  He's pretty big.  

Well, George ate with a friend at Athens Family Restaurant yesterday so he was not hungry when he came home.  So I had a corn dog for dinner.  I read last night - first time since probably vacation.  Or my last airplane ride.  Maybe there was one other time.  I have 4 books I'm in the middle of and one on the ipad and actually one on Alexa and one in the car to do.  lol  Something has to give.  I can't get any of them finished.  I really like having 3 real books to read, one audio book in the car for commute, and then one on the ipad.  The one on the ipad and with Alexa can be the same one.  But I end up playing games on the ipad when traveling or as a passenger in the car.   I have an extra book in my stack though b/c I had taken one as a "beach" book since it was paperback. And I've not finished it yet.  But I need to make some headway at reading.  I have really enjoyed playing the games.  Right now I'm playing a "find the object" game that takes you different countries, and you get to decorate an office.  lol lol lol  But it is hard to earn the passports to get into other countries.   

It really rained heavy last night  And stormed.  The animals were very unsettled.  But it seemed to be other things than the rain/storms.  Tugie's ears were bothering her.  She was barking for no reason that I could tell, and very loudly.  

Roger went to the living room by himself in the dark.  I told George maybe his baseball game was too loud.  I bet Roger's name was really Dodger and his owner watched baseball and was mean to him.  So we loved on him.  Hopefully they will both be more settled today.  The front may have impacted Tugie's ears.  I gave her meds in her ears.  She did not want to cooperate.  

Well, I'm off of here to get ready and head in.  Ya'll have a great day!  Hair cut tonight and I can't wait.  It's starting to get unruly.


  1. A hair cut always improves my mood. I know what you mean about it getting unruly. I always know when it's time to get it cut. Too bad that you know that the bird is outside at 3 am. You should be still sleeping. Hope you do get some quieter nights. Rest is important. It's hump day so maybe that is a good sign the rest of the week will be easier .

    1. Oh the bird is outside my office at 3 p.m. not 3 a.m. lol

  2. very odd about the bird. I wonder if it is some kind of sign?
    your dogs are so petted. They sound like two kids. I hope Tuggie gets over her earache. Those things hurt terrible.

  3. What a sweet bird to grace your window everyday. Sorry to hear unsettled the pets were. My cats get real upset during thunderstorms too. I know what you mean about books stacking up. I'm working on two and just can't finish either.


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