Saturday, August 19, 2017

New Office, Eclipse, and Home Today!

I love me some Saturday Morning!  Maybe not quite waking up at 3:00 a.m. with just 5 hours sleep, but perhaps there will be a nap in my future.  

Right now though there is nothing wrong with getting to enjoy the quietness of the morning.  

It wasn't Tugie that woke me up this morning but I just woke up and couldn't go back to sleep.  I think I might could go back to sleep right now - even after having a coffee.  And I might just do it. 

We have very minimal plans today.  I am wanting to get some things done and hopefully projects, some reading time, catch up on laundry, and do all the things I feel behind on.  

Need to do a little bit of planning, book our carriage ride.  Need to make sure we get stuff marked for the yard sale and such.  Like - planning on when to mark the stuff.  I guess I will wait and do it the night before as we get it out to set it up.  We have a whole wall of boxes of yard sale stuff downstairs.  I hope we get some $$ from that stuff, but typically yard sales here have not done well at our house. 

So in another six weeks or so Katy and I will be going to Charleston.  I'm a bit nervous about hurricanes.  But we decided to risk it.  We are staying right on the harbor so Lord help us!  And no rent a car.  So I'm worried that things will go South and we'll be right in the middle of a mess.  I know I worry too much.  Which is why I normally would never book anything in hurricane season.  But we wanted to go and summer is too hot and spring is usually too cold and Christmas time is not feasible. 
So hopefully all will work out.  I told Katy that if it looks like there are some systems out there brewing, I might decide to rent a car just so we have an escape plan/means.  I guess the other alternative would be just to Uber our way inland somewhere to a shelter if rentals and hotels become scarce.  But I've read and seen horror stories about the shelters.  I worry about not being prepared.  I'm sitting here thinking...and we need to get lots of water and granola bars and keep them in the room in case we have to do this.  

I think I am ALWAYS in SURVIVAL mode!  It never stops.  lol

So the movers came yesterday to get the boxes with "red tape" to take to the new offices for my office and my assistant.  The movers got there just before 9 I think.  And they were in and out and had the boxes picked up and the truck loaded quickly.  After our HR office was loaded, I went back to the new office.  

I gave my old office key to our executive assistant as Monday she'll be letting the archive people in to get my HR boxes.  I'm worried about her having to be on the road the day all the eclipse stuff is going on.  I wondered if it needed to be moved to a Tuesday pick up.

The eclipse stuff has me mildly nervous.  So I will probably get up early Monday and get to work as early as I can.  So I'm hopefully out before the eclipse people get on the road.  That will be for those that are in hotels - can't avoid those traveling on the "day of" though.  At least I won't have as far to go.  

So yesterday went by fast.  We unpacked all the boxes and put them in the big lateral filing cabinets outside my office and it's in between my office and my assistant's.  We were able to find room for everything we brought.  And need 2 more laterals for the stuff that is coming in round 2 once more filing cabinets are ordered.  

I was able to get through most of my mail yesterday and work on a report for the Bureau of Labor Statistics, and solve a few issues.  The company had pizza for us mid day - which was very good! And very nice. 

I love the office and the new locale.  It's so nice, so pretty and something we can be proud of.  I really like the fact that we can all find each other relatively easy there.  We have such a good staff - really wonderful people.  We seem more united now and as it should be.  Everyone has been so helpful in helping each other get set up.  And the management team that was already there - very helpful in welcoming us and helping us with whatever we need.  

I left a little after 5 and went to lock up and realized that the keys to my filing cabinet in my office that were in the drawer, were NOT the keys that fit.  Oh no!  But...I didn't have anywhere else to move the files to, lock them up.  And we don't have locks to our office doors.  Even payroll doesn't have a lock.  So we were trying to submerge everything under desk locks and filing cabinets.  I have to put my in box and out box in my desk every night and lock it up.  Just something to get used to, but we will have to find the keys to this cabinet, or maybe I can swap with someone that has keys that don't have confidential data.  We'll figure it out.  Maybe someone else has my keys. Or maybe keys can be ordered.  Anyway I worried about those files in my sleep last night.  I thought about putting them back in a box and keeping in my car but that didn't seem too healthy of an idea either..  Only the cleaning crew would have access, as I really trust our own crew - which is respectful of others space.  
We will figure it out. 

Anyway at some point I'll quit blogging about this but just excited about the move.  I usually don't talk about work on this blog as it brings in people reading for different reasons than what I'm about.  And can create havoc and other issues if people don't understand where you are coming from or become judgmental or damaging to one's career or psyche.  But I 'm just so gosh darn excited.  

Anyway it's Saturday and time to focus on things other than work.  We get such little time away from work, so I need to take advantage of it. 

Oh we went out with Friends last night to a burger place in Brentwood called Stout.  It was really good! Their burgers were very different.  I had an arugula salad with mine and it was good. I gave our friends their eclipse glasses.  

George said he saw our glasses on ebay for $300 as there is a shortage of official eclipse glasses.  You have got to be kidding me!  OMGosh Monday is going to be wild but exciting.  I hope the gas and food doesn't run out as the media has been hyping this up so bad that it's like the worst hurricane blizzard/ice storm event we have ever had all in one.  I guess I'll take my lunch Monday so I'm not out on the road when the animals start going crazy and snakes are crawling everywhere.  lol We'll be out in the parking lot taking it all in! I guess if it's cloudy, it'll still get dark, but then we won't get to see the "snakes"  lol  I figure if it is cloudy, that it is God's way of protecting several people's eyes.  So I'm NOT going to complain.  He knows what he is doing.  

My goal today is to get caught up on the laundry. work in the kitchen some, clean out the fridge, perhaps mop the kitchen floor, and I'll be making spaghetti for dinner.  I'll need to vacuum and see if I can get that carriage ride booked, and get some projects done, and read, and play. 

I'll not get half of that done, but I'll have fun trying.  Might even sleep some more!  lol 

Ya'll take care!  


  1. I won't be watching the eclipse as I don't have glasses and we'll not get the full effect like you will. It's supposed to be sunny here. Hope you have a wonderful Weekend. Nice you have a day at home to catch up!

  2. I'm sorry you were up so early but hope that you got a nice nap this afternoon ! I love the idea of your yard /garage sales I would just love to browse along a street. Do you have to advertise your sale ? In a local paper for instance. Oh how I wish I could take the worry of what could...but probably never will....happen in the way of hurricanes Eric when you and Kate are on holiday,,,it's going to be a lovely time?..I'm glad that we don't have to worry about the weather over here, we always do moan though !! But it's just because it's never warm enough or it's too cold etc etc..certainly nothing dangerous...maybe a tree could be blown over on top of my car!! Maybe I should worry about that, other than grin at the very idea...hope your Eclipse day goes as good as it is expected. Over here it would be almost certain to be cloudy LOL....take care love and just for watching what you write on this blog, I have said it before but PLEASE TAKE CARE there is always some clot who wants to write "odd" coments you know what I'm referring to ....night night God Bless

  3. If it will make you fill better, rent a vehicle and have it for pick up when you get in. If a storm is near no rentals will be available

  4. So exciting a new office. And a eclipse. I got our glasses at the Library. I have read all sorts of paranormal things happen when there is a eclipse. They are having a party at the lake we have been invited to. Not sure yet if we are going. I am glad you are getting some rest. sounds like you have much going on.

  5. looks like you got your eclipse glasses at the right time. garage sales are alot of hard work with little reward if you ask me. i have had a couple and made about $200. i usually just end up donating stuff instead. good luck to you with yours.


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