Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Office Organization, Yard Sale Prep, and a Pretty Moon

Good morning!  Yesterday I brought in a few things I needed to be more organized.  The "under the desk" plastic drawers will house the drinks on the bottom shelf - "we miss the ice machine" but will trade ice cubes for a nicer office any time.  We do have bagged ice but it's hard to get much ice out of it as it clumps together and I don't want to slam the bag against the nice kitchen floor.  But I have some drinks there that I'll keep in the bottom.  

The second shelf houses cans of different flavors of almonds.   They say you are what you eat, so I think that is why I'm nuts.  Or perhaps I should just say I'm a nut! lol  Has a different meaning although sometimes both apply.  ;-)  I will admit to being a little bit crazy.  Not too much though.  Just enough to make life interesting.   I also threw the lysol wipes in there for lack of a better place.  

The top drawer?  Well it houses things like granola bars so when I'm in a hurry and can't have anything more proper - I at least have it.  It also houses tiny dark chocolate Hershey Miniatures. And just b/c I love almonds and saw it - I bought a pack of "fun size" snicker almond bars.  I had one yesterday afternoon at 3:00.  They are really truly very sweet.  So probably going to space these out.  Even the dark chocolate Hershey's is a bit sweet.  I usually go with the really really dark 70% stuff which is more bitter.  But this past time I bought some and they were old and it's going to be a while before I buy any.  Well, it came from Walmart.com and was Ghiradelli chocolate.  I think since I ordered it on line it had come from a hot warehouse.  I bet it melted and changed the quality of it.  So no more chocolate ordered from Walmart.com unless the dead of winter. lol  

But that is my pantry.  I was unable to use my drawers as I lock my in box and out box up at night and needed the space for that as we do not have locks on the doors.  Since we live at work most of the week - it's nice having a little pantry.  Many people have their own fridges - like the dorm room fridge.  I considered it.  But there is no reason to as we have a break room fridge.  I might buy us some plastic ice trays though for the big fridge.  

I bought a desk organizer to organize all those little office supplies.  $2.97 at Walmart.  lol  It still does not look neat but better than it was.  Everything has a little spot and i can find it.  What you can't see is the Dentyne gum and Altoids that sit at the front of the drawer and fit in that space just perfectly.  

Here is the biggest plant that I bought (not very big as I need that space there in the mornings to organize my out box for filing away or distributing yesterday's work).  You can see my little label there to show what key number that is.  I was really struggling to see the numbers on the locks - having to bend down, take my glasses off and squint so I could unlock and lock up.  So no more of that.  I can see what the number is now.  lol  I've had to do that with all the locks.  

And here is another plant.  And some pics.  As soon as I can get to my "photo project" I'll have some updated pics.  I also am really needing to work on that this weekend if I can.  I want to get the mantle photos updated.  I'll be stealing pics off facebook from family I guess, lol.  But I want everyone on my mantle for the holidays. Including some of our best friends.

I also bought the baskets to hold some of these paper office items so the bookshelf did not look so messy.  These things were in a cabinet before. I like clean lines and want the office to be neat.  I don't really have many books for the bookshelf as office time is not condusive for reading. lol I guess it's for notebooks and reference books.  I only have 3 notebooks I can put there and since the office doesn't lock we can't keep "to be filed" bins laying around.  So the baskets make the shelf look neater with business card boxes, extra paper for the copier, labels, training DVD's and so forth.  Where we stashed our "to be filed" things - it now houses envelopes and blank file folders.

And the third plant is there in the middle.  Greenery in an office is supposed to give you good "chi" from a Feng Shui perspective.  I think that good chi is good for you.  A positive energy that flows throughout that makes you feel good, makes you happy, makes you productive.  

So I think everything is becoming settled now and things are beginning to pile up a bit.  I got a lot done yesterday and hoping for a more productive week.  It's been productive in the way that we got A LOT DONE with the move and getting settled so quickly and tagging all the files with labels on the hanging files so that we know what the files are when we open a drawer.  Yesterday was pretty funny doing some filing away of last week's work.  I walked in circles trying to find anything.  lol lol  I'll get used to it but right now everything is one of those 4 gray lateral files.  I love it, but I'm lost!  We'll get there.  But only after opening all the wrong 15 drawers first before finding THE drawer it goes in.  lol lol  Will get caught up this week.  I'm not too far behind but I know that work comes in fast so I don't want to get any more behind.  Plus we have a holiday coming up.  

And I'll show a pic of my office once I get the artwork up.  I am hoping to go to Hobby Lobby and look for something that fits the bill and looks nice.  I have to hang my dry erase board today.  I wish George would come do it for me.  lol  But I'll try to do it myself.  

Last night I talked to Mom on the way home.  And Katy called and I wanted to make sure all was ok so I got off the phone with Mom so I cold call Katy and she had an interesting day.  She told me how embarrassed she was that her filter behind her glove compartment housed to dead baby rats.  The person that changed it went around showing everyone and Katy was so embarrassed.  She said that the car smelled like something dead but they could not find what it was.  When you live in the "country" and you marry a "wild life" man - these things can happen.  We laughed and laughed.  At least she is laughing.  Now she has a new life's embarrassing moment to share.  

I went to get my nails done.  And watched the Houston situation on the news while there.  How horrible.  Our friends are ok right now.  At least as of yesterday morning.  I think the system is going to be moving from the Houston area today and move on.  

The lady doing my nails did a good job.  However, I hate it when about once every few months they have to take off the old polish after it builds up and they use nail clippers and another tool to slip off the old polish build up.  Usually they just drill down on the nails but after it builds up so much they take it off and start over.  My nails are sore this morning from all the pulling.  It doesn't hurt but sometimes b/c of the pressure, it feels like they are pulling your nail off.  So I tense up.  But I woke up with sore nails this morning.  Usually they just drill it down.  But the good thing is - they look good.  

I came home and we immediately went downstairs to work on the basement stuff for yard sale.  We got rid of a lot of George's shirts that were old and/or too small.  Also some jackets and coats.  I got rid of a few things I no longer wanted from a decor standpoint.  We have a pretty good yard sale going.  I just need to go through the house and basement again to see if there is ANYTHING else I want to get rid of.  

Mostly what is left is for George to go through his tools and the spider room (ha) - which is the cove under the porch that was supposed to be my tornado room - but I'm not going in there.  I'm more afraid of spiders than tornadoes.  And rightly so - given the right spider - brown recluse gives you bite and you can lose a limb.  I'll stay in another part of the basement when the tornado comes through.  ha.

We had a Mexican pizza last night for dinner.  And we watched over half of "Wild Hogs" with John Travolta and Tim Allen.  However, I fell asleep so George stopped it.  lol 

Taking the dogs out before bed I noticed how pretty the moon was with the clouds around it.  

The phone just does not have the power to catch it.  

But you could almost see a bit of color around the moon.  It was unusual and beautiful.  I'm sorry I couldn't capture it like I saw it, but here is my best try. 

I better go.  Running behind today.

George has given me the key to go see Granny (George's Mom) on the way home from work today.   I told him I would always be glad to go to give him a break.  He wants to try to mow today.  So I'm going to see his Mom today so he can do that. I'll probably work over a bit just so I will get there as she gets through with dinner.

Anyway, better go!

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  1. everything in your office looks nice. now that katy's filter is clean, let's hope it won't house any new varmits. that is sweet that you are seeing georges mother so he can mow the grass.


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