Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Shopping, Eclipse, and Pretending to Have an Off Day!

Well it was a quick little day yesterday.  The bosses asked for inches of filing space needed and so that means the move is getting a bit closer.  Someone visiting told us they heard our move would start as early as Friday.  But no official word. I laughed that a visitor would tell us that.  Information is often hard to get. But we'll take it.  It was like the little words of gold had been extracted from a diamond laced box and traveled like magic through the air.  The visitor had no idea that he'd dropped an information bomb, bless him.  Things like this crack me up and amuse me. It's amazing how communication and even the lack of communication works.  When communication is said, it travels.  When communication is unsaid, then people speculate and that travels as well and becomes the true word, even with it's untruths.  Kinda like the media. lol. 

  Yes, excitement is in the air and so we boxed up more stuff for archives.  I made the call to box up some things from two years ago as it's cheaper to order something from archives than to buy another filing cabinet.  Exciting times.  I'm so excited about the move that I can't stand it!  lol  It's such a pretty place we are moving to.  And a nice area.  I just cannot wait! I feel the set up is more conducive to us all being a closer knitted together group and that is just awesome.  Sorry I wasn't going to talk about work on here but we are all excited (for the most part) about the upcoming move to a nicer facility and becoming a more cohesive and more efficient unit.

After work, I went to Providence and did some shopping for George's birthday.  I still forgot to get one of the things I meant to get and I forgot to stop at UPS.  I had a list at work that I made as I thought about it but forgot my list (oh well).  So today I will try my best to get these Eclipse Glasses mailed back in.  I think I have until the 21st, which ironically is the exact eclipse day right?  Or am I wrong? 

I'm not taking off for eclipse day are you?  I am worried a bit about being able to get to work and back b/c of all the visitors.  But hopefully my normal back streets will be ok.  I really hope we are at the new place by then.  I'd rather watch it from there than watch it from our parking lot at the other place.  I will stop work to watch it.  I'm not missing it.  I understand it can be a very moving moment- especially if it is your first total eclipse.  I kinda want to run back home and view it from home, but probably won't do it.  My city is supposed to be one of the exact locations for totality. I hope it is not cloudy that day.  What a bummer that would be.

So last night I went to a few stores and found success for George.  I will still have to run that one errand by the weekend and perhaps another on the day of his birthday which is this Saturday.  I will need to wrap tomorrow.  Tonight I get my nails done.  Three weeks goes by fast.  

I had told George not to worry about me eating that I'd probably grab I bite out.  So I was really getting hungry.  I went through Culver's drive through and got a burger.  mmmmmmm.

And then I had to go to Publix and get my BP Meds.  I had to call and see if they were ready.  They had failed to text me.  So after I called, I got the text.  lol 

I'd been wanting to take a pic of the lavender planted in the spring from a tiny tiny plant.  Isn't it pretty?  Smells pretty too.  It gives me good chi when I pull into the garage!

And there is not much to tell.  Really I've no time to do much of anything.  And you can tell.  Sometimes it makes me feel good to blog and pretend I'm going to be off today, lol.  At least I feel like I've thought about trying to clean up the house.  No time to actually do it.  But at least contemplating it feels like some effort has been made. lol 

If I were home today I would: 

1.  Do laundry.
2.  Vacuum
3.  Clean the kitchen
4.  Mop the floors
5.  Clean my desk area
6.  Start another Walmart order
7.  Wrap George's gifts
8.  Cook something really cool for dinner
9.  Fix the doggie beds with fresh blankets and was the other
10.  Start a puzzle in the living room
11.  Work on a project 
12.  Put some dates on the calendar that I've not done yet
13.  Read some
14.  Play the new game on the ipad
15.  Book our carriage ride.  I think Katy is going to do it b/c I keep putting it off. lol 
16.  Clean some things I don't normally get to clean - like windows!  

Ahhh well wouldn't that be a wonderful day off if I had it?  

Well I don't but that is what I would do if I did.  ;-) 

Hope you all have a good day.  I need to go so I can fix a salad for lunch.  I have a conference call on Wednesday's that fall into my lunch time.  I usually can't wait til after to eat without having some kind of sugar low.  So either have to order in that day or have something available at my desk.  So salad today.  

It helps to leave the house at 6:45 - I still hit a school zone, and it took about 50 minutes instead of an hour.  If I leave at 7 it takes a full hour with the schools back in session.  I'll be so glad to move as it will help me and will shave about 15 minutes (at least) off of the drive.  

Well, better go.  Ya'll have a wonderful Wednesday.  


  1. It will be exciting to finally get to move to the new offices. Having less travel time and working in a better environment will be wonderful for you ! As usual I am home today and fixing dinner for one of my son's birthdays. I made the cake yesterday but still have to frost it too. And I need to run to the store for ice cream. Hope you do have a wonderful Wednesday as we slide right into the weekend.

  2. moving will be so good for morale. i know you'll love the new offices. we will only have 90% totality here for the eclipse. you are lucky to have 100% where you are. it should be a transforming moment.

  3. I left a comment on the other place so you will know about my visitor. Well she has now arrived through ...I had hoped to get started least this half hour quiet and such sorry can't write any more...but delighted to think the move is getting nearer and nearer,,,love to you xxxxxx


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