Sunday, August 6, 2017

Shower, Going through the Basement, Pizza, and Dreams

We had a lovely time seeing family on such a wonderful sunny day which started in the 60's and escalated to 70's while we were there.  The restaurant had the back deck open air and it was really nice.  The mom-to-be is George's 2nd cousin.  George has offered his baby sitting services to the parents to be at all these showers we have been to lately. I hope he knows what he's getting in to.  lol  

We are happy for the couple and both seem happy and excited.  They received some of the cutest little onesies.  

We had sliders and chips and salsa.  And cake.  And a brewski.

The gift table amidst the plants outside made for a pretty scene.

After the shower, we went to see Granny with Katy.  We sat and worked a puzzle for a few minutes.  And then headed to the farmer's market across the street and got a few veggies:  homegrown tomatoes, squash, and a red bell peper.  

Then back to our house where the chore for the day was to have Kate go through all of her stuff.  She sat in the basement and went through boxes and boxes that George sat at her feet.  She ended up taking a bunch of stuff home with her - some of it teaching stuff - some of it her stuff - and she left a tub of stuff here of memorabilia.   So we have quite the pile now of yard sale stuff.  I laughed when George said "ok we are going to go through Mam-ma's cabinet next".  I said "there is no need to go through Mam-ma's cabinet as there is nothing in there going in the yard sale."   It's silver and there is no need to go through it.  We may never use it but once in a blue moon but not getting rid of our silver in a yard sale, that is for sure.  If time gets hard we may sale some of it in a different way but no - not like that.  lol

After several hours of going through basement stuff - George and I went through some old cabinets down there and got rid of some kitchen/dining things we no longer needed.  We all worked up an appetite.  I suggested pizza, the bad person that I am.  I have been craving pepperoni pizza.  So we ordered 2 pizza's and one was my thin crust pepperoni and George and Katy got a thick crust with tomatoes, peppers, onions, mushrooms, and olives.  I tried to eat a bite but picked off most of it and found it to be relatively soggy from all the water cooked out of the veggies.  I was not a fan.  I don't like mushrooms and olives either.  We sent leftovers of all for Cody, as since Katy ate with us, she wouldn't be cooking him dinner.  He had to work in another county in TN yesterday and was pretty far from home.  But we got to enjoy having Kate at our house.    

After Katy left, I read a bit in my Danielle Steel book, Toxic Bachelors, and played some games.  Rebooted laundry and dishwasher.  And headed to bed.

This morning Tugie let me sleep until about 5:15 and that was about when I woke up anyway.  I was dreaming that we were in Florida and that while we were there, George said we could talk to the carpet people down there and set up new flooring for our house.  He said we could measure it and they would order it.  I was arguing with him b/c I said we might measure it wrong and would be stuck with the wrong size carpets.  lol  I also dreamed that we were turning around in the middle of a busy highway and so George backed up to far and the side of the road was going down a sandy hill that dropped down to the beach below and our tire was slipping.  I remember him saying not to worry that he had it under control but our right back tire kept sliding and he finally jammed on the gas and we got out before continuing to go backwards.  I guess we dream about our fears.  lol  And then I dreamed that I was out by myself driving in a strange place.  And then for some reason I as walking somewhere not far from my car - looking for something - although I don't remember what.  And I saw someone and thought I was about to be robbed.  And I couldn't run - my feet were stuck in place.  I couldn't understand why I couldn't move fast (in my dream I didn't know I was asleep, lol). And then I was about to get back in my car and someone put their hand on my shoulder and I was thinking "this is it, I'm done for, and they are going to rob and kill me".  And then I heard the police officer with his hand on my shoulder, say "it's ok --here's your ticket for parking in the wrong place - but we need to search your car."  I remember being so glad it was a police officer and I said "thank you b/c I thought you were those guys over there."  I was happy to have them search my car - as I felt protected and of course there was only fast food bags in there. lol.   I also dreamed that I was at work in a different place and things were different, but in a good way.  Only I kept looking for my office and couldn't find it.  And as dreams go, I ended up being at Kroger looking for my office.  I kept thinking I was supposed to know where my office was but I'd forgotten where it was.  I was embarrassed that I didn't know where it was.  I think that is when I started driving around looking for it.  So a weird night of dreams that for once I remembered them.

Well I need to go get ready for church. Like now.  We are going to church, going to the grocery, and then around 4 we'll go to a grad party on the other side of town two counties away I think.

And then tomorrow is Monday and we'll start the whole darn week over again.   I'm just not getting enough down time! But off we go to rush around like always.  I'll not have time to clean house, do laundry, iron or any of that stuff this week.  It'll be a tough week not being prepared so I guess I'll just have to iron every night.  Grrr.

Anyway ya'll have a good day!


  1. Well I guess that's what happens..( having to iron every night ) when your out most of Saturday's !! But you really wouldn't like it any other way would you !,!,,,pleased you saw so much of Kate it's nice how she likes to come over to see you when Cody is away so often"....take care and enjoy rest of your day xxxx

  2. It's time I got ready for church too. It takes me longer to get there now that I've moved and need more driving time. Hope you have a wonderful day and don't worry about what you didn't get done. Relax and enjoy your Sunday!

  3. Hope you were able to rest some today. When we got back from Baltimore today, I was actually able to take a nap for an hour or so before I had to began to wash our cloths from our trip. Have a good night.

  4. dreams are interesting for sure. the pizza sounded good. i like a cracker crust too. good job youre doing getting ready for the garage sale.


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