Thursday, August 24, 2017

Smelling the Weekend

Almost there.  Almost to a weekend where NOTHING is planned.  Hopefully it stays that way.

Got my hair cut yesterday after work.  I had her cut more when she was through.  It's just easier on me having it shorter.  I think it suits me better as well.

Oh the coffee is good this morning.  I'm a bit tired today.  Slept pretty good though.
But I am about ready to do some things on my own agenda.

Not really much I can say on here, as there was just not much to report about a hair cut - lol.  George fixed a late curry chicken dinner for us and we watched a Soprano show.

I think I'm trying to get stopped up for some reason.  Hopefully the coffee will clear that up this morning.  Who needs a late summer cold?

Oh I could soooo go back to bed right now.

Sorry this is a really boring entry.  I probably should have not even blogged.  lol

What are you all doing this weekend?  I want to work on projects!  I say that and never get it done due to the normal stuff we have going on:  laundry, cleaning, grocery, and a little bit of me time.  So I'm hoping to stretch and get some things done going into fall season.

More tomorrow, Lord willing.


  1. I will probably do some yard work, clean house and do some thrift store shopping this weekend.

  2. Hi Sonya, here I am again, sorry if you've missed me...probably haven't!....I got writing e mails and then a couple of letters and the time just went so fast it was bed time and I hadn't replied to your blog or my other friends...Anyway should be back in the swing now....sure glad that your new office is lovely i think nice offices Makes people feel better and in your case even the surroundings are going to help, it must be great not to have to rush about to get into work.....Now to look forward to the weekend....take care. God bless bxxxx

  3. Hope your potential cold clears up before it becomes a full blown thing. Your haircut sounds nice. Thought about you when I heard about Charleston today.


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