Monday, August 7, 2017

Sunday School Food, Southwestern Salad, Day Dreaming, and Bavarian BierHaus

The deer are here every morning now, sometimes evening too.  A momma and her two babies.  I could not get them all in the same pic.  But I sipped coffee and watched them at the window yesterday.  So lovely.  

Yesterday was non-stop. 

We rushed and got to church on time with 60 seconds to spare.  There is a big countdown clock on the screen that counts down the seconds.  We were going in the door with just enough time to be seated.  Richard and Kathy came in a moment behind us.  Richard did not see us and went on down.  Kathy did and sat with us.  She had to go get Richard.  lol 

Kathy had told me she made pig in the blankets for the Sunday School table.  We couldn't wait to get there, but they were all gone by the time we got in there and we were the first to go through the line.  So somebody that came through or everyone setting up must have eaten them all.  lol  Oh well.  We laughed.  They must have been good if they were eaten before the thing ever started.  Anyway always good to know what people like right?  Well, I allow myself to have a little sweet for breakfast on Sunday mornings as my reward for getting up and going.  I figure God will bless it to the good of my body since it's been prayed over.  Wonder if that will work with other meals?  lol

I look forward to this little plate of goodies.  And getting to see Richard and Kathy.  And I feel good about the church and the people we are meeting.  I wish we were close enough to go on Wednesday night but that would be pushing it I think with our commute already and then there is just not enough time on work days as it is.  IF we didn't have the dogs we could try it but I think it would be hard.  They DO have dinner prepared for a small charge before hand so dinner would be taken care of.  But with the dogs we'd be late.  So I think we will just stick to Sunday but they do have a line up of good classes for Wed nite. They are kicking off a new year, just like at school.  

We stayed for a bit and caught up with Richard and Kathy but we were all busy so we didn't do lunch this time.  We took a new highway back home which was really convenient.  And that is nice.  It's another exit off of the interstate due to the traffic and congestion in this area.  

After the grocery, we came home and I fixed a Southwest salad for lunch, it was really good.  I fixed my own Southwest Dressing from a quick search on the internet.  

The ingredients were dallops and smidgeons of sour cream, mayo, apple cider vinegar, a little bit of water for thinning, worcestershire sauce, garlic powder, onion bowder, hot pepper flakes, salt, pepper, cumin, and chili powder.  

I had a canned corn mix that had black bean and red bell pepper in it.  That worked great.  And I added Chow Mein Noodles for crunch.  Homemade dressings are the best.  After I tasted that, I thought....why are we not running our own restaurant?  lol  My specialty would be the soups and the salads and sauces.  Maybe we'd call it SSS.  Or maybe The Esses - a play on the fact that it's a series of "S's" plural.  Sonya's Soups, Salads, and Sauces.  No neither of those really call you to a place.  It would have to be something else.  Sonster's?  Sonya Kay's?  My Southern Home Cafe, Book N Coffee Cafe (with signs hanging down below that said Soups, Salads, and really good coffee!) And have a scenario like a library filled with shelves with books.   Yeah.  I like the Book N Coffee Cafe.  Have a little retail gift store attached and have it filled with items that you could give for gifts - and have sacks and baskets available for wrapping.  People could actually swing by and buy gifts quickly - maybe get dinner to go.  

I would also have a couple of fantastic bread recipes and a specialty cinnamon roll.  And they would be so special they would have their own names.  

With the name it would almost have to be open for breakfast too right?  Or no?  I really rather do the two meals a day instead of three for saneness.  Or you'd have to have really good help.  Fun to dream and plan. But in reality I wouldn't want to be tied down like that.  I think I'm better at dreaming up the concepts and making it come to life and getting it going and then hopping off to do something else.  ;-) 

So...back from dreaming and back to yesterday.  After my salad I stopped selfishly to play some of the seek and find game.  I LOVE that.  But my energy goes pretty quickly.  So I enjoyed about 15 minutes of that.  

And then I set in to do some laundry and ironing for the work week.  So that is done!  I really needed to vacuum but I was saving that for after the grad party as there just was not time.  

The grad party was about an hour away.  Pleasant View, TN.  I navigated George by GPS. Soon I'll get a new phone and let him have mine.  I was trying to wait til the first of the year though.  But we'll see.  

On the way there my Sister in Law texted and asked what we were doing after the party and could we go out and celebrate George's upcoming birthday.  We didn't have plans so I told George that maybe we needed to eat light at the party.  However, the party had a big spread.  Burger sliders, BBQ sliders, chicken, baked beans, potato salad, macaroni salad, chips and salsa.  Oh my.  And desserts galore!  
So much for eating lite and we enjoyed every bite! 

I did not get pics of the party.  I usually do, but there were so many people around that I did not know and I didn't want to be THAT lady.  lol  

So the rain had held off all day but it kept getting cloudier.  We set in for Nashville to go to the Bavarian Bierhaus as that is where George picked.  It was on the way home for everyone.  
So my SIL snatched this shot.  I took one too but some guy jumped up and messed up my shot right as it snapped.  Here they were blowing some horn.  I don't even know anything about it.  

It's a fun place to go to once or twice.  But it's very loud when the bands are playing which is most of the time.  And the girls outfits all show their boobs low cut.  I'm not a fan of that.  So ehhh - not a good place to go if you are wanting to talk to your party at all.  But it was fun to go to once or twice.  I'm ready to move on to other restaurants now.  This place might do ok for a while as tourists come through that area and will like it for entertainment purposes at least once.  I can't see regulars coming here though over and over - at least not regulars like myself.  The food was good though.  I guess if I were more of a fan of that type of music - but it's just too oompah for me.  lol

Ok so....we got home about 9:10 so already past my goal of being in bed.  But sleep was good and I woke up just before the alarm.

Yep.  So here we are staring into the face of Monday.  How did we get here so fast?  That weekend just blew by.  I didn't even get to vacuum.  Ugh.  I still have grass everywhere all over my house.  But tonight we are working in the basement and tomorrow night I'm going to have to shop for George's bday and the next night is nails night.  I sooo need a vacay day to be able to catch up on life.  But whatever I take I'm taking away from December at this point so I'm going to try to stick it out.

This weekend is George's bday and then we have a friend party at the Topham's Saturday night which is on George's birthday.  Sunday - not sure - it's reserved for birthday plans as we aren't really sure what day we are going to celebrate with Katy and Cody.  Might be Friday night.

So I'm not sure when my next day off is.  But I'm already looking forward to it whenever it is.
Ya'll have a wonderful day.  I need to go - school is back in session and that means I need to get ahead of the traffic!

Have a fab day and a fab week!


  1. It's hard to believe that schools are back in session. Here we don't start till after Labor day but some of grands will start next week. There is definitely a lot more traffic when school starts. Sounds like a great weekend but very busy one for you. Cute Monday sign you found to put on your post today. Made me smile! Hope it's a good one for you!

  2. Sorry to be so late fomenting tonight, however I have a friend down for a week holiday from Edinburgh and she is just going to am I but wanted to see how yesterday went..I'm pleased that you both enjoyed that church. And indeed had a great time altogether with the extra party LOL...hope you got on ok at work today might even have heard your moving day..keeping my fingers will be wonderful just to not have such a long drive to work every day....well I'm away now, mGod Bless hope tomorrow is a good day. Xxxx

  3. it is nice to daydream with what ifs. the restaurant would be nice i'm sure. sounds like you had a good time out and about. going to be another funfilled weekend with your husbands birthday coming up. enjoy.


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