Monday, August 14, 2017

Sunday's Efforts, Projects, and a New Vacuum

Everyone had a nice little relaxing home day yesterday.  Dog beds have now been replaced with clean blankets.  (Above is the old one.)  The dogs sat and snoozed and watched me go from Room to Room cleaning and doing things in the "connect-the-dot" fashion.  lol   That seems to be the way to do it when you don't have much time.  

She is sleeping here so peacfully.  My little angel of a dog.  She is 16 and I don't know how much longer she will be with us.  She keeps hanging on.  So well loved.  She is on the heart meds now.  She coughs more and more.  Her little body is wearing out.  I thank the Lord every day for her.  And I pet her and stroke her and give her hugs, not knowing when it will be the last.  She still has energy though, still has her appetite, still wants her schedule, able to hold it still.  The eye sight is going - as she has a lot of trouble in the dark and dim light for sure.  She gets alarmed in the mornings, when Roger is not awake for her to look at and follow, and she can't find me in the room.  I have to go find her and show her I'm here so she can follow.  If she sees Roger, she knows Roger will let her know when someone enters the room or if it's time to eat or go potty.  She follows his lead.  But he doesn't get up early when I get up like Tugie does.  And she gets upset if she loses me.  

Well, yesterday was a little oddball of a Sunday as far as my sleeping and waking up. I woke up at 2 with a really bad stomach ache that left me a bit nauseated.  I drank some water and went back to bed. Tugie got me up at 4 and I had to take her out.  I was not ready to get up.  We had been out late and didn't go to bed until 11, two hours or later than my normal bed time.  

So I grabbed two pillows and a blanket and made a pallet on the sofa, while Tugie had her morning round of Science Diet.  And then she came and got on the sofa with me. She snuggled at my feet and we settled in for what was a very long snooze.  George got up evidently, and took Roger out, and made coffee and was about the house.  I did not wake up until 8:48, I think it was.  

You can imagine if you get up b/w 4 and 6 on the weekends, how shocking that was.  But oh how good it felt.  George said I was snoozing really good and he was NOT about to wake me knowing that I needed the sleep and couldn't get it on the weekends either b/c of Tugie. 

So I immediately realized that our plans for church and eating out with Richard were over with (Kathy was sick).  Church started at about the same time I woke up.  

In a way, I was relieved.  I felt I wanted/needed to go to church, but I also really needed the sleep that  I normally cannot get.  I had a slow morning by choice, of coffee sipping, checking social media, and playing a game.  I had chocolate gonache cake for breakfast.  Eventually I began moving and when I did, I got a lot done. 

While I did get some laundry done, I failed at getting the ironing done.  I usually start my days in the laundry room and it can take a while to get out of it b/c I have a lot to catch up on.  I actually wanted to do some other things besides iron so looks like I'll be ironing in the evenings or mornings - one of the two.  At least our evenings are not too booked up this week.  

This was one of my projects.  I ordered a bunch of sheets of chalkboard labels and a chalk pen and made labels around the kitchen.  How cool is that?  

I cleaned the kitchen, scrubbed counters, and even got on the stool and cleaned the ceiling fan.  I mean it looked like it was growing feathers up there on the fan blades.  How on earth do things get so dirty.  Wasn't it just last month, oh yea it was winter time, ummm ok last fall - when I did this last?

I cleaned and put stuff up and worked on fluffin' the nest a bit.
Then I decided since I wasn't going to the store, to fix a veggie soup for lunches.  

George saw me fixing the soup and said "mmmmm are we having that for dinner".  How can you say "no this is for my lunches" to that?  

"We can have it for dinner, or it can be for lunches - either way".

He said "whatever but it would be good for dinner". 

I said "We'll have it for dinner and I'll fix left overs and freeze it for lunches".  Evidentally it was good.   I only had 1 and a half lunches to freeze.  lol  But I'm glad we had it for dinner.  It was really good.  

And I have Alexa all loaded up with some grocery items and put it on the list - b/c I'll be wanting to make more soup soon.  We are out of broth and beans and canned veggies.  So next week will be a big grocery run.  

All the cooking and cleaning made me hungry for lunch - only my day was kinda screwy as far as proper eating times.  I had my egg in a hole at 1:30.  And a little sip of Rose as it was leftover in the fridge and called out to me.  

Then I ended up vacuuming using the "new to us" vacuum that was Granny Jan's.  George brought this home.  I've wanted an Oreck for a while but have been stubborn about how much we spend on vacuum's as the expensive ones have seemed to wear out sooner than the cheap ones.  So George had a lot of the bags somewhere in the basement.  It didn't take me long to find it.  And I began vacuuming the house.  Oh my gosh, I LOVE this vacuum.  I know it does not have the attachments that you sometimes need, but my other one will work for that.  But this is light weight, the cord is long, and it's so easy to use - and IT HAS A BAG!  

I do not like those cannister vacuums that you just pull out, open the top and toss into the trash.  Oh it sounds easy but the stuff doesn't want to go, and then dust goes everywhere, and you have to get something to get it all out with.  A man, or someone that doesn't vacuum must have come up with that thinking they were environmentally sound.  Wrong-O!  Dust goes everywhere, sneezes abound, and now you have to vacuum again!  No!  Give me my bag back.  Let me just throw away the bag and put in another.  

My vacuum (before this one) had a retracting cord.  Only it retracted while you used it.  You couldn't hardly get a room vacuumed before it would have eaten the cord up and pulling it out of the wall. lol lol lol  <-----No laughing matter really, but now that I have another vacuum I can laugh more.  Truly annoying but I was not wanting to go buy another vacuum so I dealt with it. 

I got my desk cleaned up and spruced up some things.  I didn't get to but one of my projects (the chalk labels).  I did get to do a big blog entry about George's day out (keep reading as it's the entry below this one).  We watched a movie when we ate soup.  I didn't get reading done.  But perhaps there will be next weekend?  Just maybe?  

I still need to: 

Mop the kitchen floor
Clean the windows
Mend some clothing items
Do an ABC Order
Fill out the Address Book 
Go through some Old Magazines that had the corners turned up
(recipes, ideas, places to check out, websites to visit)
The picture order to update family photos on the mantel
My wish list for the blog (for Christmas)
Book the Carriage Ride in Charleston
Plan our Fall Party at our house with friends

There is so much more that I could do.  But if I could get to those EVER, I'd feel really good!  

Ya'll have a good day - I'll quit moaning!  Be sure and read yesterday's entry - I posted it last night before dinner. 


  1. I'll have to look for yesterday's entry. Glad George had a great day ! That soup you made sounds wonderful and next time you make it, you'll have to do a double recipe. It will freeze wonderfully to have for lunches. Even though your plans were changed, it's great you got to fluff your nest and had a day at home. That move is bound to come soon, keep the faith. Happy Monday!

  2. Roger and Tugie are cuties! I love egg in a holes and I need to try the chalk pens. I didn't know they existed.
    this was a Fun read.

  3. I love these two pictures of Tugie she is such a dear wee lassie, I do hope she can hang on a few more years, it's awful when we outlive our beloved has taken me ages tonight to read not one but two long blogs, both so interesting. I'm glad that George had such a lovely birthday and I still laughed at the bull in the pond episode !!!....I presume Kate got home safely it was nice that Cody wondered if she was ok...well it's around 9.30 hear tonight and as my talk talk talk friend left this morning I think I might have an extra early night as my eyes are closing as I type this. So I will end by saying. Night night. God bless. Xxxx

  4. The new to you vacuum sounds nice indeed. I like the ones with bags too. tugie and roger are so sweet. those chalkboard labels are neat.


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