Saturday, August 5, 2017

Things that Made me Happy and Sad This Week

Yay!  It is Saturday.  I wish I could say I was bursting with energy to do all those things I need to do but find myself splat in the chair with a cup of java, just trying to wake up.  Need motivation this morning I think.

I am enjoying the ability to not have to move.  <----How's that for a sentence.  Easy ability huh?

We've been moving and shaking all week long and my energy is spent by the time it gets to "my time"!

However with a couple of cups of coffee perhaps I'll start moving. ;-)

The temps are feeling really wonderful.  Tried to sit in the sunroom for a bit and I ran back in the den as it was too chilly for me!

Ok as the coffee seeps in, I'm starting to feel a bit of life and motivation step in.  Have to make the most of this Saturday morning as we have a baby shower to be at - at 11 a.m. at a restaurant - a sports bar.  Sounds like a fun baby shower.  Gift is wrapped as I did that on Monday.

Wish I had something more exciting for you guys today but I just don't.

Let's see - how 'bout if I write about things that made me happy this week.

1.  When I was able to sit down and read a couple of chapters.
2.  While playing that new "hidden items" game - Mystery Society.  (Very Relaxing with nice little scenes)
3.  Morning coffee and blogs
4.  Petting and talking to the babies (dogs)
5.  That glass of wine I had last night after work
6.  Watching Instagram Stories
7.  Making my own Instagram Stories
8.  That feeling when you first lay in bed after a long day
9.  Watching the rain and/or knowing it was raining outside
10.  Accomplishing certain things
11.  Lunch time (lol)
12.  Afternoon coffee around 3 p.m.
13.  Thinking about the upcoming trip
14.  Thinking about fall on the way
15.  When people comment on my blog or facebook
16.  When someone told me yesterday I was awesome and thanked me for something
17.  Realizing some things are about to change finally
18.  Having the newer/bigger ipad
19.  Watching Frankie and Grace
20.  Watching Below Deck

Well I reached 20 things.  I'm sure there was more things that made me happy, but those came to mind first.  It's the little things sometimes.  But there were also texts from friends just checking on me, and that phone call or two from Kate to tell me about her day.

My little mind wants to write all the things that made me sad, mad or feel negative.  Do I really want to do this?  Perhaps some good will come out of it.  Just the first few things that pop in my head. We'll see how it goes.

1.  Having to get up out of bed before I was ready.
2.  Feeling like George was upset with me over something and was feeling like he wished I had just stayed away on my trip. (I guess I wanted to feel like the princess has arrived home and roll out the carpets? My bad! Life not that way right? lol)
3.  Feeling squished with time and not being able to do what I want to do when I want to do it. (This could be #4 through #20...not getting to do _____. )
4.  The grass that was tracked in through the house on Monday after I had vacuumed over the weekend.  So we have had to look at that all week long.  (I don't vacuum on work nights!)
5.  The look of my private blog.  Needs a makeover.
6.  Traffic and irritating drivers on the road.
7.  Things that happen that make me sad.
8.  Things that don't happen that should.
9.  That I'm getting older.
10.  That it's so hard to lose weight and I don't want to give up anything to go walking and it was too hot anyway.
11.  Trying to stay awake for the extra long Soprano show last night.  (Wow maybe my week wasn't so bad if this is what I'm listing.)
12.  Getting up in the mornings and coming to the coffee pot and seeing a horribly crumbed up and sticky kitchen counter.
13.  When the cat, Little Bit, won't let Roger come back in the house and tantalizes him until we feed him a treat to get him out of the way so Roger can enter the door.  He trained us well.
14.  The damn darn Comcast cords outside on the front pole, and remembering that Comcast was supposed to come out twice and just blatently ignored us.
15.  The fact that I want a Smart TV and George doesn't seem interested.  And that I live in a cave age  as far as some of the technology in my life,  when I really love new technology and software. Ok maybe not cave age, but certainly no where near cutting edge.
16.  That people don't seem to care about each other like they once did - life in general and how everyone, including me, is just more selfish now.
17.  Not having enough time to do what I want- oh wait - did I mention that already?
18.  The dinginess of some of the places and areas I see out there in the world.  It's waaaaay below my standards.
19.  The areas of town that I have to drive and the commute getting longer now that school is in session.
20.  Not having a good audio book in my hands right now for the long commute.

Well I think that was worth doing.  Those have been my major complaints and negative thoughts this week.  I guess that is a pretty good week then eh?  There are a few things I'm thinking of that made me sad that didn't make the 20 that probably should have - like some of the family being all aloof and unreasonable and all that.  But that's old news.

Anyway, can try to eliminate some of those things above to give more quality to the week I suppose.  Maybe make some goals - only adding things to the to do list is only going to give rise to more "I didn't have time to do _____".  Always the dilemma.  But where we go.

1.  Trying hard to be in bed by 9.
2.  Not worrying about other people and what they think of me.  Just try to be a better spouse, friend, Mom, daughter, sister, whatever.
3.  Decorate the private blog.
4.  Vacuum yet again and hope for the best.
5.  Pray
6.  Fantastik the counters before I go to bed as part of the nighttime routine.
7.  Continue to look forward to things that are to come - at least there are some changes coming.
8.  Smart TV will happen one day, and I will appreciate it all the more.
9.  Go to the library and get an audio book.
10.  Laugh more and find the humor in things.  Where did that go?  I want it back.

So, that was fun.  I can usually manage to talk about something.  So the week was good overall, a lot of work done, a little bit of fun, only a few minor inconveniences and negative things.  So perhaps we should cross it off as a mostly good week but with edges of tiredness and minor frustrations of the norm kind - many soon to be resolved.

And off we go to work on private blog.  Hopefully I can muster up some creativity time and have time to do housework too.

Ya'll have a good day.


  1. I'd be very surprised if you didn't think of something to write about. You always do a great job of keeping up with your blog and it was nice to see your lists today. I especially like the one of the things that make you happy. Those are the things to hold on to. It's a chilly morning here for a change. I couldn't sit in my sunroom comfortably either. But so nice to have a break from the heat. Hope your have a super Saturday!

  2. It was a good idea to write your loves and not so nice things this week. I am sure when you look back at what you wrote today you will realise how fortunate you really are. Hope you sleep well tonight and waken to see some nice things ahead for you to enjoy on Sunday. I have a feeling friends invited you and George to join them at church. I hope to get a better sleep tonight. Last night I want to bed around 10 , by 11.15 I was in such pain I had to get up and sit through here in the sitting room I took an extra Tramadol capsule, despite the fact I had taken the slow release morphine...the pain eased so I went back to bed half an hour later I had to get up again, I decided I was as well just sitting here, so that's what I did. If you get this before you go to bed. Please pray for a pain free night for me xxx

  3. Good to see you made it home safe and sound. I need to make list more often. One thing I want to do is be more healthy. I need to eat more clean foods, veggies and such. And lose at least 50lbs. It is so hard now being in menopause. The hot flashes are terrible in these hot summer months.

  4. good to list the good and bad. gives you a healthy perspective. i can see some of me in your words too. the good eventually outweighs the bad, don't you think?


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