Thursday, August 10, 2017

Up Since 2:30 a.m. Pretty Boring Entry!

Mmmmm ok so I've been up since 2:30.  George snoring at the time I woke up and it was intense so...I was wide awake and couldn't go back to sleep.

I have a video for ya.  Let's see if it ever downloads.  In the past I've usually not been able to get the video blogger thing to work properly.  If they work then my blog posts will be a bit more interesting.  As I'll have more I can add.  lol
Well it seems to be working.  So I'll add some more.  

Yesterday was Wednesday and so was nice that the weekend is approaching and it's down hill from here.  

Got the nails done after work.  Came home and did laundry.  George fixed "cold noodle". And we watched a Soprano show.  So yeah....not very interesting.  Sorry.  

I will say that I am very much looking forward to some downtime.  If you have read the last few days you will already know that to be true.  So nothing has changed.  I have much to catch up on and much to do here on the home front.  It is doubtful at this point that I will get much time at home but ANY will be good.  

Ya'll have a good day!  ;-)


  1. It's going to be a very long day for you with such an early start. I get up early like that at times but then I have the chance to take a nap later on. Hope your Thursday is a great one !

  2. Oh poor you, I hope that you have got through today without too much to do, you will almost be home by now...indeed you will be home ..I am very tired so I am soon going to bed. I would never have thought how exhausting it gets listning to someone who never stops speaking, not for a minute, through any TV programme that she declares she likes she just talks without stopping...I have taken to putting up sub titles so I can at least TRY to make out what's happening....night night. God Bless xxxxxx

  3. Sorry you can't sleep. I did not sleep good myself last night either. Too much crap going on in the world I guess. Your video is so cute! I hate to hear someone snoring their head off when I am trying to sleep. I use to say roll over on your side. And elbow my husband. Finally I had to decide for my sanity I would sleep in one bedroom and him in the other. It is not every night but most nights. I had a sleep study done because I felt tired all the time no matter how much I slept and had problems with waking all hours of the night. I have sleep apnea. So I get to wear a cpap mask. It does make a world of difference once you get use to it. Yes I think a couple days off might do you some good. You sound really tired. And that trip were you had to fly probably took a lot out of you. Hope you get some sleep tonight.

  4. Got a big kick out of the videos. the first one is my favorite. sorry you couldn't get those extra hours of sleep.


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