Sunday, August 27, 2017

What's going on this weekend? Productivity!

Well, I've not taken the time to blog yesterday and finally taking the time to blog today.  

George and I ran errands yesterday morning and went to Walmart for a few things and got a few groceries as well.  I was hoping they had what I needed for my office but----it's Walmart you know -- so while they did have household things beyond the norm that we needed, they were lacking on the decorative items I wanted for my office.  

I bought a clear plastic drawer set (to go under my desk hidden for more storage) --all from Walmart  and a desk drawer tray.  But from Target, I bought a dry erase board, some baskets to hide some storage items I'm keeping on my book shelf, and I bought 3 "fake" but nice looking plants.   George had wanted us to be cheap this weekend, but that is hard to do.  I told him he had bad timing.  I did him a favor though and did not buy "art work" for my office wall.  I'll do that next weekend, lol.  I DID, however, guiltily buy 3 tops and a sweater from TJ Maxx- but most all that I bought I got for under $150.  I'm letting work pay for the dry erase board and markers.  I could have ordered it form our supply company but they are horribly expensive. So I found one cheaper and that will save my company money.   I don't need an expensive one.  I just need one that I can plan on.  It's a lot smaller than the other office one.  But I bought some smaller dry erase pens with my own money and everything else I bought with my own money.  I just use the board for listing things, getting some ideas, and also to keep focused or to remember things.  I decided I would miss having one.  Maybe it's small enough that a wall calendar will fit beside it.  We'll see.  I felt bad that I went shopping on a weekend he wanted to be cheap but I didn't do too bad I guess.  I just didn't want to put off fixing up my office.  I needed to restock my little office pantry (granola bars and chocolate) - goes in the plastic desk drawer.  I also bought chocolate for our common break area to share.  I figure maybe everyone can pitch in from time to time.  They won't all do it but I will take some a few times a year myself. 

I want my office to look nicely decorated as I'm in it all day long.  I'm so proud of being in a nice office finally and I want to honor it!  No more bars on the windows like a beer store or a pawn shop. lol  

Well I'll take pics once all is set up.  I'm glad things have been calm while we have unpacked and set up.  Now just about an hour or so of doing these decor things and I'm ready for business! 

George was not upset with my shopping.  No worries.  He knows that I'm relatively cheap with what I buy - well except for replacing electronic devices - ha!  (Recently purchased new iPad as the old quit working.) And when I buy clothes I may buy a few but they will be reasonably priced.  The tops I bought were $13.99 and $16.99 a piece.  Have to get them while they have your size.  How many times do I go through there and DO NOT find anything I like.   So he was pleased with the success I had.  Thank goodness. 

We went to church this morning and then came home.  We had work and projects to do.  I have completed most of the laundry, done the ironing for next week.  We've gone through a bunch of George's shirts and putting them through the yard sale.  I windexed the kitchen window - which I do about once every two years.  It's hard for me to do it.  George always has to help to get the window back up.  Anyway the counters were bleached and sink bleached and I redecorated around the sink and kitchen counters.  

So I have cleaned off my desk, and opened all the Walmart orders that came in and put those up.  I've started the new Walmart order.  I've begun my Christmas Wish List on here and My Twenty Wishes (Life Wishes aka Bucket List).  I think that life is always more fun when you are working on your twenty wishes, or your life's goals.  I'm not finished with any of these lists but at least I've started on them.  

I placed an LTD order for a few Christmas gifts.  

And I was about to do some more projects but it looks like it's dinner time.  So perhaps afterward.  I still need to vacuum and change sheets.  

I'm just happy I got the kitchen window done.  Yay.  It's so hard to work on ANY windows.  I've done the sun room this year - that's the hardest room as there are windows all around that must be taken out and cleaned on both sides.  Next I'll work on the living room (reading room) and dining room.  

<<<<Pause for dinner>>>>>

We ate roast beef for dinner that had crock potted all day!  ;-) 
It was wonderful. 

I was able to get the vacuuming done after all and some dusting done in the den.  And also went through a closet and got rid of about a big 30 gallon trashbag full of clothes and shoes that I'm not wearing.  Some things were a tough decision.  I don't usually ever get rid of my clothes unless they are worn out or the wrong size.  But some of these that I've worn lately I've felt were just waaaaaay out of style.  I still kept some that I'm just too fond of.  But if it sits in the closet year after year after year and you keep passing over it.  I think it's time.  Maybe someone else will like it.  We'll see.

And I dusted off Soda Crush and Candy Crush - just to do something different.  I was able to advance several levels. 

Feel pretty good about the weekend.  Made some progress...still have much to do.  

Anyway, time for bed.  Lucky to have gotten this blog entry done I guess.  I tried not to blog so we could focus on some other stuff. 

I still have to do sheets.  I've put it off all day.  Oh got the toilets done.  Even little things getting done mean a lot.  So glad we had some home time and shopping time.  

Getting my nails done tomorrow night and it's "go through the basement night". 

Praying for Houston.  We have friends Amy and Dean down there.  Talked with them this morning and they were fine.  Will check with them tomorrow.  Hoping they still have power and that they are able to ride these rising waters out.  Looks bad on TV with more rain coming.  

Ok I better go do the sheets and get to bed.  Oh yeah one more thing...George painted the front columns today and is going to buy a pressure washer soon.  I'm looking forward to that!  ;-)  

Nite Nite


  1. Sounds like you are getting the new office organized with things you love. And who can agrue with some affordable tops to add to your wardrobe too.

  2. Yes, it does sound like a wonderful weekend for you! Very productive for sure ! Decorating an office in your own personal style is fun to do. Enjoy your Monday !

  3. What a great deal you got through yesterday I can just happy you are that you got so much done. Your tops sounded a good buy what colour did you get ? I'm looking forward to another photo of your office, what a change it must be for you to have everything so nice and tidy and clean......hope that this week is going to continue to be a good one ..night night


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