Saturday, September 30, 2017

Saturday Morning, Head Tilted Sideways, Drinking Coffee

Had some really good sleep last night.  The sore on the roof of my mouth, is making the coffee not as enjoyable.  My 3:00 p.m. coffee yesterday hurt too.  After coffee, I'll try Ma Rainey's suggestion of baking soda.  I think it's not getting better b/c I've had either spaghetti or chili almost every night.  I also wonder if the flu shot, along with all the acidity was too much for me this week.  Let's blame everything on the flu shot.  Maybe the flu shot is why I'm so busy. ha

I do feel better, than I did a day or two ago.  I was on the verge of getting ill.  But felt more myself yesterday and had some energy.  This morning I feel pretty good too.  A bit tired but all good.  

I'm actually having to take a sip, lean my head sideways, let the coffee pass through on the right side of my mouth and swallow.  The left hurts so bad, but I have to have my coffee.  If someone saw me drinking coffee this morning - they would think I was a nutzoid.  Hey wait.  I am a nutzoid. :-O

So I didn't get all the things I wanted to do done this week but I got close.  We can plan all day long but my planned schedule doesn't always take account for other people needing you for things.  And that takes away from the day but what can you do?

My assistant and I went to lunch yesterday.  Logans.  I wanted my salmon, baked potato and salad.  I ordered the lunch size.  But the portions are so tiny - so next time I'll order the real deal for a $1.00 more.  The salmon was drier than normal and the baked potato no bigger round than the bottom of a coffee cup.  Two or three bites down in there, lol. I think they cooked my small piece of salmon - less than half of a normal piece) - the same length of time as a big piece and then it was dry.  So live and learn.  I paid $20 for my lunch yesterday with tax, tea, and tip - and I expect to have a wonderful meal when I pay that much.  But I didn't complain to the waiter.  He was really nice.  But the food was edible so I ate it, what little there was, lol.

Anyway, came home and was elated to have some free time.  I had about an hour to hour and a half of just playing Candy Crush, petting the dogs and talking to them and watching Instagram stories.   It was wonderful.  George went to see his Mom and to Lowe's and I sipped wine, turning my head to swallow (life is hard).  

We had leftover chili - just couldn't hardly eat it - it hurt so bad.  No more acidic stuff til this goes away.  I got the bowl down and let George have my seconds.  

Bed felt soooooooooooo good last night.  Rest felt good. 

I have this morning to do some laundry.  I am taking a couple bottles of wine to Katy's house, and taking one of my new suitcases for her to use for Charleston. Have to stop and get a cheese platter.  Going to get one with like pepperoni and Italian type meat on it and probably some crackers to go with.  Then head to her house for the Sip and Shop party.  I think my head will be permanently tilted sideways by end of day.  

Other to do's include bringing up the fall clothes and my suit case for packing for Charleston so I can go ahead and throw some things in.  I also need to make a big dent in laundry and pick out what needs to be ironed for next week.  Need to reschedule my hair appointment and will call them this morning.  I need to check to see if my lab results are in and Monday I'll call and check on the RX prescriptions.  No need to check to see if they are there today.  I think they won't be and if they are not I can't call anyway.  I've got meds through next week - or at least most of next week. 

I believe that is all that is on the list today.  We do not have anything going tonight.  And I don't know what we are doing for dinner.  I think George has laid out a whole chicken for the clay pot - not sure if that is tonight or tomorrow.  I hope it's nothing spicy.  lol

Tomorrow is busy too.  OMGosh, I leave for Charleston in a week and two days!  A whole week of vacay!  I'm getting two whole weeks of vacay off this year.  Actually there are three weeks of vacay plus a few I'd rolled over from last year that I had used already.  I'll be using most my 3rd week of vacay in sectors in Dec and one day in Nov - depending on whether I cook or not.  Anyway I will only have a day or two probably this time to roll over into the next year.  But usually I don't get to take but one whole week at a time and the rest in taking a day here and there.  Knowing that I have had this Charleston trip planned and wanted some days in Dec, I have not taken my onesy days and I've really missed having them here and there on Friday's.  But it's ok.  It's been worth it knowing I'd get the week off in Charleston to travel, and explore.  

Katy and I are going to pack a carry on bag with us (each) in case we find a lot of shopping.  We are Christmas shopping.  And we may find some things for people for Christmas.  I DO plan on looking for me a watch and also a few tops.  I think our Christmas list is a bit simpler this year.  Not as much shopping.  But just enough shopping to still have fun.  Some are getting big items.  Like we are getting Katy and Cody a freezer (they'll still get some things wrapped each and their stockings) so less shopping and wrapping.  But they both also have birthdays in Dec.  And Mom we are getting her a new tablet.  

I looked online at Amazon to get a keyboard attachment for my ipad so I can do some blog entries while I am gone.  However, I practiced doing an update without it and I can easily get an entry typed to pop in and say hi.  This ipad is bigger than my mini.  So it works better for typing.  Not perfect but better. 

Well, the dogs did great for 3 days - no pees and no messes, and no marking.  However, just a minute ago - Maisy peed in the floor.  George said she came to tell him she needed to go out (may have).  Normally they go again about this time of the morning.  But it's Saturday and sometimes later than 7:45 when they go out for their 2nd romp of the morning.  

So I guess I should get started on the day with all that beckons. 

Tomorrow also a busy one.  Up by 6 and to church and to do a store run for the next week.  Have some letter writing to do.  And I need to search for some Zenger Miller training info in my HR stuff downstairs. I'll need that for training next week.  I've got to get my training thoughts together for kindof an impromptu thing for our AZ and OKC trips for supervisor training.  The Zenger Miller training I've been through had a great list of tips to use for getting points across, listening, giving constructive feedback, etc.  I'm hoping I can find all that.  I wouldn't have thrown it away and I hope no one else did. 

Well, gotta go.  Ya'll have a good weekend.

Friday, September 29, 2017

Feeling Pretty Washed Out But Still Moving On

It was hard to get out of bed this morning.  I'm really tired and I do think the flu shot has had a mild impact on me this week.  At times I've been nauseated a bit but it passes quickly.  I've had a loss of appetite but then it surges back.  I craved an Egg McMuffin yesterday morning so that is what I went with.  It was so good.  And of course after smelling KFC in my car and taking that to training - I was not shy about diving into that.  

I've had moments of just feeling washed out and like something is coming over me and just wanting to lay down.  I have a blister that formed on the roof of my mouth after eating spaghetti the other night.  I put a combination of alcohol and vinegar on it hoping it will kill any bacteria and heal it.  Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh myyyyyy goooooooshhhh it hurt so bad.  I nearly wanted to tear my mouth off.  I have since been using peroxide to dab it with which seems to be soothing and is taking the soreness out.  

I fixed chili last night and of course it really hurt b/c it was acidic too.  

Maisy and all the doggies have been good the last two days.  No spots no accidents.  No marking.  They are doing better I guess.  Maisy still growls at Tugie - even from afar sometimes if Tugie moves.  She is jealous of her.  But if Maisy messes with Tugie - she will put her in her spot.  Tugie can growl like a monster war waiting to happen.  I imagine Maisy has been put in her spot already.  That is probably why she is saying "Don't come near me".  But ordinarily they are getting along fine and Maisy is learning not to go and try to eat the others food.  She is respectful.  She will only approach their dish when they walk away.  It's funny.  They all go check out each other's dishes to see if anyone left anything.  lol 

Maisy has learned that we really like it when she sits on her back two legs and beg.  She is getting quite good at balancing.  And she knows it gets her attention - so she is starting to sit on her back legs alot when we are around.  That cracks me up.  She loves to be center stage and she likes the attention being on her.  

She was ready to get up at 3.  But she will at least go back to sleep if you tell her.  Most of the time.  

I must have been a dog magnet last night.  I woke up with them all attached to me.  Tugie at my feet, Roger at my head and Maisy all stretched out leaning against me in the middle.  

Katy came over last night and we had chili.  I apologized for the messy house.  We have lived in it all week and had time to mess up but not clean up.  I didn't get laundry rebooted until this morning.  I was afraid it had spoiled in the washer.  But it was ok.  I hate it when we get busy and that happens and I can't get my routine done.  

My life will be living by a list for the next few weeks.  But it helps with the anxiety to know that each to do item is now parked in it's own space and has its own place and time.  

TGIF and I need to be up and at 'em and out the door.  I may actually eat out today for lunch.  I have a desire for a baked potato and maybe salmon.  I'm not desiring salmon though just need to eat some fish as I've not had any in a while.  

Well ya'll have a good day!  

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Many To Do's

We are supposed to have cooler temps now - but not really.  I think the front is fizzling out.  And cooler probably means 80's instead of 90's.  I've not really checked the weather.  I've barely had time to breathe. 

Isn't the home above nice?  In reality would not want to be THAT close to a lake.  You'd find yourself flooded, but - from the pic it looks like a nice place to be.  If I lived there I'd be planning a weini roast!  lol

My head is spinning everywhere in my life I think.  Just so much to do and so much going on. 

I am cooking chili for tonight.  My house is a mess. 

Need to reschedule my hair cut appointment as I'll be on a business trip then.

Saturday I have a sip and shop with Katy at her house. 

I need to switch out some fall and summer clothes.

Need to go to Belks and get my eye liner.

Need to get a birthday card and gift card to someone.

Have an important letter I need to write.

Need to pick up Rx.

Need to go on line and check out my lab results. 

Need to mark for the yard sale next Saturday and prep for that.

Need to get out the suitcases. 

Need to figure out our agenda in Charleston

Need to download the Uber app and get all set up for that.

Need to check the weather and the tropical storm report and consider rental car or not

Need to color my hair

Need to get nails and toes done.

Need to start packing once I know what the weather will be

Need to go to church Sunday b/c we have been so busy and not gone (overslept last week I was so tired).

After the Charleston trip - the very next week I'm going to Oklahoma and Phoenix to do a handbook rollout and Supervisor Training

So laundry and repacking, weather checking, etc., in b/w the two trips. 

After all the traveling.

Need to go shopping with Mom to get her notebook that we are giving her for Christmas.

Need to go to AT&T with George and get a new phone, new plans and add him in on our network.

Need to go to the Furniture Store in Lebanon and pick out the new sofa and chair. 

Going to the movies with friends and out to eat after our yard sale - not this Sat but next.

When I return from trips - need to do my magazine orders for Christmas related items.

And I have a dental appointment the week I am back from the trips.

So all this was spinning 'round in my head the last day or two.  And I finally grabbed a legal pad and started taking notes.  It occurred to me that I need to schedule all these things on a calendar so that it all actually gets done.  And that I have time for it all. 

I have a lot to do at work as well.  Similarly there is a list.  Usually my day is scheduled out and planned but I seem to be raking in all the to do items and have no time to work on them.  I have supervisor training at the plant today and will arrive with KFC! 

I have some reading and final reviewing of our handbook, the presentation to write, and somewhat of a supervisor training to prepare on discipline as a 2nd part of my travel. 

A lot going on and a list a mile long.  Exciting but busy.

And last night knowing I had all this coming I enjoyed my "calm before the storm" by fixing spaghetti, watching Out Daughtered, hanging out with the doggies, watching Instagram Stories.  George went to Gallatin to retrieve a book from a friend that had been loaned out and was gone a couple of hours. 

I want to see if I can get in early today at the office since I have to leave at 10:15 for KFC and then do the training over the plant.  Hopefully the afternoon can be spent reading and doing the presentation. 
We'll see.  Might have to shut door when I get back to the office. 

Ya'll have a good day.

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Blog Blabbin' on a Wednesday Morning with Coffee

Good morning!  Here I sit on this Wednesday Morning with not a lot to say.  Mostly all work and no play.  But...let's see...traffic has been really bad.  I left later than normal yesterday at 7:10.  I knew the interstates would be nightmarish at that point so I decided to take Lebanon Road all the way in from MJ town which is a straight shot, all the way to Briley.  Usually a 45 minute adventure so no prob right? I won't be getting there by the goal of 7:30 but I'd at least get there by 8.  WRONG O again.  I arrived at work at 8:20 and it took me an hour and 10.  So nope.  Can't go that way not even on a good day.  lol 

I'm thinking that if I leave after 6:45 I'll have no choice but to use waze as it will get me there by 7:30 sometimes earlier and sometimes later depending on the dipsy doodles I have to do getting to certain exits to get on the interstate to get past the tie ups.  That means probably having to take a curvy road in at times. 

If I quit blogging I could get out the door sooner.  But I only get about 45 minutes in the a.m. to myself - maybe sometimes at night for 30 minutes.  The other times of my day I'm expected to be doing other things and not ignoring people.  And I would not be able to do blogging at night with much feeling b/c I'd be distracted.  If I could hop right up at 4 instead of snoozing til 4:15 or 4:20, I'd have better luck with the traffic.

A rubber band just landed on my leg.  From where it came I do not know.  I guess it fell off my desk but it scared the bejeezez out of me.  I was about to figure out how to tear my leg off b/c I thought it had a spider on it. 

My flu shot spot is incredibly sore, a bit red and very hot at the spot, and a slight knot.  It was hurting and I looked it up to see and it's common.  But I have never had it to do that before.  The nurse had said it was the 4 main strains of the flu.  I made her laugh when she was giving it to me.  I had asked her what types of flu strains were supposed to be prevalent this year.  She said she didn't know that the shot had all 4 of the main strains.  I told her usually you saw lots of news coverage each year talking about how bad a certain flu is going to be and usually it's some asian country named strain.  She laughed out loud.  I think it was the way I said it. 

I'm getting my lab work done this morning and getting it over with.  I'm really too busy to do it but it has to be done.  Not good to let the BP meds run out.  Especially if it seems to be working.  So no breakfast - only coffee- until that is done.  Then I'm going to chic -fil- A drive thru for chicken mini's and fruit, before hopping on interstate and going to work.  And getting my asst a Spicy Chicken Biscuit. 

My Jack Johnson CD came in. "All the Light Above It Too".  The whole thing is really good.  Much better than the last one.  George and I wanted it for our ipods so we bought the CD and will share it.  Then he'll sell it to McKay's and get a lot of it back. 

The LTD Commodities catalog came in.  You can order your magazine or shop on line (easier to look through the magazine I think) at  We usually start our season out in October 1 ordering Christmas gifts from there.  Not a lot, but a few.  I also have a few things to order from Current.  So that catalog came in and it's earmarked.  I'm excited to look through the LTD catalog though.  What is nice about that is that they will ship and bill us.  At least our account is set up that way - like a company.  So the invoice comes in with the shipment. 

Well, we had cubed steak last night.  I think George did it up in olive oil since I was having my test this morning.  However, I guess the blood work kinda looks at a longer period of time.  I've always heard that you shouldn't go eat a big mac, fries and a coke and apple pie before you do your blood work.  lol  So I figured the last few meals effected it in a greater way, but perhaps not.  I figure it will be better numbers than last time b/c my habits are different.  I do eat quite a bit better, but I still put in the calories regardless of the fact that it's more nutritious.  I'm afraid of the hunger/shaky feeling so I over compensate for that and I have since high school or college.  But of course back in the day - the metabolism was better.  ;-)  Not so much now.  The weather will cool and I will get some walking in at work at lunch time. 

We watched Below Deck last night.  And then I caught up on the Instagram Stories.  It's pretty addictive once you get a string of folks you like to follow.  It's also pretty neat to see the day to day happenings in celebrities lives.  Tori Spelling usually has one going, Out Daughtered folks usually does one and they have the 5 babies (toddlers).  And Lisa Rinna keeps one going.  Eva Longoria does one.  Several of the Below Deck people do one.  They recap their day in pics and 10 second videos.  It's pretty entertaining.  I like to keep one going too but it's hard for me to do during the work week.  And if there is nothing exciting to share.  lol  I enjoy coming home putting in my earbuds while George is listening to his ipod on the ipod dock and cooking, and just watching the instagram stories back to back.  Highly entertaining.  I try to watch them in the mornings if I have time. 

Well off to the private blog.  Hope all of you have a great day. 

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

A Loooooong Day, Traffic Woes, and a Doc Visit

Well, hello there!  

Sitting here drinking coffee and trying to wake up.  

Yesterday was a loooooong day.  And if any day could be labeled a Monday - it was labeled correctly. 

So first of all traffic was nightmare.  Thank goodness for a shorter commute.  It took me an hour to get to work instead of the 35 to 40 and I had to work hard to make it shorter.  Waze app took me through all sorts of ways. I wonder how long it would have taken if I'd stayed on the interstate.  It was interesting and I did get to see the water behind the dam, which was serene and pretty with the sunrise coming up behind it.  I am not sure if a there was a wreck or what but it clogs up pretty fast and we cannot get past Hermitage.  They are going to HAVE to do something!  I've noticed most of our roads are in horrible shape as well.  I'm starting to see some $ spent on the roads for paving.  But we need widening!  We need help!  After all that yesterday, I think I'm just going to go down Lebanon road all the way to Briley - even if I'm just sitting light after light and school zone after school zone.  At least it's a straight shot through heavy traffic instead of doing dipsy doodles around through heavy traffic and inching in anyway.  Some of the roads it was taking me on were kinda curvy and dangerous with skinny roads.  I think it's safer just to be stuck in traffic and I'll start listening to audio books again I guess.  Just not in the mood for them at the moment.

So at work I kept thinking what a skimpy email day it was.  It was like Good Friday or something.  (We are not closed like most for that day and it's usually a good catch up day.) And that is what it felt like yesterday.  Most of our work in servicing the three plants comes through email.  Even those vendors I work with like workers comp - and even the applications and resumes - it's all through email for the most part.  So email quit coming through.  Mine was always slow anyway on a normal basis b/c my computer is old, overworked, handed down, and has old software.  I almost want to bring mine from home sometimes.  It's hard to use an updated one at home and then use a slow, old software one at work (lol) but I try to make it do.  It seems selfish to ask for newer things just because it's newer and faster and does more.  I could get more done, I suppose, but.......I did ask IT for help b/c of the slowness of the thing sometimes and asked for ugrades w/o having to buy a new PC.  I don't want them to have to do that.  We'll see what happens.  I'll probably just use that one til it completely croaks.  But this was a server issue so no mail is no work coming in.  BUT I had so much to do anyway as I'm updating forms this week.  And prepping for training for Thursday. 

So...I had to leave at 4:40.  I gave myself extra time to get to my doc office by 5:40.  I have to get my meds renewed.  I was worried all day that my BP would be up.  But it was a calm day and I did not drink caffeine and I drank cranberry (100% juice w/o sweetener) which is supposed to be good for blood pressure.  

Getting home to MJ Town to get to the doctor was also a nightmare.  A mile down Briley Parkway I realized we were coming to a stop.  Waze changed me to get off on Elm Hill pike and to Donelson to get on the interstate that way.  WRONG O!  Waze did not consider the fact that there was construction and everything going to one lane.  Mass confusion.  Some out of state person almost hit me b/c when the two lanes turned left, he came over into my lane and I had to slam on the brakes.  He thought it was his lane I guess.  I don't know what he was thinking.  So it took forever to get to Donelson.  Then a person decided they wanted over in my lane and I had a car on my tail so I was not going to stop and cause the guy behind me to hit me, but the car decided come hell or high water he was getting in front of me and came on anyway.  Had I not slammed on the brakes, he would have hit my front end.  And the guy behind me slammed and the guy behind him swerved.  Nutzoid. 

Finally got up about 8 cars behind and ready to turn left on I-40 with me seething and telling this woman off in front of me, shaking my head and mouthing that people just cannot drive.  lol  
Then I saw an SUV come flying over the entrance to I-40 and landing in the patch of grass beside it and realized it had hit a small car who obviously had turned in front of the car.  I just said that this place needed a red light. It's hard to judge how much time you have to turn left as there is a curve and it seems like the cars are further away.  I avoided this place when I worked on Elm Hill and refused to go this way b/c I knew it was dangerous.  But waze had taken me there and I was running behind.  I think I'd been on the road 45 minutes already at that point.  I hope everyone survived the wreck.  It was really bad.  My entrance was blocked and people were on the scene from cars nearby so I decided to to get out of that lane when I could and have waze find me a different path.  

I had to turn into the airport and do a dipsy doodle and come back and hope that the entrance from that direction was not blocked.  Well that worked.  I got on the interstate and could do my normal thing from there.  On the way home I passed ambulance, fire truck, and two police cars, no doubt for this wreck.  At least help was coming quickly.  

I was two minutes late to the doc office.  However, they were an hour late seeing me.  It was 6:40 before the doc came in the room.  I went up 8 levels of candy crush while waiting.  lol  He took the BP.  It was 124 when the nurse took it and 121 when the doc took it.  It's never that low so I'm glad the meds are working.  I was doing some deep breathing and slow release exercises to calm down from the traffic.  My nerves were shot.  I was so surprised when I passed the test.  I was a few lbs down on the weight too.  So that at least was encouraging.  Not where it should have been, but we still have our bad ways of eating way too often.

The bad news is I have to go back to get my bloodwork and urinalysis done.  I wasn't told to fast so I have to go back to get that done.  I won't do it today as my asst is not there today so I'll go in tomorrow.  He said to be there about 7:30.  No appointment but they will do my blood and I have to pee in a cup.  lol  He won't release my Rx til I do that, but I have enough to get me through this week anyway.  So no big deal to wait a day. I was glad not to have to starve yesterday.  I much rather do that part in the mornings.  

So it was 7 when I got out of there and a bit after 7 by the time I got home.   Thank goodness home is only a street or two a way.  My neighborhood is right behind the doctor's office.  I was shocked that it was dark outside and the moon shining at 7 when I left.  

George had dinner waiting and we watched Revenge.  We have that last season we had not seen so we are watching that on Netflix Disc.  

Well, have been contemplating our phone situation.  It's about time for George to get his Smart Phone.  He's been patient.  I was waiting for the 8 to come out so the 7's were cheaper.  I know me, I'll be wanting the 8!  lol  

So I can go on my phone and set us up and order a new one.  The 7 would be cheaper of course.  But I think I will go in and let them explain the plans and all.  I think we will do good to have them explain to us in the store how it works and that way George can see the plans.  I do better sometimes having someone explain rather than reading and hoping I've understood it.  The folks there at the store can look at my trends and see what kind of plan we need for the both of us.  So I think we'll go to AT&T after I get back from the trip.

Sleep was better last night (for me anyway).  George did have to get Maisy up to take her out around 1 in the morning.  I had more room and slept better though.  

Well, I need to go and get ready for work.  

Ya'll have a good day. 

Sunday, September 24, 2017

The Weekend and All Sorts of Thoughts

Howdy!  I know I'm behind on my daily updates.  It seems lately on the weekends, I've kinda ignored the blog some.  It's hard to keep up sometimes.  And I'm trying to focus on some other things I want or need to do.  

Currently, I'm sipping a Manhattan, have Maisy to my right, and Roger to my left - at their choice.  I'm so honored.  Tugie - well, she is napping heavily and has been most of the day.  Bless her.  She'll wake up probably and join us when she realizes everyone is missing. 

George is fixing an Indian dish for dinner.  Naan bread included.  Yum. 

I'm gearing up for fixing chili at some point in the week once the Indian dish is gone.  He thinks it will last two nights. 

We had a great big ole store run today.  We are set for the week now. 

Before that we went to see Granny Jan.  She has been up to a lot lately.  But I don't really want to subject you all to the horrors of Alzheimer on the public blog.  I will say that unique and bizarre things are happening as this progresses.  I will uphold her dignity on this blog.   But it is just sad.  She has moments where we look at each other and smile and she seems like the MIL that I once knew.  But she is like a child now.  And also as she ages she has become more frail.  She is falling a lot.  I predict that she will be in a nursing home situation or a higher care facility soon.  She is getting where she cannot walk very well.  And problems getting from chair to wheel chair.   But a lot of other disconnect and bizarre things happening as well.  It's so sad. 

As I was typing this I was listening to Oysten Sevag's Children's Song on the Windham Hill Piano Sampler II in my iTunes list.  It's so pure and beautiful.  It makes me cry!  And writing about my MIL while listening real did it!  

And now Tugie has woken up and joined us. 

Maisy is really taking to me.  That day a week and a half ago or so when we "bonded" - I think sealed the deal.  When I yelled at her got on to her, she tucked her tail and hid under the end table.  I suppose she sulked all day and I worried all day and felt bad all day and we went for a walk, we talked, and I came home and hugged her and told her I loved her and I realized she was sensitive like me and that we'd stick together and work it out.  She has stuck to me like glue.  She misses me when I leave the room.  

I heard George telling someone that he was glad that I had a dog now, b/c Tugie is often aloof these days and Roger follows him. And I need a dog to follow me.  Awww...that lets me know that he loves me when he wants a dog to love me.  How sweet is that?  

Well, I guess I should back up to yesterday.  I guess I was not in much of a party mood yesterday for our brew tour.  Of course I love our friends dearly.  I think I've just needed some quiet time.  Us introverts require some time to rejuvy.  We need time to air out the week behind and gear up for the week ahead.  We need to exhale for a while and think, and plan, and reflect.  But the weekend forged full ahead too quickly.  But we did have Friday night and we did have the morning time.  I was lazy yesterday morning for the most part.  

We left at 1:15 to meet our friends at 2.  Don, our friend, organized a series of breweries to take us all to along with his brother and other friends and some of Lisa's friends.  Lisa was DD (designated driver) to their group and I was DD to George.  I got to drive George around.  I did get to have a beer but my rule was 1 to every 2 to 3 hours.  We went to four breweries.  One of the breweries had a full restaurant menu.  George and I ordered pizza and since I wanted *something healthy* I got us a Cobb salad which I mostly ate, but I munched on pizza too.  

We went to the following breweries: 

*Little Harpeth 
*Smith and Lentz
*Tail Gate Beer
*Black Abbey

OK So it was fun day just us all being together.  

Now, George did (and usually does) get irritated with me while driving him around.  His cries for "Im "I'm ok to drive.... I promise" .  I'm sure he was.  And part of my problem yesterday was my detest for driving around Nashville.  George got to experience for himself what my driving is like around the Metro area.  The Waze App was trying to tell me to get to an interestate entrance and it was amidst a chain of other roads and entrances - and b/w the Waze App, George's instructions (or lack thereof), and my trying to just "figure it out" - drove us both NUTS.  George wanted me to follow Lisa.  I tried to follow Lisa, his instructions and WAZE all a the same time.  And OMG - we ended up doing a cloverleaf like 3 TIMES!  lol lol lol 

George was so beside himself that he quit trying to help.  lol lol   He was so mad that I was listening to WAZE instead of following his instructions.  Sometimes I wasn't sure he was right and it made him mad.  I was feeling so bad - that I was a horrible driver and a horrible DD driver.    Despite our clover leaf adventures, we still beat Lisa.  So I feel I gained some credibility back.  I haven't even had time to tell Lisa this.  I guess it was still a sore spot at the brewery so I never brought it up.  But George seemed pleased to just have arrived, lol.  

George had quit giving out instructions so when I asked if "this is where I need to turn" he refused to answer, saying "I'm not gonna say cause you don't want to listen to me".  lol lol lol 

I'm so sorry, it was just that I was trying to follow Lisa and Waze and Him too and so I ended up doing a dipsy doodle of all 3!   I HATE driving in NASHVILLE!  I can do the interstates all day long but getting to and fro from the interstates and the loops and the streets around town. You have to think fast and know what lane to be in and it drives me crazy.  My brain is not wired for it.  

So he cheered up though b/c I got him to the damn darn 4th brewery.  I was pretty happy too to have a salad and a two pieces of greasy    gloriously wonderful pepperoni and feta pizza.  

At the Black Abbey, I sat at the end with the guys (not intending to be away from my Lisa) but it ended up that way and we listened to Don's brother talk about war stories.  I am not sure what started it.  Perhaps the talk of the current day issues with North Korea.  But I don't know that I have ever sat at the table with any one sharing beer and talking about their experiences in our navy or army discussing their experiences in the military.  It was very interesting to me.  I was glued to the conversation.  Of what it was like, of what he did, of what he was part of.  I could see so much in his eyes as he talked.  The sadness, the grief, the pride moments of his team, the happiness as he looked up to see that we were glued to his every word.  I have such a respect for him.  And it just personalizes everything our servicemen do for us.  I have a new respect for our "guys" and "gals" in service to our country.  And how confusing it must be.  While there was Vietnam in it's confusing time frame and all that goes with that.  And then there is NOW which is soooooo far infused into the same.  The "why"  and the "reasoning" is so far fetched.  God Bless those who blindly go into service for our country - now in these days - with the confused "identity crises" that we seem to be going though.  Bless those who give their life or a portion of their life to protect those of us - here in America - as we fight to identify who we really are. What we were is something truly different from what we are.  

And so we ended our brewery tour.  And my lovely friend Lisa (aka one of my favorite family members even though we are not related ----we SOOOO ARE) checked in with us to make sure we arrived home ok.  

And so.....  I sit here listening to my iTunes and I think of how many years worth of gathering my favorite songs, just so "in the future" as I listen, I'll be listening to all my favorite songs.  From then, it is now the FUTURE and I'm enjoying it immensely.  

I like all kinds of music and it may be anything from rock to disco to classical to blues to country to pop.  It is so lovely.  I can hear "fiddle music" and think of Dad.  I can hear "blues" and think of Memphis and our almost potential move there (gag, lol)  and I can think of "pop" from the 80's and think of high school and college years.  I can hear country and think of Daddy and Nashville.  I can hear rock and think of high school, college, Titan's tail gates, and all sorts of things.  I love my iTunes and it really is becoming the person of who I am.  

Perhaps in the future funerals of "us" we should allow that our iTunes selections be played, our facebook posts be remembered, our blog posts be reviewed as this is the AGE we find ourselves amidst.  

And I will close on that as our Indian dinner is about to be served.  I realize that amidst dogs, music, friends, (can't forget the spouse who has grabbed my hand today -(just because he loved me and wanted to hold my hand) and has been my bartender, my friend, my cheerleader - despite our occasional communication woes).  I guess life is good.  

We start the work week tomorrow.  And I am much reminded of the things I need to accomplish both at work and at home before our girls trip to Charleston!  
So next weekend is Katy's Shop and Sip party to have all of her friends over that have home businesses.  We'll sip and ship and have Lula Roe and all kinds of purchases.  ha.   George has been aware for about 3 months - so I'm sure it's in the budget  - ha. 

Then the next weekend is our yard sale and then then Katy and I leave for our trip -----TWO weeks from now!  OMG!  

I'm so excited!  

Much to do b/w now and then b/w work and home.  So I'll be working hard.  

Gotta go.  George is sending me messages.  Two minutes out!  

See ya, later. 

Friday, September 22, 2017

Disco Spaghetti Night

Wow, didn't the flowers open up beautifully?  I've been enjoying them in the evenings.  Love them.  

I had told George I could fix spaghetti this week if he was in the mood for it.  Last night he was in the mood for it.  So I fixed it.  I was also in the mood for some disco music.  It rather lit up the night.  It was almost like a party.  lol  I danced and sang while cooking the spaghetti.  How can you not dance across the floor with a spatula in hand to "Play that Funky Music"?  

Well, the dog, Maisy, got all excited and she wanted to dance too.  What????  She got up on her hind legs and wanted me to hold her paws.  We danced and danced.  George came in and cracked up and then she danced with him, until he wanted her to do the twirl and then she wanted no part of dancing with him any more.   When she got tired of dancing she sat and watched me cook, dance, sing.  She was thoroughly entertained.  George surprised me by asking her to give him a high five and she did.  Wow.  She has had some training in her past and just working with her a little bit, she will do things.  
She is going to be a fun doggie.  And we are ALL adjusting a bit better now.  She is slowing coming 'round to some of the dog treats.  And we are slowly learning that food for two dogs is not going to feed three.  So we are buying extra and not having to dart to the store for more fresh pet.  But we are keeping fresh pet in business.  lol  Maisy learned to like the Science Diet dry food if mixed with the fresh pet.  So that helps.  Here she is watching me dance, cook, and sing.  lol  

It was a festive and fun Disco Spaghetti night in the house.  And George played along too.  These are part of my instagram stories which only are up for 24 hours.  You all can follow me if you want. My user is backporchwriter.  I have not figured out how to add an Instagram widget button to my blog.  they don't seem to have one.  One day I'll at least put the link.  But if you go to Instagram and search for backporchwriter you should find me.  I usually have some stories up and going at various times of the week.

I am happy that today is Friday.  And we can get a few things done around here.  I cleaned some of the house during the week so not as much to do.  Anyway, I better get off of here and get on with the program.

Have a wonderful day.  Oh and the spaghetti was really good, even if I say so myself.  ;-)  We watched Below Deck.

This weekend I've GOT to make some progress on reading.  I have been reading the same 3 books all year.  lol Ok over and out.

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Maisy is Making Progress

Well, good morning!  Sleep was good and so is the coffee this morning.   

Maisy has done well this work week.  The peeing is subsiding.  She does seem to have an excitement pee when we come home. lol  But the marking situation is much better now as everyone gets used to one another.  

I've not heard a lot of growling this week with Maisy either.  I've gotten on to her when she has done it.  I've pet both Tugie and Maisy at the same time and I think that helps.  Sometimes I see them both in the same chair.  So hopefully all will continue to improve. 

Maisy has been taught to sit and beg apparently.  I tell her to sit and she sits and begs.  lol  And sometimes she holds her paw out to shake your hand so she has been trained at some point.  She also walks right beside me when we walk like she has been leash trained.  Of course when we are out in the yard, we want them to go pee and poop and allow them to wander, but out on the street when walking she stays right in rhythm with me.  

Got a lot done in the house last night and placed a Walmart order this morning.  

We have a brewery tour thing lined up for the weekend.  We were going to go on the brew bus then we were going to take a limo, now Lisa and me are DD's.  I will still have a beer.   We will have the morning at home, thank goodness though.  George and I are going to grab lunch out somewhere before meeting them around 2 somewhere.  Once we know which brewery is first we can make our plans for a restaurant near by.  So many new restaurants in Nashville that we have a lot to choose from no doubt, wherever we are. 

Well, I better get ready and go to work.  Much to do. 

Ya'll have a great day. 

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Anniversary, Flowers, and Feelings

Anniversary Flowers

So, the day flew by yesterday.  

And then it was time to go to dinner for our ACTUAL anniversary day.  We went to Red Lobster and really had a good dinner and a good conversation.  He got the Admiral's feast and I got a dish that had salmon, shrimp, and lobster.  It's never as good as the seafood you get by the ocean.  Every thing was a bit dry in comparison to what I have had other places - but it was still a good dinner.  I did not like my lobster so much and gave George half of it.  It tasted like dirty water.  I love their fresh from the oven garlic biscuits though and the Caesar salad.  I was thinking that I should just forget the seafood and get a glass of wine, Caesar salad and biscuits and be done with it. ha.  We had good conversation.  
So we talked about the TV yesterday morning.  And I do need to say that the reason I ask for stuff is b/c he does the finances and budget and all of our $$ goes together in the same account.  I don't really believe it's right to go spend anything beyond $300 (or less if you know things are tight that month) without clearing it with your partner.  It's also his den too and he will be the one to have to help move it and set it up as I'm a bit challenged in all that.   That said, he really does have control.  I mean sure I could go put it on debit card tomorrow and come home with it, but unless it is a NEED, I don't think that would be right.  I was about to do that with the car b/c I went over the edge one day when I had to drive Granny's old van with no a/c on a 100 degree day.  I was through with old cars at that point, especially when driving through the highest crime areas in Nashville.  I didn't go to school for 19 years of my life to drive a dead beat car in a high crime area for the rest of my life.  So I did "put the foot down" and of course he will never let me forget it.  It'll come up every argument we have til the day we die.  But I had a need and it was being fulfilled.  So I took care of myself.  He finally got on board and agreed we needed the new car.  He had told me yesterday it was his turn to get the new car.  I told him he missed his turn.  He waited so long it became my turn. lol  I told him I'm not driving a Flintstones car b/c he would have us driving it with our feet when the bottom fell out.  We've talked about this so I feel like I can post it.  He says if we've talked about it I can post it.

Anyway, yeah, I do feel like it's proper to talk about it.  And I call it asking b/c he often does not agree.  But, he agreed to the sofa and the TV upgrades, but asked me to do one at a time.  I'm ok with that.  He did bring up a good point that we don't know what we will do if his job goes and he can't find work.  

Well, at least if we have a new sofa and a new TV we can stay at home and watch it and give up concerts and eating out and have at least a bunch of income back.  So I say go for it.  So we'll go pick out a sofa when we have time.  I hope he doesn't try to keep us busy so I don't have time to go buy one.  buahahahhaa. 

Once that is done and paid for we can get the TV.  I may start saving some blow money too.   Then probably the floors, and then the kitchen but it overwhelms him so when you start stacking things up.  Plus I like to travel.  So he mentioned we'd have to cut back on some of that.  We'll see.  ;-)

Well, anyway you are right.  I work too and I have brought up that point as well as a separate bank account if needed to divide things so that we each could feel we had an equal part of making the decisions.  It's a partnership and either one can pull out at any time if unhappy so it will be important for us to work together on our goals even if they are the opposite.  I shouldn't have to conform to his and his to mine all the time.  Common ground has to be found in all things and sometimes the ground is a battle ground.  

Every time it is for me unless it's something we both want.  

But at least we are through with this round.  I hate asking for something new.  So I will go a long time unhappy about it, try to forget it, and then I allow myself to get mad at him, before I've even asked b/c I know it will be a battle and mess with his budget plan for us.  And yes he has good arguments like might lose a job, or save for retirement, and it makes me feel like I'm selfish for asking.  
So I put it off until I am seething.  And I'm passive aggressive about it and will post something on facebook about to vent - like "I'm about to ask Mr. Moneybags over there to dig deep and let me have a new sofa, TV, and new flooring, and blah blah".  He says it's to make a point with him.  Maybe it is or maybe it's not.  I get to a point where I have to vent.  Then it makes him mad and then he is certainly not on board when I ask. 

He also says that I'm on my blog too much and don't say good morning.  He also says I'm on my phone too much when we are in the car.  I asked him if he wanted me to sit in the chair doing nothing and be ready to greet him in the mornings and he said "no".  I told him there was silence in the car already and so I reach for the phone to have something to do.  

I told him I would try to improve.  I'm often deep in writing when on my blog in the mornings.  When I'm deep into something, I don't notice things around me.  I'm goofy like that.  Sometimes I'm just not socially acceptable.  lol That is why I'm an introvert I guess.  I forget common courtesies often and it embarrasses me and I am always worried that I  am making someone mad b/c I've forgotten some common courtesy thing.  Even in my own home I goof up.  I don't mean to.  

At least with our discussions this time I tried to focus on letting him know how I feel.  So when he accuses me of this and that I explain my feelings that led up to that.  As long as I can be heard and can get in word edgewise I'm good.  He likes to talk a lot more than me and likes his air time in an argument.  I'm impatient to wait til he finishes (15 minutes or so, lol) so I often have to interrupt to make a point and I get called out for that too.  

Anyway, all that to say that I can't just go buy a TV w/o including him in the process.  I think it would be wrong since it's not a basic need.  I felt the car WAS a basic need.  I was prepared to move out on my on if I needed to.  I needed a way to get back and forth to work safely and felt I deserved it to be somewhat comfortable as well.  It was ridiculous.  But the TV -enhhh.  It's a WANT.  I am wanting to make our home time better.  Everyone I know has a smart TV but us.  We are home a lot at night and it would be used daily.  Its still a WANT.  But I had to ask and we have shared our feelings about the TV and everything else too b/c of course it always becomes more than just the TV but a series of finger pointing.  But we worked our way through this round.  Now we won't have to do it again til I'm ready to do the kitchen.  ;-)  I just need to remember to start the damn darn long discussion before I start seething about it.

Ya'll have a good day.  And maybe you want to think twice before getting married?  

All's well that ended well, I guess.  We did have our "discussion" which became quite heated and had me almost reduced to tears except I felt I was becoming a bit numb.  I always consider being single again when we have those bombers of a discussion.  But he asked for hug so we could go on about our day.  That way I wouldn't go to work and be looking up the high cost of an apartment. lol I can only take so much.  

But we went to Red Lobster and then Kroger and he asked me to pick out some flowers that he meant to do that after work but he had to work too late.  So I picked the pink roses.  I told him at Kroger "oh good so I quit humming 'You don't bring me flowers anymore', lol".  

Oh well, he may not bring 'em but he lets me pick 'em.  
Better than Valentine's day.  ;-)  Got None.  

But life is what you make it.  All is well and happy we go.  
Not the BEST anniversary time I've had, but it's certainly not the worst. 

Always room for improvement in the marriage too - not just the den.   We are all a work in progress. 

Ya'll have a good day!  

Monday, September 18, 2017

Trip to Mom's and Maisy Still Trying

This is what you do when you are being chauffeured for an hour and a half down the road with two dogs in the back seat, one in your lap and one on the side.  

Three dogs is a little much in my opinion but I'm trying to make it work.  I know at some point there will only be 2 again.  And I hate to even think about that.  But at least we won't have to train a puppy all over again.  I think it would REALLY send me over the edge if this dog was a chewer.  

I was about to say that Maisy is getting in the routine as far as going outside the last few days.  Truly it has been better.  But she pooped and pee'd this morning just after going out.  And she pooped at Mom's yesterday after being outside.  Grrrrrrr.

At least I can say that over the period of time, she was getting a little better if you put it on a trend line.  I think the trip to Mom's disturbed her.  I don't think she understood it.  She was probably afraid we would leave her there.  She growled at Fancy, Mom's dog, when Fancy would get near me.   

I think that she will be like Roger and get in the routine when she is secure and understands how it will be.  She is very smart but just not able to understand a lot right now.  Look at those eyes, how serious they are.  

Our trip to Columbia and possibly the fact that they were 2 hours behind schedule eating - even made her growl at Tugie in the car when their noses touched too close.  Tears formed in my eyes b/c I know if she continues to be all growly I won't be able to keep her.  I will NOT have her antagonize my babies.  I love her and want to keep her but she has to be nice.  George said that he felt that they were all hungry and tired.   But our two don't growl at each other when they get hungry, so neither should she.  At least it's not a hard aggression, only minor. She hasn't bitten anyone or any of the dogs.  And her growls are usually just pretty much a low growl - but when she make Tugie growl back - it gets loud and sounds horrible.  I will say that she is still on probation.  We will probably be able to keep her.  But she will have to get over this growling thing.  So far leaving her with our dogs has gone well b/c they spread out and they each have their space. We have to watch them at food time.  We keep them separated as much as possible with pillows in bed so no one snarls.  

But as it is with Maisy and going to Mom's, I would not be comfortable leaving Fancy and Maisy together.  Maisy growled, Fancy began barking at her as if to say "I dare you growl at me in my own home" and Maisy showed her teeth and began growling back again.  So I am not sure they are going to be able to be left alone and us go out to eat like we do sometimes.  

So we'll see.  I think she will still work but it'll take some more time.  At least we know she does well at home.  Except for the housebreaking situation.  And that is getting better.  I remember that with Roger about the time we felt he was getting better, he would do it again.  

Well, we did have a good time at Mom's.  We took KFC and Mom had tea and pecan pie.  

Today is our anniversary.  That is all I will say.

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Anniversary Night Out, Sofa Talks, and Feelings


We had our anniversary dinner out last night.  It's not until the 18th but we wanted to eat on Saturday so we could enjoy the time and not have to rush home from work for dogs and then back to Nashville again.  We have had this planned for months.  Actually scheduled through Open Table app which I use a lot.  So we went to Tansuo which is pronounced "Tanso", ignoring the "u".  It is an upscale Chinese restaurant.  The food was excellent.  I liked the candle below.  The place was uniquely decorated/designed.  The Chef who is also part owner, has been on many Food Network shows.  You can read about it on his website.  

We ordered a bottle of white wine.  She brought two of the Chardonnay's for me to taste.  I was the one that wanted the wine so I was the taster.

I loved the candle holder.  So elegant and perfect.  

We were told that the appetizers were small so it is common to order two to three for sampling and sharing between us.  

We ordered: 


ground lamb, cumin, scallion, seasoned soy sauce


soft rice dough, shiitake mushrooms, silken tofu, sesame seeds, chili oil


traditional shanghai crispy spring roll, onions, mushrooms, cabbage, shrimp
These appetizers or "Dim Sum" as it was called on the menu were very unique and different from food I normally eat.  The flavors were very good.  The most unique thing to me was the Sesame Golden eggs.  Not really an egg but shaped like one and with sesame seeds on the outside.  You bite through - a slight crunch due to the sesame seeds and your teeth sink in through a firm but doughy substance - not quite like bread, not sticky at all, and your teeth just slide right through it.  It had tofu but didn't taste like it.  I really liked that.  It has mushrooms in it and that was the only downside for me but didn't keep me from eating it.  lol
For our meal which we split (George's pick was the first one and mine the second one): 


sautéed lo mein noodles, lobster, shrimp, crab, ground pork, garlic, snow peas, fermented black bean sauce


marinated prime filet steak, sautéed water spinach, garlic, malaysian beef relish, soy, five spice salted taro fries

This is a pic of the Taro fries here.  Taro is a plant with a root that grows in Hawaii and the root of the Taro plant is like our potato here in the states.  So these look like onion straws but they taste like potato in fried form b/c it is a starchy like substance.  I had "poi" in Hawaii when I was 16 and it was a purple brown type of substance, best that I remember, and I was not too fond of it at first bite, but remember thinking that over time if I lived there, I would learn to like it.  So I was excited about the taro fries.  It was good to eat over the steak and gave a crunch. 

Taro Fries

The meal was so good.  George's "noodles" had such a good taste with a few bites of lobster and shrimp.  And my steak was several chopped pieces of seared but rare marinated and tender steak that was probably the most tender and best steak I have ever had.  I don't know that you should call it a "steak" b/c it was probably about 5 or 6 oz of sliced beef served on spinach.  The portions are pretty small, but by the time you do the appetizers and the main course and a dessert - you are plenty full.  Everything ala carte and adds up.  However, we often do it up for anniversary and pick an up scale meal.  That is our gift to each other.

For dessert: 


fried ice cream eggroll, chocolate drizzle
And here is a picture of the dessert here: 

Ice Cream Spring Roll, Tansuo

We had a nice dinner at Tansuo and I would highly recommend - but it is a little pricey and definitely birthday or anniversary type of place for us.  

The bathroom was even pretty.  I wouldn't want a bowl sink at home for my own daily use of a bathroom sink (I like a wider basin and counter top) but I think they are really sharp for just hand washing stations.  

Sinks in the bathroom at Tansuo

So what a wonderful evening it was.

We are also going out ON our anniversary b/c we want to do something on the actual anniversary.  We are going to Red Lobster.  We have a gift card we are using to go toward that.  I am looking forward to seafood!  Even though it's not coastal - still looking forward to it.

So, at dinner, I said "while we are sitting here talking, I want to see if you are willing to get a new sofa and chair for the den?"  I told him I was not comfortable using the current one anymore as it's itchy and scratchy.  He changed the subject to the flooring.  I said I didn't want to do that until after the first of the year b/c I don't want the floors to be all torn up during the holidays.  (We are thinking of ripping the carpet up in the den and hallway and going with the wooden floors that are underneath.  But We want to see what they look like and George will probably be the one to refinish them. Knowing that, I'm sure it'll be torn up for a while as we do nothing in a hurry, lol.)   He said he wasn't planning on redoing the floors this year either.  He just wanted to pull up some carpet and see what was underneath and would have already done that if he hadn't been pressure washing everything that doesn't move   the house, the driveway, the cars, lol. So I redirected the conversation back to the sofa.
I'm always really leery of asking for anything that costs more than $300 b/c often it leads to an argument b/c he does the finances and I think it throws his plan off.  He likes to spend money on what he wants to for things for us - mostly on entertainment - the rest goes in the bank and he could care less about what things look like.  Sometimes he will suggest an appliance or something as a gift together for Christmas.  And he suggested that the sofa be what we get each other for Christmas.  That way I guess it's not something we spend "over" his plan b/c we'll be spending something for Christmas anyway.  I'm ok with that.  I'm not wanting to spoil his budget plan but I do want to look forward to coming home at night and not feeling itchy/scratchy when I sit on the cloth sofa that has housed dogs and cats for 15 years.

And of course next is wanting to get a Smart TV and that HD format where water looks like you are right there.  I could go buy it for him for Christmas, buahahahaa.  I wanted to ask for that to go along with it but I'm scared to.  Momma offered to GIVE us one last year as our gift together but he didn't want that b/c he didn't want to have the move the current big TV we have.  And the damn darn thing won't quit. I think I'm going to start praying that the TV dies.  lol

What he doesn't realize is how much I like being home and these things will keep me home!  Otherwise I'll just want to be out doing something else - like shopping for clothes, or eating out and avoiding home and spending $$,  and over all the TV and sofa will be much cheaper.  lol

He told me that he had to let me have the sofa b/c I was not going to be happy if I didn't get it.  So he said yes, but only b/c he felt he had to.  Well, true.  I guess he's been married 26 years and knows that there are things that just need to happen.  But you all are right.  I work too and bring a chunk of change in to our little dominion so just b/c we are married and he does the finances doesn't mean he can't give a bit and let me have a few things.  I guess I feel like telling him that the TV comes with that package.  I guess I need to see how much they are.  I don't even know what to get.  Oh my gosh I would love that!  Life would be cool again with new sofa and TV and a plan to do the floors up.  I like to know that we can improve a little each year.

Anyway, I'm going to go check into those TV's.  lol  I'm a little leery.  We can get help to move out the old TV.  I may ask him if we can sell the sofa and chair and TV in the yard sale coming up.  (If you hear screaming, you know where it's coming from.)

Well, yesterday was so nice to have a morning to sleep.  The dogs slept well into the 6:00 hour.  I was able to sit around in PJ's and play Candy Crush on the ipad, watch the Instagram Stories which highly entertain me, and get started on laundry and dog blankets, and a bit of ironing and planning my outfits for the week.  I got out the old vacuum b/c it has attachments and sucked up around the edges of the laundry room with it as laundry lint and dust fly around from time to time and had built up.

I worked on the kitchen some, took a bunch of stuff downstairs for storage and trash, and worked on the den some, changed the sheets, took care of doggies.  I hung a scarecrow up in the den - needed to hammer a nail in where one had fallen and hung a pic up in the laundry room as well.

It was a nice day just being at home.  I have been a little down lately and I think a day at home and an evening out, and George saying I could have the sofa/chair made me feel better.  I think I was feeling like I was in a situation that wouldn't change and was getting worse.  And that made me start thinking about how little decision I feel I have with the finances - mainly b/c I'm afraid to ask b/c it makes me feel selfish to ask.  And b/c it was our anniversary and that makes me think of a few things that make me sad for reasons I won't go into, but we came home and the dog had only pee'd a small spot and that was encouraging. And the fact that "itchy & scratchy" can go has helped.  A few other things can't be helped but at least that is encouraging.

 I know I have a lot to be thankful for and sometimes when you are down people tell you that like you don't have a license to be down.  But a person has feelings.  And while there is nothing wrong to be reminded of your blessings, there is also nothing wrong with allowing yourself to feel the things you feel and not be chided for it.  A person has to work through feelings and I think that is what has to happen.  It's a "work through".  The good days can't be so good w/o the bad days showing that the good days are better.

I think the blog helps me get started working through my feelings.  I start the morning by blogging and the rest of the day sometimes in my mind the banter continues.  They "why", the "why not", and how to "change" something, or "resolve" something.  Or to choose to "let it be" and NOT change something........Whether it be an old sofa, a bad mood, an exciting idea, a rude family member, a peeing dog, or a worried premonition.

Speaking of worried premonitions, our Charleston trip on the east coast is coming up soon.  Like 3 weeks away!  And in the Atlantic the tropical storms are just "lined up".  Oh.My.Gosh.  It makes me swoon.  Should I rent a compact car?  And then just cancel it if no storms?  I think I will wait until the week before we leave to decide.  Will that be good?  The cheapest compact car would be fine and actually good for me b/c I am afraid of parking in a bigger SUV.  Even my own car I'm a little scare of tight spots.  Actually I am a lot scared of them.  We wanted to go to Folly Beach one day and that would be a day I'd want a car anyway.  Well, we'll figure it out.  I'm trying not to worry.

Better go.  We are going to Mom's today and spend the day with her.  Then back to church next Sunday.  Mom gets to see Maisy, the new dog.  She will love her.  She is so sweet.

Well, thanks for reading my stuff and supporting me through my ups and downs of life all these years.  During my down times I sometimes think of discontinuing the blog.  I feel like with current attitude during those down times that I have nothing of consequence or feeling that is substantial enough for anyone to read and care about.  I also think that several days of dismal weather and less vitamin D play into things.  Sometimes though it's just life itself throwing you one too many curve balls (peeing dog) on top of things already bothering you and giving you negative chi in life (old sofa, blue linoleum, old TV) that the latest new thing (peeing dog) just sends you over the edge.  Ok, to be honest, even though I love love love the new dog - the fact that she is having these issues and has different eating tendencies (doesn't like treats), and has altered my routine a bit -  just set me over I think.  While it's not so stressful in itself - a combination of several things mounting just really made me in a MOOD this week.  But as mentioned.  I am having to work through it.  And the meal helped, the day at home yesterday helped, the peeing situation improving helped, and George's YES to the sofa helped.  Now if I can just get him committed to the TV I'll be good for a while - til that is all paid for.  ;-)  Then on to flooring.

Let's face it - with the household changes such as flooring - it's an easier sell and you make an investment later on.  As we saw in the past - fixing it after you move out so you can sell it only makes your wife seeeeeeethe.  Because she is paying for it and was not getting to enjoy it.  Now THAT makes a woman seeeeeethe fire.

You all have a wonderful day.   I'm off to finish up a few things, shower, and head out to Mom's.