Tuesday, September 12, 2017

A Bit of Rain and Improvements Needed

Well, a bit rainy today, but not as bad as I thought.  Seems that Irma has petered out a bit.  A lot actually.  We did get a bit of rain last evening and overnight, but there is not much left to the center of circulation and it's all spread out now and basically looks like light to moderate rain in most places.  Looks like the east coast got hammered with the storms and rain from that right quadrant that spun up the coast.  I am wearing my "Irma" shirt.  lol  Not that I am a fan, just b/c it seemed appropriate to wear my Lula Roe "Irma" the day "Irma" remnants travel through the area.

It is weird to reach in my closet though and grab something "out of order".  I usually stay true to what is up next in the closet to match whatever is cleaned and ironed as far as pant color.  It's more of a game than a OCD thing - well ok it's a little bit of an OCD thing but you pretty much have to get over any OCD'ness living with a pack rat.  So I don't have much OCD left or maybe it is more accurate to say it is suppressed.  I just gave up b/c all I ever did was clean for so many years and I got tired of it. I never had much time to let my OCD'ness take effect.  Every empty space filled with something.

However, the past two days George has tracked grass from outside all the way through several rooms of the house - yes two days in a row - and I have vacuumed the house two days in a row.  I guess next time I'll just leave it and we'll have to look at it for a week.  Because I'm not wanting to do housework when I leave at 6 and get home at 6.  No way.  But I did it yesterday.  Grrrr.

My Aunt and Uncle are headed home today.  I did not suggest that we meet for dinner last night b/c the tropical depression and winds were to hit last night around 7.  I never saw any big gusts though.  They were fixing shrimp and rice last night anyway.  I fixed us a salad and we had leftover wraps from the tail gate.

Maisy is still adjusting a bit.  She is supposed to be housebroken.  But I believe she is adjusting a bit. And not quite up to the routine yet. Tugie and Maisy both still demanding my attention and trying to claim me as their person.  Maisy showed her teeth at Tugie last night and we got on to her pretty good.  I need to read up on how to handle.  I try to show both attention but I think I may have to quit sitting on the sofa with one on each side for a awhile.  The sofa seems to be a territorial spot they are fighting over with me.

Speaking of sofas, I'm ready for a new sofa and a chair in there in the den. We are so outdated in everything.  Here is my list of improvements:  Flooring, sofa and chairs, new tv, updated kitchen and bathroom after that.  We have had this sofa and chair for 15 years.  It was my 40th birthday present.  And it is TIME to move on!  I'm starting to be really frustrated over it too. I'm naming the current one "Itchy and Scratchy".   I also want a Smart TV.  I think George is scared of a Smart TV.  I don't know what the hold up is.

And of course down the road the kitchen needs to be redone with new stove, fridge, countertops, and flooring.  George has made me wait for so long for any of these things.  He'd rather go to concerts and spend the money on wine kits.  I can't fuss too much b/c I help him drink it.  But at least everything is paid off finally.  Took forever.  We paid most of my school loans for years.  I think there were 3 total.  We have paid for private schooling for Kate, paid for Katy's trip overseas, paid for college, paid for wedding, paid for some vacation time and travel.  And now we need to focus on the house some.  I still want to do some vacation and travel here and there though.  But not with 3 dogs.  I will with 2.  But not 3.  I want to go to Amelia Island, but not going to book it with 3.  I'm not even sure they would let us in with 3.  lol

Well all I'm doing this morning is fussing.  Sorry.  This is just me venting out what I think needs improving.  Then I can park it here and go on.  Mr. Deep Pocket gonna have to dig deeeeeep down in them breeches pockets to get this house fixed up on the inside and keep his old woman happy.  ;-)  I won't go there about the shutters half hanging on the walls on the outside.  I won't go there. No I won't. Something about not having the right tools. Oops I just went there.  Lowe's is down the street.  ;-)

Ok I better get off before I become a mad woman like a few others I know that rant and rave over moving air.  ;-)  Don't judge me.  I just have standards!

Ya'll have a great day!


  1. If it makes you feel any better my living room set is 30 year old. It's still in good condition too. I can't complain and the budget will never be right for a new one, so I just hope it continues to last as long as I do. Glad you didn't get much in the way of remnants of the hurricane. A little rain is good! Having someone to fight over your lap is not all bad. They love you! How precious is that! It's early days and soon they will find out you have enough to spread around to all. Hope you have a terrific Tuesday!

  2. I don't blame you for not going all that way to see your Aunt and Uncle I'm sure they will understand it's not easy to just drop things to see them when you weren't expecting them to be at moms at this time......I do hope that Maisy and Tuggie could find a spot to agree on...it's lovely that they both like your knee but Tuggie has to be top dog for you and Maisy is going to have to get used to it......as for starting to get your home updated perhaps as you say it's now about time,,,but maybe you could sacrifice one holiday/faction work out how much you would have spent on that holiday then decide what is first on the list...They do say that ....at least over here...it is said that it is a nice kitchen sells a house !...I know you hope not to have to sell now...but....you can never tell..Georges firm might move ? Or heaven forbid your job might change...so there you are that's my penny worth for what it's worth LOL.....hope today is a good one. It's nice over here quite warm and sunny, we have just come back from having lunch out with my niece Beth...which she paid for !! So that was even nicer LOL....

  3. i bet you would really love that new couch and chair. focus on the smart tv first. a little bit at a time will make it all new faster.


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