Tuesday, September 26, 2017

A Loooooong Day, Traffic Woes, and a Doc Visit

Well, hello there!  

Sitting here drinking coffee and trying to wake up.  

Yesterday was a loooooong day.  And if any day could be labeled a Monday - it was labeled correctly. 

So first of all traffic was nightmare.  Thank goodness for a shorter commute.  It took me an hour to get to work instead of the 35 to 40 and I had to work hard to make it shorter.  Waze app took me through all sorts of ways. I wonder how long it would have taken if I'd stayed on the interstate.  It was interesting and I did get to see the water behind the dam, which was serene and pretty with the sunrise coming up behind it.  I am not sure if a there was a wreck or what but it clogs up pretty fast and we cannot get past Hermitage.  They are going to HAVE to do something!  I've noticed most of our roads are in horrible shape as well.  I'm starting to see some $ spent on the roads for paving.  But we need widening!  We need help!  After all that yesterday, I think I'm just going to go down Lebanon road all the way to Briley - even if I'm just sitting light after light and school zone after school zone.  At least it's a straight shot through heavy traffic instead of doing dipsy doodles around through heavy traffic and inching in anyway.  Some of the roads it was taking me on were kinda curvy and dangerous with skinny roads.  I think it's safer just to be stuck in traffic and I'll start listening to audio books again I guess.  Just not in the mood for them at the moment.

So at work I kept thinking what a skimpy email day it was.  It was like Good Friday or something.  (We are not closed like most for that day and it's usually a good catch up day.) And that is what it felt like yesterday.  Most of our work in servicing the three plants comes through email.  Even those vendors I work with like workers comp - and even the applications and resumes - it's all through email for the most part.  So email quit coming through.  Mine was always slow anyway on a normal basis b/c my computer is old, overworked, handed down, and has old software.  I almost want to bring mine from home sometimes.  It's hard to use an updated one at home and then use a slow, old software one at work (lol) but I try to make it do.  It seems selfish to ask for newer things just because it's newer and faster and does more.  I could get more done, I suppose, but.......I did ask IT for help b/c of the slowness of the thing sometimes and asked for ugrades w/o having to buy a new PC.  I don't want them to have to do that.  We'll see what happens.  I'll probably just use that one til it completely croaks.  But this was a server issue so no mail is no work coming in.  BUT I had so much to do anyway as I'm updating forms this week.  And prepping for training for Thursday. 

So...I had to leave at 4:40.  I gave myself extra time to get to my doc office by 5:40.  I have to get my meds renewed.  I was worried all day that my BP would be up.  But it was a calm day and I did not drink caffeine and I drank cranberry (100% juice w/o sweetener) which is supposed to be good for blood pressure.  

Getting home to MJ Town to get to the doctor was also a nightmare.  A mile down Briley Parkway I realized we were coming to a stop.  Waze changed me to get off on Elm Hill pike and to Donelson to get on the interstate that way.  WRONG O!  Waze did not consider the fact that there was construction and everything going to one lane.  Mass confusion.  Some out of state person almost hit me b/c when the two lanes turned left, he came over into my lane and I had to slam on the brakes.  He thought it was his lane I guess.  I don't know what he was thinking.  So it took forever to get to Donelson.  Then a person decided they wanted over in my lane and I had a car on my tail so I was not going to stop and cause the guy behind me to hit me, but the car decided come hell or high water he was getting in front of me and came on anyway.  Had I not slammed on the brakes, he would have hit my front end.  And the guy behind me slammed and the guy behind him swerved.  Nutzoid. 

Finally got up about 8 cars behind and ready to turn left on I-40 with me seething and telling this woman off in front of me, shaking my head and mouthing that people just cannot drive.  lol  
Then I saw an SUV come flying over the entrance to I-40 and landing in the patch of grass beside it and realized it had hit a small car who obviously had turned in front of the car.  I just said that this place needed a red light. It's hard to judge how much time you have to turn left as there is a curve and it seems like the cars are further away.  I avoided this place when I worked on Elm Hill and refused to go this way b/c I knew it was dangerous.  But waze had taken me there and I was running behind.  I think I'd been on the road 45 minutes already at that point.  I hope everyone survived the wreck.  It was really bad.  My entrance was blocked and people were on the scene from cars nearby so I decided to to get out of that lane when I could and have waze find me a different path.  

I had to turn into the airport and do a dipsy doodle and come back and hope that the entrance from that direction was not blocked.  Well that worked.  I got on the interstate and could do my normal thing from there.  On the way home I passed ambulance, fire truck, and two police cars, no doubt for this wreck.  At least help was coming quickly.  

I was two minutes late to the doc office.  However, they were an hour late seeing me.  It was 6:40 before the doc came in the room.  I went up 8 levels of candy crush while waiting.  lol  He took the BP.  It was 124 when the nurse took it and 121 when the doc took it.  It's never that low so I'm glad the meds are working.  I was doing some deep breathing and slow release exercises to calm down from the traffic.  My nerves were shot.  I was so surprised when I passed the test.  I was a few lbs down on the weight too.  So that at least was encouraging.  Not where it should have been, but we still have our bad ways of eating way too often.

The bad news is I have to go back to get my bloodwork and urinalysis done.  I wasn't told to fast so I have to go back to get that done.  I won't do it today as my asst is not there today so I'll go in tomorrow.  He said to be there about 7:30.  No appointment but they will do my blood and I have to pee in a cup.  lol  He won't release my Rx til I do that, but I have enough to get me through this week anyway.  So no big deal to wait a day. I was glad not to have to starve yesterday.  I much rather do that part in the mornings.  

So it was 7 when I got out of there and a bit after 7 by the time I got home.   Thank goodness home is only a street or two a way.  My neighborhood is right behind the doctor's office.  I was shocked that it was dark outside and the moon shining at 7 when I left.  

George had dinner waiting and we watched Revenge.  We have that last season we had not seen so we are watching that on Netflix Disc.  

Well, have been contemplating our phone situation.  It's about time for George to get his Smart Phone.  He's been patient.  I was waiting for the 8 to come out so the 7's were cheaper.  I know me, I'll be wanting the 8!  lol  

So I can go on my phone and set us up and order a new one.  The 7 would be cheaper of course.  But I think I will go in and let them explain the plans and all.  I think we will do good to have them explain to us in the store how it works and that way George can see the plans.  I do better sometimes having someone explain rather than reading and hoping I've understood it.  The folks there at the store can look at my trends and see what kind of plan we need for the both of us.  So I think we'll go to AT&T after I get back from the trip.

Sleep was better last night (for me anyway).  George did have to get Maisy up to take her out around 1 in the morning.  I had more room and slept better though.  

Well, I need to go and get ready for work.  

Ya'll have a good day. 


  1. I know I could never drive in traffic like that day after day and give you lots of credit for doing so well at it. Glad your blood pressure was so good. Mine would have definitely been over the top after a drive like that. Hope your drive in today is a much easier one for you. Have a terrific Tuesday!

  2. I don't envy your traffic! Hope it's better today and that your day is a good one.

  3. That drive sounds dangerous. I avoid certain roads in town that I see lots of wrecks on. Please be extra cautious. We have to look out for the reckless/ idiots who don't know how to drive. I'm glad you made it home safe and sound. I'm upgrading my iPhone as well. I want the 7 plus. Hope the price does drop.

  4. i agree the drive sounded scary and dangerous. glad your bp was under control. try as i might i can't reign mine in.


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