Sunday, September 17, 2017

Anniversary Night Out, Sofa Talks, and Feelings


We had our anniversary dinner out last night.  It's not until the 18th but we wanted to eat on Saturday so we could enjoy the time and not have to rush home from work for dogs and then back to Nashville again.  We have had this planned for months.  Actually scheduled through Open Table app which I use a lot.  So we went to Tansuo which is pronounced "Tanso", ignoring the "u".  It is an upscale Chinese restaurant.  The food was excellent.  I liked the candle below.  The place was uniquely decorated/designed.  The Chef who is also part owner, has been on many Food Network shows.  You can read about it on his website.  

We ordered a bottle of white wine.  She brought two of the Chardonnay's for me to taste.  I was the one that wanted the wine so I was the taster.

I loved the candle holder.  So elegant and perfect.  

We were told that the appetizers were small so it is common to order two to three for sampling and sharing between us.  

We ordered: 


ground lamb, cumin, scallion, seasoned soy sauce


soft rice dough, shiitake mushrooms, silken tofu, sesame seeds, chili oil


traditional shanghai crispy spring roll, onions, mushrooms, cabbage, shrimp
These appetizers or "Dim Sum" as it was called on the menu were very unique and different from food I normally eat.  The flavors were very good.  The most unique thing to me was the Sesame Golden eggs.  Not really an egg but shaped like one and with sesame seeds on the outside.  You bite through - a slight crunch due to the sesame seeds and your teeth sink in through a firm but doughy substance - not quite like bread, not sticky at all, and your teeth just slide right through it.  It had tofu but didn't taste like it.  I really liked that.  It has mushrooms in it and that was the only downside for me but didn't keep me from eating it.  lol
For our meal which we split (George's pick was the first one and mine the second one): 


sautéed lo mein noodles, lobster, shrimp, crab, ground pork, garlic, snow peas, fermented black bean sauce


marinated prime filet steak, sautéed water spinach, garlic, malaysian beef relish, soy, five spice salted taro fries

This is a pic of the Taro fries here.  Taro is a plant with a root that grows in Hawaii and the root of the Taro plant is like our potato here in the states.  So these look like onion straws but they taste like potato in fried form b/c it is a starchy like substance.  I had "poi" in Hawaii when I was 16 and it was a purple brown type of substance, best that I remember, and I was not too fond of it at first bite, but remember thinking that over time if I lived there, I would learn to like it.  So I was excited about the taro fries.  It was good to eat over the steak and gave a crunch. 

Taro Fries

The meal was so good.  George's "noodles" had such a good taste with a few bites of lobster and shrimp.  And my steak was several chopped pieces of seared but rare marinated and tender steak that was probably the most tender and best steak I have ever had.  I don't know that you should call it a "steak" b/c it was probably about 5 or 6 oz of sliced beef served on spinach.  The portions are pretty small, but by the time you do the appetizers and the main course and a dessert - you are plenty full.  Everything ala carte and adds up.  However, we often do it up for anniversary and pick an up scale meal.  That is our gift to each other.

For dessert: 


fried ice cream eggroll, chocolate drizzle
And here is a picture of the dessert here: 

Ice Cream Spring Roll, Tansuo

We had a nice dinner at Tansuo and I would highly recommend - but it is a little pricey and definitely birthday or anniversary type of place for us.  

The bathroom was even pretty.  I wouldn't want a bowl sink at home for my own daily use of a bathroom sink (I like a wider basin and counter top) but I think they are really sharp for just hand washing stations.  

Sinks in the bathroom at Tansuo

So what a wonderful evening it was.

We are also going out ON our anniversary b/c we want to do something on the actual anniversary.  We are going to Red Lobster.  We have a gift card we are using to go toward that.  I am looking forward to seafood!  Even though it's not coastal - still looking forward to it.

So, at dinner, I said "while we are sitting here talking, I want to see if you are willing to get a new sofa and chair for the den?"  I told him I was not comfortable using the current one anymore as it's itchy and scratchy.  He changed the subject to the flooring.  I said I didn't want to do that until after the first of the year b/c I don't want the floors to be all torn up during the holidays.  (We are thinking of ripping the carpet up in the den and hallway and going with the wooden floors that are underneath.  But We want to see what they look like and George will probably be the one to refinish them. Knowing that, I'm sure it'll be torn up for a while as we do nothing in a hurry, lol.)   He said he wasn't planning on redoing the floors this year either.  He just wanted to pull up some carpet and see what was underneath and would have already done that if he hadn't been pressure washing everything that doesn't move   the house, the driveway, the cars, lol. So I redirected the conversation back to the sofa.
I'm always really leery of asking for anything that costs more than $300 b/c often it leads to an argument b/c he does the finances and I think it throws his plan off.  He likes to spend money on what he wants to for things for us - mostly on entertainment - the rest goes in the bank and he could care less about what things look like.  Sometimes he will suggest an appliance or something as a gift together for Christmas.  And he suggested that the sofa be what we get each other for Christmas.  That way I guess it's not something we spend "over" his plan b/c we'll be spending something for Christmas anyway.  I'm ok with that.  I'm not wanting to spoil his budget plan but I do want to look forward to coming home at night and not feeling itchy/scratchy when I sit on the cloth sofa that has housed dogs and cats for 15 years.

And of course next is wanting to get a Smart TV and that HD format where water looks like you are right there.  I could go buy it for him for Christmas, buahahahaa.  I wanted to ask for that to go along with it but I'm scared to.  Momma offered to GIVE us one last year as our gift together but he didn't want that b/c he didn't want to have the move the current big TV we have.  And the damn darn thing won't quit. I think I'm going to start praying that the TV dies.  lol

What he doesn't realize is how much I like being home and these things will keep me home!  Otherwise I'll just want to be out doing something else - like shopping for clothes, or eating out and avoiding home and spending $$,  and over all the TV and sofa will be much cheaper.  lol

He told me that he had to let me have the sofa b/c I was not going to be happy if I didn't get it.  So he said yes, but only b/c he felt he had to.  Well, true.  I guess he's been married 26 years and knows that there are things that just need to happen.  But you all are right.  I work too and bring a chunk of change in to our little dominion so just b/c we are married and he does the finances doesn't mean he can't give a bit and let me have a few things.  I guess I feel like telling him that the TV comes with that package.  I guess I need to see how much they are.  I don't even know what to get.  Oh my gosh I would love that!  Life would be cool again with new sofa and TV and a plan to do the floors up.  I like to know that we can improve a little each year.

Anyway, I'm going to go check into those TV's.  lol  I'm a little leery.  We can get help to move out the old TV.  I may ask him if we can sell the sofa and chair and TV in the yard sale coming up.  (If you hear screaming, you know where it's coming from.)

Well, yesterday was so nice to have a morning to sleep.  The dogs slept well into the 6:00 hour.  I was able to sit around in PJ's and play Candy Crush on the ipad, watch the Instagram Stories which highly entertain me, and get started on laundry and dog blankets, and a bit of ironing and planning my outfits for the week.  I got out the old vacuum b/c it has attachments and sucked up around the edges of the laundry room with it as laundry lint and dust fly around from time to time and had built up.

I worked on the kitchen some, took a bunch of stuff downstairs for storage and trash, and worked on the den some, changed the sheets, took care of doggies.  I hung a scarecrow up in the den - needed to hammer a nail in where one had fallen and hung a pic up in the laundry room as well.

It was a nice day just being at home.  I have been a little down lately and I think a day at home and an evening out, and George saying I could have the sofa/chair made me feel better.  I think I was feeling like I was in a situation that wouldn't change and was getting worse.  And that made me start thinking about how little decision I feel I have with the finances - mainly b/c I'm afraid to ask b/c it makes me feel selfish to ask.  And b/c it was our anniversary and that makes me think of a few things that make me sad for reasons I won't go into, but we came home and the dog had only pee'd a small spot and that was encouraging. And the fact that "itchy & scratchy" can go has helped.  A few other things can't be helped but at least that is encouraging.

 I know I have a lot to be thankful for and sometimes when you are down people tell you that like you don't have a license to be down.  But a person has feelings.  And while there is nothing wrong to be reminded of your blessings, there is also nothing wrong with allowing yourself to feel the things you feel and not be chided for it.  A person has to work through feelings and I think that is what has to happen.  It's a "work through".  The good days can't be so good w/o the bad days showing that the good days are better.

I think the blog helps me get started working through my feelings.  I start the morning by blogging and the rest of the day sometimes in my mind the banter continues.  They "why", the "why not", and how to "change" something, or "resolve" something.  Or to choose to "let it be" and NOT change something........Whether it be an old sofa, a bad mood, an exciting idea, a rude family member, a peeing dog, or a worried premonition.

Speaking of worried premonitions, our Charleston trip on the east coast is coming up soon.  Like 3 weeks away!  And in the Atlantic the tropical storms are just "lined up".  Oh.My.Gosh.  It makes me swoon.  Should I rent a compact car?  And then just cancel it if no storms?  I think I will wait until the week before we leave to decide.  Will that be good?  The cheapest compact car would be fine and actually good for me b/c I am afraid of parking in a bigger SUV.  Even my own car I'm a little scare of tight spots.  Actually I am a lot scared of them.  We wanted to go to Folly Beach one day and that would be a day I'd want a car anyway.  Well, we'll figure it out.  I'm trying not to worry.

Better go.  We are going to Mom's today and spend the day with her.  Then back to church next Sunday.  Mom gets to see Maisy, the new dog.  She will love her.  She is so sweet.

Well, thanks for reading my stuff and supporting me through my ups and downs of life all these years.  During my down times I sometimes think of discontinuing the blog.  I feel like with current attitude during those down times that I have nothing of consequence or feeling that is substantial enough for anyone to read and care about.  I also think that several days of dismal weather and less vitamin D play into things.  Sometimes though it's just life itself throwing you one too many curve balls (peeing dog) on top of things already bothering you and giving you negative chi in life (old sofa, blue linoleum, old TV) that the latest new thing (peeing dog) just sends you over the edge.  Ok, to be honest, even though I love love love the new dog - the fact that she is having these issues and has different eating tendencies (doesn't like treats), and has altered my routine a bit -  just set me over I think.  While it's not so stressful in itself - a combination of several things mounting just really made me in a MOOD this week.  But as mentioned.  I am having to work through it.  And the meal helped, the day at home yesterday helped, the peeing situation improving helped, and George's YES to the sofa helped.  Now if I can just get him committed to the TV I'll be good for a while - til that is all paid for.  ;-)  Then on to flooring.

Let's face it - with the household changes such as flooring - it's an easier sell and you make an investment later on.  As we saw in the past - fixing it after you move out so you can sell it only makes your wife seeeeeeethe.  Because she is paying for it and was not getting to enjoy it.  Now THAT makes a woman seeeeeethe fire.

You all have a wonderful day.   I'm off to finish up a few things, shower, and head out to Mom's.


  1. your anniversary dinner looked delicious. just the perfect compliment of things to make a terrific meal. and for such a special ocassion. i'm glad your talk went well too regarding the sofa. hopefully you can throw the smart tv into the mix and really feel great.

  2. Happy Anniversary ! What a nice night out you had with the dinner and the conversation. I love the seafood at red lobster and often get to go there for my birthday. Hope you enjoy it too! I've been taking my Vitamin D regularly as already I'm missing the hours of daylight we have. It does make a difference. Hope all your wishes and dreams come true.

  3. The restaurant and food look very nice! I have to admit it made me sad to read that you have such a hard time getting your DH to replace 15 year old furniture, that basically you have to ask for permission. That's a long time to use a couch and chair and I hope you are able to get exactly what you want! (even if it does have to be your xmas present). Maybe you should take your next salary raise and start putting it into a "home" savings account so YOU can have a budget and save up for the things you want for your (and DH's) home. I completely manage all our money, (and my dh doesn't even earn anything anymore) but if he wants something we talk about it and I work on getting it into the budget (unless it's a car - then I don't haha!) Good luck!


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