Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Blog Blabbin' on a Wednesday Morning with Coffee

Good morning!  Here I sit on this Wednesday Morning with not a lot to say.  Mostly all work and no play.  But...let's see...traffic has been really bad.  I left later than normal yesterday at 7:10.  I knew the interstates would be nightmarish at that point so I decided to take Lebanon Road all the way in from MJ town which is a straight shot, all the way to Briley.  Usually a 45 minute adventure so no prob right? I won't be getting there by the goal of 7:30 but I'd at least get there by 8.  WRONG O again.  I arrived at work at 8:20 and it took me an hour and 10.  So nope.  Can't go that way not even on a good day.  lol 

I'm thinking that if I leave after 6:45 I'll have no choice but to use waze as it will get me there by 7:30 sometimes earlier and sometimes later depending on the dipsy doodles I have to do getting to certain exits to get on the interstate to get past the tie ups.  That means probably having to take a curvy road in at times. 

If I quit blogging I could get out the door sooner.  But I only get about 45 minutes in the a.m. to myself - maybe sometimes at night for 30 minutes.  The other times of my day I'm expected to be doing other things and not ignoring people.  And I would not be able to do blogging at night with much feeling b/c I'd be distracted.  If I could hop right up at 4 instead of snoozing til 4:15 or 4:20, I'd have better luck with the traffic.

A rubber band just landed on my leg.  From where it came I do not know.  I guess it fell off my desk but it scared the bejeezez out of me.  I was about to figure out how to tear my leg off b/c I thought it had a spider on it. 

My flu shot spot is incredibly sore, a bit red and very hot at the spot, and a slight knot.  It was hurting and I looked it up to see and it's common.  But I have never had it to do that before.  The nurse had said it was the 4 main strains of the flu.  I made her laugh when she was giving it to me.  I had asked her what types of flu strains were supposed to be prevalent this year.  She said she didn't know that the shot had all 4 of the main strains.  I told her usually you saw lots of news coverage each year talking about how bad a certain flu is going to be and usually it's some asian country named strain.  She laughed out loud.  I think it was the way I said it. 

I'm getting my lab work done this morning and getting it over with.  I'm really too busy to do it but it has to be done.  Not good to let the BP meds run out.  Especially if it seems to be working.  So no breakfast - only coffee- until that is done.  Then I'm going to chic -fil- A drive thru for chicken mini's and fruit, before hopping on interstate and going to work.  And getting my asst a Spicy Chicken Biscuit. 

My Jack Johnson CD came in. "All the Light Above It Too".  The whole thing is really good.  Much better than the last one.  George and I wanted it for our ipods so we bought the CD and will share it.  Then he'll sell it to McKay's and get a lot of it back. 

The LTD Commodities catalog came in.  You can order your magazine or shop on line (easier to look through the magazine I think) at  We usually start our season out in October 1 ordering Christmas gifts from there.  Not a lot, but a few.  I also have a few things to order from Current.  So that catalog came in and it's earmarked.  I'm excited to look through the LTD catalog though.  What is nice about that is that they will ship and bill us.  At least our account is set up that way - like a company.  So the invoice comes in with the shipment. 

Well, we had cubed steak last night.  I think George did it up in olive oil since I was having my test this morning.  However, I guess the blood work kinda looks at a longer period of time.  I've always heard that you shouldn't go eat a big mac, fries and a coke and apple pie before you do your blood work.  lol  So I figured the last few meals effected it in a greater way, but perhaps not.  I figure it will be better numbers than last time b/c my habits are different.  I do eat quite a bit better, but I still put in the calories regardless of the fact that it's more nutritious.  I'm afraid of the hunger/shaky feeling so I over compensate for that and I have since high school or college.  But of course back in the day - the metabolism was better.  ;-)  Not so much now.  The weather will cool and I will get some walking in at work at lunch time. 

We watched Below Deck last night.  And then I caught up on the Instagram Stories.  It's pretty addictive once you get a string of folks you like to follow.  It's also pretty neat to see the day to day happenings in celebrities lives.  Tori Spelling usually has one going, Out Daughtered folks usually does one and they have the 5 babies (toddlers).  And Lisa Rinna keeps one going.  Eva Longoria does one.  Several of the Below Deck people do one.  They recap their day in pics and 10 second videos.  It's pretty entertaining.  I like to keep one going too but it's hard for me to do during the work week.  And if there is nothing exciting to share.  lol  I enjoy coming home putting in my earbuds while George is listening to his ipod on the ipod dock and cooking, and just watching the instagram stories back to back.  Highly entertaining.  I try to watch them in the mornings if I have time. 

Well off to the private blog.  Hope all of you have a great day. 


  1. I love the tag at the top of this post.
    Apples & books, the desk. Charming.
    Have a nice day.

  2. I haven't got my flu shot yet, but it is on my list to do. I think they help most of the time. Hope your trip in to work is better than yesterday and the day before. It's Wednesday and over the hump we go! Have a wonderful day !

  3. that flu shot sounds troublesome. hope the soreness goes away soon.


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