Friday, September 22, 2017

Disco Spaghetti Night

Wow, didn't the flowers open up beautifully?  I've been enjoying them in the evenings.  Love them.  

I had told George I could fix spaghetti this week if he was in the mood for it.  Last night he was in the mood for it.  So I fixed it.  I was also in the mood for some disco music.  It rather lit up the night.  It was almost like a party.  lol  I danced and sang while cooking the spaghetti.  How can you not dance across the floor with a spatula in hand to "Play that Funky Music"?  

Well, the dog, Maisy, got all excited and she wanted to dance too.  What????  She got up on her hind legs and wanted me to hold her paws.  We danced and danced.  George came in and cracked up and then she danced with him, until he wanted her to do the twirl and then she wanted no part of dancing with him any more.   When she got tired of dancing she sat and watched me cook, dance, sing.  She was thoroughly entertained.  George surprised me by asking her to give him a high five and she did.  Wow.  She has had some training in her past and just working with her a little bit, she will do things.  
She is going to be a fun doggie.  And we are ALL adjusting a bit better now.  She is slowing coming 'round to some of the dog treats.  And we are slowly learning that food for two dogs is not going to feed three.  So we are buying extra and not having to dart to the store for more fresh pet.  But we are keeping fresh pet in business.  lol  Maisy learned to like the Science Diet dry food if mixed with the fresh pet.  So that helps.  Here she is watching me dance, cook, and sing.  lol  

It was a festive and fun Disco Spaghetti night in the house.  And George played along too.  These are part of my instagram stories which only are up for 24 hours.  You all can follow me if you want. My user is backporchwriter.  I have not figured out how to add an Instagram widget button to my blog.  they don't seem to have one.  One day I'll at least put the link.  But if you go to Instagram and search for backporchwriter you should find me.  I usually have some stories up and going at various times of the week.

I am happy that today is Friday.  And we can get a few things done around here.  I cleaned some of the house during the week so not as much to do.  Anyway, I better get off of here and get on with the program.

Have a wonderful day.  Oh and the spaghetti was really good, even if I say so myself.  ;-)  We watched Below Deck.

This weekend I've GOT to make some progress on reading.  I have been reading the same 3 books all year.  lol Ok over and out.


  1. Awww,Maisey is so pretty & sweet. I hope she continues to work out.
    The color of your roses is pretty. It's a bonus when they open!
    Don't hate me, but I like the blue flooring. It's different & blue. But I am not the one living with it.
    Play that funky music is a serious blast from the past. Rock on!!
    TGIF, Monica

  2. I'm smiling just hearing about your fun evening with the spaghetti and the dog! I think we all need more fun and music in our lives. Yay! It is Friday and the first day of Autumn. It's to be 90 degrees here and not fall like at all.

  3. ok, now I have disco music in my head! Maisy is very cute and sounds like a smart little dog.

  4. What a lovely delight to read your blog tonight just before I go to bed...What fun it must have been to see Maisie then high five with George ! What a cute lass she is going to be especially now she is more house trained and happier with the other two, I love that photo of Maisie with her legs crossed, no doubt about it she is a real cute lady...I hope that this weekend is a nice one for you and George and your friends going to the the purse strings though if you want the new settee before Xmas l.o.l......when do the pre Xmas sales start with you ??.......enjoy and God Bless xx

  5. how exciting that the dog high-fived and danced. too bad she doesn't come with a book so you know what else she can do.


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