Friday, September 29, 2017

Feeling Pretty Washed Out But Still Moving On

It was hard to get out of bed this morning.  I'm really tired and I do think the flu shot has had a mild impact on me this week.  At times I've been nauseated a bit but it passes quickly.  I've had a loss of appetite but then it surges back.  I craved an Egg McMuffin yesterday morning so that is what I went with.  It was so good.  And of course after smelling KFC in my car and taking that to training - I was not shy about diving into that.  

I've had moments of just feeling washed out and like something is coming over me and just wanting to lay down.  I have a blister that formed on the roof of my mouth after eating spaghetti the other night.  I put a combination of alcohol and vinegar on it hoping it will kill any bacteria and heal it.  Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh myyyyyy goooooooshhhh it hurt so bad.  I nearly wanted to tear my mouth off.  I have since been using peroxide to dab it with which seems to be soothing and is taking the soreness out.  

I fixed chili last night and of course it really hurt b/c it was acidic too.  

Maisy and all the doggies have been good the last two days.  No spots no accidents.  No marking.  They are doing better I guess.  Maisy still growls at Tugie - even from afar sometimes if Tugie moves.  She is jealous of her.  But if Maisy messes with Tugie - she will put her in her spot.  Tugie can growl like a monster war waiting to happen.  I imagine Maisy has been put in her spot already.  That is probably why she is saying "Don't come near me".  But ordinarily they are getting along fine and Maisy is learning not to go and try to eat the others food.  She is respectful.  She will only approach their dish when they walk away.  It's funny.  They all go check out each other's dishes to see if anyone left anything.  lol 

Maisy has learned that we really like it when she sits on her back two legs and beg.  She is getting quite good at balancing.  And she knows it gets her attention - so she is starting to sit on her back legs alot when we are around.  That cracks me up.  She loves to be center stage and she likes the attention being on her.  

She was ready to get up at 3.  But she will at least go back to sleep if you tell her.  Most of the time.  

I must have been a dog magnet last night.  I woke up with them all attached to me.  Tugie at my feet, Roger at my head and Maisy all stretched out leaning against me in the middle.  

Katy came over last night and we had chili.  I apologized for the messy house.  We have lived in it all week and had time to mess up but not clean up.  I didn't get laundry rebooted until this morning.  I was afraid it had spoiled in the washer.  But it was ok.  I hate it when we get busy and that happens and I can't get my routine done.  

My life will be living by a list for the next few weeks.  But it helps with the anxiety to know that each to do item is now parked in it's own space and has its own place and time.  

TGIF and I need to be up and at 'em and out the door.  I may actually eat out today for lunch.  I have a desire for a baked potato and maybe salmon.  I'm not desiring salmon though just need to eat some fish as I've not had any in a while.  

Well ya'll have a good day!  


  1. Sure hope you are not coming down with something to make you feel like that and it's only the flu shot. Your pups are so cute cuddling in like that. You are certainly loved. When I have a canker sore I rinse with warm salt water several times a day and soon it's gone. Lots of fresh tomatoes will do that to me. Thankfully it's Friday and maybe you can get some extra rest on the weekend ! Yay! it's Friday!

  2. The flu shot made my arm sore last year when I had it. And I felt achy and feverish for a few days. But I did not get any colds or flu. My Mother could not take it. She got sick every time. Your three dogs sound like they have a lot of personality. I bet they love you to death. I wonder what they do when you are gone? If they play together or nap together. I enjoy hearing about them. I hope you have a good weekend and get some rest.

  3. That was nice that Kate was over last night, she is a good lass isn't she. Sorry about how you are feeling. I think your ready for your wee break away with Kate, won't be long now. I havnt felt my best either this past week or two, nothing I can put my finger on but just so tired and weary, no energy at all, can't even be bothered to eat, if it were not for Mary nagging at me all the time there are days when I wouldn't eat at you I think I need my week away. I can hardly believe that next Friday at this time I will be packed and ready to move come 3am ! When poor Peter has to get us away to Heathrow , London for our flight to Venice where we will be met and taken to the cruise ship for our cruise around the Greek Islands, just hope we get some nice warm days, that is sure to prop us up ....night night. God Bless. Xxxx

  4. Hope that ulcer in your mouth heals. They can make you miserable, for sure. Glad to hear the dogs are getting along better. And less spotting. just wish the growling would stop for tugies sake.


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