Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Grumpy Bear

Well, good morning.  All going well except for a few things.  It's one of those "write in bullet points" kind of morning.  If I write down everything that is annoying the shallarky out of me perhaps I can shake it off for a few hours.

1.  Maisy has decided that it is more fun to just pee in the house
2.  We were told she was 100% potty trained.  I'm not believing that one at this point.  It occurred to me that she was crated and so it's easy to say she was housebroken but if she wasn't hanging out in the house how would the person had known that she was house broken?  I'm not keeping a dog in a crate all day.  I just think that is cruel.
3.  I was woken up at midnight or whatever time George came to bed.  It used to be that he and Roger would get in bed and I'd never know it.  Now George has to make sure that he knows where all the dogs are so he can put Roger in bed without putting him on top of the new dog so the new dog won't growl.  So lights go on everywhere (not the main one).
4.  When everyone got in bed, I had a sliver of mattress and had to scoot the dogs over to have room.  I was just about a few minutes of getting up and going to sleep in the other bedroom.  But I was determined to sleep in my own bed.  How some nights can be so smooth and some nights such a dad burn Chinese Firedrill, I will never know.
5.  About 3 a.m. I was woken up by Maisy who was trying to get my attention.  She was on the floor, already out of bed.  I thought she might want out.  So I took her out.  Upon this task I discovered she had already been up and pee'd in the den floor.  It was raining out and she was NOT wanting to go.  After all she had already been.  The stubborn ME that I am, after crawling out of bed and already seeing that she went - I made her go out in the rain anyway and I went with her to get her out there on the leash.  Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa let's just all stand out in the rain at 3 o'clock in the morning in Irma leftovers.  Hello skunk, deer, owl, and any night time burglers on the prowl ---how the heck are ya?  Anyone need anything?  Let me serve you now that I am awake.  Wanna spray me go ahead?  Scare me go ahead?  Steal my stuff, come on in everyone else is sleeping.  Here, wanna dog?  Yes I'm seething sleepy -can you tell?
6.  Everyone is going to experience my lack of joy today b/c I did not get any sleep last night.
7.  Yes the dog came to see me just now and I said "I've already seen you this morning you need to learn to sleep".  Oh my she is so sensitive.  I didn't yell I just spoke to her with my sarcastic voice.
8.  She went to hide. She wouldn't come out.
9.  George got on to me saying I yelled at the dog.  I didn't yell at the dog.
10.  Now I'm sitting here in tears b/c I've hurt the dog's feelings and it breaks my heart.  I feel like crying my eyes out anyway b/c I'm so tired, so angry, and so irritated and I can't control the situation and frankly just want to go hide in a hole myself....not be bothered....and sleep.
11.  I'm tired of things being ratty around here.
12.  I'm tired.
13.  I'm sleepy.
14.  I'm mad.
15.  I feel sorry for anyone that has to me near me when I don't get sleep! I don't even want to be in my own skin.

Alright ya'll --have a good day.  I've got to go spread the joy and try to make up with a dog!
Oh and George tracked in the grass last night again after I had vacuumed it up two days in a row.  Instead of vacuuming again for the third time I picked up each blade of grass by itself - bending over 30 times - and spreading the love each time about how much I loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove coming home to pee and grass, grass and pee, pee and grass, grass and pee.

Yeahhhh, it's lovely time at our house.  For 26 years George has taken his shoes off at the door and why the heck he has decided now not to do that, I'll never know.

One of us may be considering a hotel before this is over.  If I have sleep I can deal with it.  No sleep - we all pay!  I'm going to at least go work in a nice, clean place.  Then I'll come home to pee and grass and grass and pee and old worn out scratchy sofa and................................. blue linoleum.

It's adding up folks, is all I can say.



  1. Oh no! So sorry you didn't get a good sleep and are having troubles with the grass and the new dog. It sounds like it's going to take a while before she gets in the swing of things. Heres a (((Hug))) for you this morning ! Hoping that today goes smoothly. Take good care!

  2. Bless your heart. I can feel your pain here. You NEED a day (or two) away. You need an eacape room or she shed. Maybe check into a hotel (with a spa). You need a "ME" day.

  3. A bad sleep night always does me in for the next day too. I had to finally get up Monday night and sleep in the spare bedroom because DH was snoring so bad. Then the first dog has to follow me in and join me in this bed. Then the second dog....

  4. Oh dear, I hope your day got better as time went on. I seriously LOL'd reading this. I have a lot of the same going on. I told my husband that if he tried to run away (from all this chaos) he would feel me pulling his shirt to drag me out with him! He can't run away without me, that's the rule!

  5. I feel for you dear lady. I hope your day gets better. Your dogs are so cute, but cute dogs can get to all of us at times. Take care. jean

  6. I would have to put in a doggie bed. I have to have my sleep or I can't function. A new home is a big adjustment for a dog ..maybe she will settle down some soon. I hope you feel better tomorrow.

  7. Sorry I didn't coment sooner, but I had to go to a meeting last night about Safguarding in relation to Church..It was held at a church quite a way away Fred the man who came with me drive us, it took an hour in horrible rush hour you did that !! I would give you a gold medal !!......I'm so sorry that things went so badly yesterday, as I write this at nearly 8am I am praying that you are in bed and asleep. ALL of you. It's sad that Maisy is not really house trained, as it's not easy to train now she is older, wonder if that might have contributed to her having been abandoned ?....if she has been used to a cage ( I hate them too) but maybe at a last resort she could be put in a cage, or similarly confined area at night. It is not going to work if she is keeping the whole house's very sad, but, you can't go on like this. I expect you will look back once you are really awake and see things differently. As for George and his shoes, that's really weird. I have a neighbour Muriel who kindly gets my paper every morning, but she never thinks to wipe her feet, or take off her shoes and she trails in everything on her shoes that have deep ribs on/in the soles so whatever she has trod on comes trailing in, grass, leaves,gravel, you mention it...but what can I do ? She is kind to bring my paper down....will stop here this is going to be longer than your blog !
    God Bless. Much love flowing your way xx

  8. It's an adjustment period for Maisy and for you. But it doesn't make it any easier, i know.


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