Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Hurricanes, Dogs, and Babies

I took a gander at The Weather Channel website yesterday hearing that the Hurricane was out there.  I was curious to see what islands it was heading for.  Look at that well defined eye.  Category 5!  Oh my.  George and I gave up watching our show and watched the coverage and expectations for this storm last night.  I'll be wanting to watch the coverage over the next several days.  

Also have to show these temps and a quote from a monitor in the break room. The temps are moderating this week to more fall like temps.

Isn't it true that we have good examples in our life, and at the same time we see some bad examples.  And we have a few that teeter b/w a good and a bad example.  No one perfect but when the degree of "bad example" exceeds the chosen mark (whatever that is to a person) sometimes it is best to just disassociate from those who set bad examples to keep the quality of your own life, so you don't take on those bad traits.  They say we "do" take on the traits of those we spend our time around.   Sometimes it's best just to choose not to be around those that don't know how to act.  

Let's talk about good examples.  These two are meeting their niece.  Cody's Brother, and Sister in Law had their baby Sunday evening.  She is a cutie.  You hear me talk about "Breezy" or Brianna - who was Katy's maid of honor in her wedding.  She helped us with the flowers and is an amazingly talented, sweet, and bright individual.  We are going to give them a while to get settled and get a routine and then George and I are going to take Aaron and Breezy dinner and meet this little one.

I couldn't help but notice how natural a baby looks in these two's arms.  No hints here.  It'll happen in time.  I'm not one to push.  It's totally their decision.  But in their timing and/or God's timing.  Babies are precious.

And speaking of new additions, this one is doing just fine.  I'd say Maisy is an easy transition so far.  She is past her puppy stage, potty trained, respectful of us and of the other pets, wants to please you, loves your attention, doesn't have any annoying behaviors that I have found, sleeps all night in bed with us.  Surprisingly she can jump up on our king size bed, but we'll probably always prefer to lift her up and down as she is a small dog and it's a tall bed.  The guest bedroom however, she stayed off of but I allowed her to get on it and she really likes it - to jump on an off of.  That is good b/c if she wants to get away from our dogs she can go there b/c our dogs won't jump on the beds.  So good for her.

She is the happiest dog.  Always smiling.  She does not like treats.  She does not know how to play.  We'll have to teach her.  She got to "be in" our normal routine last night.  George took them out and she had held it all day except for a small squirt which George said seemed like an excited kind of accident upon hearing the garage door or hearing he was home.  It was a small spot he said.  So that is good that she can hold it.  She held it all last night but was ready to get up this morning at 4 with me and Tugie.

The cat hisses.  She looks like a skunk I guess to the cat.  lol  Her tail and backside looks exactly like a skunk.  I thought about calling her Muffie b/c Mouffette or something like that is the French word for skunk.  But I liked Maisy better.  She is going to take a while to learn her name.  The good news is that she often responds to the kissing noise.

She does not like treats at all and so that is a transition for us.  I find myself going to the fridge and giving her a slice of a Buddig (sandwich meat).  She loves Fresh Pet for her meals.  She won't touch dry food.  I'm thinking that she has some allergies.  She itches some and sometimes has a breathing thing she does (to clear her nostrils and lungs) that Tugie also did when she was younger.  Still does when strong smells are around.  So I bet she had chicken made for her at one point.  I bet the elderly folk boiled chicken.  Who knows what she has eaten since then.  But she will NOT eat dry food or treats - only meats or fresh pet.  So we'll be altering our routine a bit to be able to reward her for going outside.

I called our normal groomer and she will be able to groom this dog too on Saturday.  I told her the dilemma and she was like, "ooooooooooooooooookkkkkkkkkkk I'll do it, I think I can squeeze her in".  She was a little hesitant but - we are long time customers and we'll give her a little extra tip.   I cannot wait to see this dog groomed. I can tell her nails are bothering her as she is trying to chew them down.  So the sooner Saturday gets here the better.  With 3 dogs at the groomers I told George it would feel like we would have "Parents day out" on Saturday.  lol  His response was "the car ride will be interesting with 3 of us."  I had not thought of that yet.  I cannot believe we have 3 dogs.  lol

Last night I really thought we had lost Tugie though.  She was having what seemed to be a dream - like she is hunting and half barking and and seeming to be going through some kind of trauma.  I petted her.  She wouldn't wake up from her sleep.  And she was breathing really shallow, like hardly at all.  I was fearing those were her last moments.  She normally snores a bit and breathes loudly but I guess she was just in the complete restful deep part of her sleep.  When the alarm went off at 4, she and Maisy were ready to get up.

Oh I called the vet yesterday and they new of the dog and of our neighbor and they were going to call the neighbor and transfer the records over to Maisy Cox - and to our account with Tugie and Roger.  I got a quote on teeth cleaning and it's $130 plus the antibiotics.  We are going to do this since she is young.  Her breath is pretty bad right now and so are her teeth.  So I think it's worth doing.  But we will wait until she is in more of a routine, learns us and our ways.  I don't want her to feel bad during the time she is learning us.  I want her to feel good.  So we'll wait to get this done after she has developed a routine and knows that she can count on us.  I don't want her first impression of us is to be taking her for teeth cleanings and making her feel malaise afterwards, lol.

Slowly and surely we'll get her figured out and be into our new routine.

So it's a busy week this week.  I need to get on with it.  I have orientation with a sales person today and several interviews and a boat load of other stuff I need to do.  My assistant is on vacation so I'm trying to keep things up there so it won't be so overwhelming when she returns and I can keep the hiring and terms flowing.

Anyway, I guess maybe I'll catch up this next week.  This week is a 4 day week at that.  So I need to get in.  The days - they go so fast.

Ya'll have a good day.


  1. Your Maisy does emit happiness! As you both work, it's wonderful she's fully trained. Congrats on the new baby in your family even though it's niece. Babies are precious! It's good it is shorter week for you. Hope your Wednesday is a wonderful one...over the hump we go!

  2. I am so pleased that Masy has settled in so well it's really quite remarkable that she is good at staying on her own and is good going to bed..I think you have a wee charmer Masy thinks so as well. I think,you and George are so sensible to let her settle before you get her teeth seen to...someone trying to FaceTime me must go xxx

  3. the hurricane news has us watching the weather channel too. our daughter is in the process of moving to atlanta about the time irma was supposed to make landfall. so we are concerned with the path she takes. the baby is sweet. what a head full of hair.

  4. Now thats one pretty baby! I have a Nephew due in December. Cant hardly wait to get my hands on him.
    I live 200 miles from the SC Coast. Thats where our vacation home is too. We could be in the direct path of the storm either place.


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