Monday, September 11, 2017

Lamb, Titans, Hurricane, Grooming and a Busy Weekend

The weekend has been full.  George had laid out a leg of lamb to thaw to fix for Saturday night.  We enjoyed it the last two nights.  He cooked it in the clay pot in the oven along with carrots, white potatoes, and white sweet potatoes.  We have taken a liking to the white sweet potatoes and find that chopping them up and roasting them is good too.  And what is really good is to mix the two on the roasting pan.  You often cannot tell which one you are biting into but they compliment each other.  

I was able to get the laundry and the ironing done.  So the wardrobe is good for the week and everyone has clean undies - lol!  We really needed the towels this past week.  We ran through them quickly with new dog, wine making, giving the dogs a rib bone, and our regular shower use and use of a lot of kitchen towels.  I had washed them but they were in the laundry basket.  It seems I washed blankets and sheets during the week and we were busy or I worked late and didn't have time to fold all the towels til the weekend.  When I finally folded, it seemed it took me forever.  

I worked on the storage room some trying to create more room in there.  I'm going to have to order another shelving unit for our hall closet b/c I'm changing the way I use that hallway closet.  Mainly I'm just needing a new shelf in there and getting rid of a container of baskets in there that is holding lotions that I do not use.  I use *some* lotion but I do not use very much and over the years all the Christmas gifts have added up.  So I'm getting rid of most of that and replacing it with the much needed shelving unit.  I love it when I have time at home to try and organize a few things.  I didn't have much home time but I did have some while the dogs were for their trim and that was a good thing. 

We dropped the dog off at Sandy's and then went to Hobby Lobby so I could see if there was any framed art that I wanted.  Much of the framed canvas art was 50% off, but there was not anything there that sung to me.  There was one of the ocean but that is not the colors I was wanting.  I'll keep looking and I'll wait til I find what I like.  I have a vision of what I want it to be.  

We also went to the grocery after that and then home to do some things around here. 

We had to pick the dogs up at 2 and then we went to see George's Mom with all 3 groomed dogs (lol) and came home and worked on the house some more and Katy came to visit to meet the new dog and we visited with her and George fixed the lamb. He wanted to use the clay pot and it had to cook a while.  I think it was ready close to bed time. 

The dogs trims came out looking good.  And Maisy's big ole tutu of hair is gone and she looks so much better.  And I don't notice any shedding anymore.  So that is good.  She was soft and is so sweet.

Soooo this week friends invited us to go to the Titan's game Sunday.  We park at their place of business and then we ride over in the back of this truck (yes with the door open).  There are benches of seats along the side. And storage is under the benches with coolers, tables, table cloths and the fixings.  Oh and a grill.  There is a Titan grill. 

So we bought sliced deli wraps, chicken wings, and brats.  Oh it was so good.  Someone brought breakfast casserole, and someone brought sausage balls, and someone brought sausage and egg biscuits.  So by the time the brats were ready - there was noooo way I could eat one.  Oh well.

But it sure was good.  They played the Raiders and the game did not turn out so well for the Titans.  
It was 26 to 16 I believe.  Oh well, they are not know for their consistent wins are they?  Maybe some day!  We still had fun.  

I'm not sure what George was looking at.  But I guarantee you he was trying to think up a way to mess up the shot.  lol

We did a lot of watching of The Weather Channel on Miss Irma.  This storm is so big.  We are supposed to get rains off of this one too.  We have wind advisories for tonight and tomorrow.  

So I've been trying to figure out how to see my Aunt and Uncle who is an hour and half away at Mom's.  They are visiting from Jacksonville escaping Irma.  Irma is chasing them down though but weakening at least.  Our weekend was already scheduled.  And we would have to carve out 3 hours of travel time and several hours of visit time and there was not any time to be carved.  Today we go back to work.  I would like to eat dinner with them but not sure how we can work it out.  I'm probably not getting off until 5:30.  And then the hurricane remnants are coming tonight and tomorrow so I don't want to be on the interstates for all that.  And I doubt they want to come up and have lunch or dinner. I might call and see if they want to meet in Thompson's Station or Franklin tonight.  That is a good half way point.  But it'll be too hard to go down there and drive back after work. Same problem I was having Friday.  I was afraid I'd fall asleep after eating a big dinner and then driving home.  But if we can meet that might work.  It'll cut down on the driving and won't be as late.  I will contact them and see.  Katy and Cody might be able to meet us if no plans.  George will have to go take care of dogs and might can go back out but may choose to just let me go meet them from work.  We'll have to see if it's even an option.  Everyone may be like I am and truly want to just stay in out of the wind/rain. I want to see them but I want it to be safe. 

So Maisy realizes that Tugie is the Queen Bee.  She knows how much I love Tugie and Tugie loves me.  She is a little jealous.  In a way it makes me laugh.  I can be loving on Maisy and Tugie now wants to come over and be loved on.  Where Tugie usually wants to sit in her chair, she now wants to come over on the sofa and be with me and will lean her head against me to "hug me" and shows her affection for me in front of Maisy.  When she does that Maisy gives a little faint growl.  Nothing big and bad, just a "I'm not happy with this situation" kind of growl.  Whenever I look at Maisy and point my finger at her and say "No Growl" - she quits.  So that is good.  

The marking has pretty much ceased.  We had only one excitement drop or two yesterday when we got home.  So I think they are settling into some kind of a routine a bit.  We found a treat that the Maisy liked at the pet store.  Actually she picked it out when we were not looking.  The pet shop we go too when we pick them up at the Groomers - actually has treats of all kinds open and on the bottom shelf.  Maisy had one in her mouth and we didn't know it. lol.  So we bought all of them one and she loved it.  It was like some kind of beef stick.  She is an animal lover.  

Maisy had bad breath when she came to us.  Like REALLY bad bad bad breath.  But now that she is getting on a regular diet and not eating "who knows what", it's getting much much better.  More normal.  We will still probably get her teeth cleaned though.  She did try a half of a dentastix b/c I told her to eat it.  Sometimes she will eat something if you tell her to, but she only ate half.  

We are going through the Fresh Pet.  We will have to get more even since our store visit on Saturday.  We are already almost out.  This is refrigerated dog food in the dog food section and Kroger has it.

Took their pics at Granny's yesterday after their grooming.  All the pets look nice again!  And smell better too!

Well, it was certainly a busy weekend.  After the Titans game I rebooted the laundry, cleaned up the kitchen which wasn't too bad anyway, and put the leftover lamb in the stove.  I poured a glass of wine and turned on Hurricane Irma Coverage and played Candy Crush.  Happy to be in and relax the rest of the evening.

Well, I better go.  Much work is calling!


  1. I like to use about 2/3 of the gold sweet potatoes and 1/3 white when I am roasting them, that way I can tell them apart and The Other Half gets all of the white potatoes. I personally find that white foods & diverticulitis do not go well together.

    Things like bread, pasta, white potatoes, white rice, it just slows everything down internally for me. I'm off bread completely now, I have pasta maybe once a month max and always regret it afterwards unless I went for a low carb version of it..

    Your doggies are so cute. :) Happy moments!

  2. Your dogs look so fresh and clean after new haircuts. I bet they feel better. Yes your Tugie is the queen bee of them all.
    I have never had lamb what does it taste like.? Stay safe and hope the storms miss you. I am worried for the people of Fla.

  3. It's been nice tonight reading two days blog...I'm so pleased that all the dogs seem to be getting along so well. I think you must use magic on them I've never known so many dogs mixing together so well. Glad that you have found a treat that Miss Maisy will Eaton, it's nice to be able to give them a treat when they have done something good or nice...Work last week was manic for you so I am praying that today your assistant will be back and willing to do all the work you were not able to get done...I have had a quietish weekend which was nice..somehow I seem to have been awfully tired lately and tonight as soon as I have finished this I'm away to bed.....( that looked delicious lamb my mouth was watering just looking at it ) night night. Now. God Bless. Xxxx

  4. The pups look nice after their spa day. glad to hear tugie rules the roost. She deserves to.

  5. I'll have to try the potatoes together. I do like both but never had them both in the same pot. Sounds like lots of fun was had along with good food at the game too! I'm reading this after your morning post so my commenting is a little backward. Maisy looks half the size after her grooming. All are such sweet pups, you are blessed!


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