Thursday, September 21, 2017

Maisy is Making Progress

Well, good morning!  Sleep was good and so is the coffee this morning.   

Maisy has done well this work week.  The peeing is subsiding.  She does seem to have an excitement pee when we come home. lol  But the marking situation is much better now as everyone gets used to one another.  

I've not heard a lot of growling this week with Maisy either.  I've gotten on to her when she has done it.  I've pet both Tugie and Maisy at the same time and I think that helps.  Sometimes I see them both in the same chair.  So hopefully all will continue to improve. 

Maisy has been taught to sit and beg apparently.  I tell her to sit and she sits and begs.  lol  And sometimes she holds her paw out to shake your hand so she has been trained at some point.  She also walks right beside me when we walk like she has been leash trained.  Of course when we are out in the yard, we want them to go pee and poop and allow them to wander, but out on the street when walking she stays right in rhythm with me.  

Got a lot done in the house last night and placed a Walmart order this morning.  

We have a brewery tour thing lined up for the weekend.  We were going to go on the brew bus then we were going to take a limo, now Lisa and me are DD's.  I will still have a beer.   We will have the morning at home, thank goodness though.  George and I are going to grab lunch out somewhere before meeting them around 2 somewhere.  Once we know which brewery is first we can make our plans for a restaurant near by.  So many new restaurants in Nashville that we have a lot to choose from no doubt, wherever we are. 

Well, I better get ready and go to work.  Much to do. 

Ya'll have a great day. 


  1. Glad she is finally settling in. She's an adorable addition to your family. Sounds like an exciting weekend for you. I'm sure there will be a lot of good food too. Happy last day of summer ! Enjoy!

  2. That is great Maisy is coming along. She probably just needed time to start to feel safe and comfortable in her new surroundings.

  3. Glad to hear the dog situation is improving. have fun on the brewery tour.

  4. I am so pleased that wee Masie is getting better....slow but sure,, especially glad to see that she was sitting near Tuggie that would be a good breakthrough, also great that she is good at walking well outside..altogether a good week pet wise. Xxx
    Work also sounds good so what more can we expect xxxx


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