Thursday, September 28, 2017

Many To Do's

We are supposed to have cooler temps now - but not really.  I think the front is fizzling out.  And cooler probably means 80's instead of 90's.  I've not really checked the weather.  I've barely had time to breathe. 

Isn't the home above nice?  In reality would not want to be THAT close to a lake.  You'd find yourself flooded, but - from the pic it looks like a nice place to be.  If I lived there I'd be planning a weini roast!  lol

My head is spinning everywhere in my life I think.  Just so much to do and so much going on. 

I am cooking chili for tonight.  My house is a mess. 

Need to reschedule my hair cut appointment as I'll be on a business trip then.

Saturday I have a sip and shop with Katy at her house. 

I need to switch out some fall and summer clothes.

Need to go to Belks and get my eye liner.

Need to get a birthday card and gift card to someone.

Have an important letter I need to write.

Need to pick up Rx.

Need to go on line and check out my lab results. 

Need to mark for the yard sale next Saturday and prep for that.

Need to get out the suitcases. 

Need to figure out our agenda in Charleston

Need to download the Uber app and get all set up for that.

Need to check the weather and the tropical storm report and consider rental car or not

Need to color my hair

Need to get nails and toes done.

Need to start packing once I know what the weather will be

Need to go to church Sunday b/c we have been so busy and not gone (overslept last week I was so tired).

After the Charleston trip - the very next week I'm going to Oklahoma and Phoenix to do a handbook rollout and Supervisor Training

So laundry and repacking, weather checking, etc., in b/w the two trips. 

After all the traveling.

Need to go shopping with Mom to get her notebook that we are giving her for Christmas.

Need to go to AT&T with George and get a new phone, new plans and add him in on our network.

Need to go to the Furniture Store in Lebanon and pick out the new sofa and chair. 

Going to the movies with friends and out to eat after our yard sale - not this Sat but next.

When I return from trips - need to do my magazine orders for Christmas related items.

And I have a dental appointment the week I am back from the trips.

So all this was spinning 'round in my head the last day or two.  And I finally grabbed a legal pad and started taking notes.  It occurred to me that I need to schedule all these things on a calendar so that it all actually gets done.  And that I have time for it all. 

I have a lot to do at work as well.  Similarly there is a list.  Usually my day is scheduled out and planned but I seem to be raking in all the to do items and have no time to work on them.  I have supervisor training at the plant today and will arrive with KFC! 

I have some reading and final reviewing of our handbook, the presentation to write, and somewhat of a supervisor training to prepare on discipline as a 2nd part of my travel. 

A lot going on and a list a mile long.  Exciting but busy.

And last night knowing I had all this coming I enjoyed my "calm before the storm" by fixing spaghetti, watching Out Daughtered, hanging out with the doggies, watching Instagram Stories.  George went to Gallatin to retrieve a book from a friend that had been loaned out and was gone a couple of hours. 

I want to see if I can get in early today at the office since I have to leave at 10:15 for KFC and then do the training over the plant.  Hopefully the afternoon can be spent reading and doing the presentation. 
We'll see.  Might have to shut door when I get back to the office. 

Ya'll have a good day.


  1. You do have a long list and much to do there. When life gets busy we do need those lists and calendars. I don't know what I'd do without mine. Comfort food always help to calm the storms. Hope you have a great day. Happy Thursday!

  2. Oh my goodness Sonya, one day you are going to find yourself coming back before you've gone !....I don't think I know anyone that gets so many things done as you do without having a real breakdown.....please, please love take things a bit slower, what does not get done today will just have to wait for another day......just imagine what would happen if you landed with exhaustion and no way could you go to work or anywhere else for that matter...that's what is going to happen to you.......hope though that you did get whatever needed doing at work today. Please go to church on Sunday, no excuse, there you will at least have a quiet time to speak and more important to listen to our Lord....much love winging it's way over the pond. Xxx

  3. that is quite an impressive list you made. hope the chili turns out good.

  4. Do not wait until you see a storm to rent a car. A lot of car are still out from Irma and not that many available. Too many people lost autos and many are rented as a result of insurance.


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