Saturday, September 2, 2017

Old Pic, Cowboy Steaks, and Enjoyed the Day With No Plans

While we have been cleaning out a few things I found this pic.  We were about to board for our Destin Dolphin cruise which was wonderful.  I'm sure Katy will not like this pic but I love it of all of us.  I will always cherish our Destin Days.  

Tarragon has been harvested and was on the counter today.  Love the Tarragon!

I have to laugh at our kitchen.  It is so very....Italian or something.  Sauces and vinegars (homemade my George).  And he went to the Farmer's Market while running a few errands this morning.  
I bought chalk labels and a chalk pen to label all of his hot sauces and vinegar. 

And guess what he is starting now?  Herb infused olive oils.  Now that makes me a little nervous.  Bacteria can grown more easily in oil.  But he is making all kinds.  He made Tarragon olive oil today.

I was shocked when George came home with these steaks.  WOW.  They are called Cowboy Steaks.  You can get them at Sam's Club. 

Our friend Paul had bought them and talked about them.  So naturally George had to go try them.  ha.  I am not sure how he thinks we will eat this much.  I'll have left overs for days.   I took more pics below so you could see the size of these things.

Look how thick.  Oh my gosh!  These are cooking now.  I guess he's cooking it like prime rib.  He had one when I was gone on the last trip.  He said it was the best steak he has had in his life.  

Here is the Pirate wine he picked to go with it.  The wine has been opened and I'm sipping some.  It's very good.  Smooth, just like I like it.

I also wanted to show you the place close to my work where I anticipate I will be eating lunch a lot. It's called Scoreboard.  The menu is awesome.  I had a fried chicken salad with apples, blue cheese, and raspberry vinaigrette and pecans.  It was great.  George had oysters and said they were great.  They also have hot chicken and also fish tacos.  A wide variety.  I'm so glad it is close.  

I'm sitting in the sun room right now.  It's been a great day.  Both relaxing but getting some things done.

Tugie got me up at 4:30 this morning or something like that.  So I stayed up drank coffee and played Soda Crush and Candy Crush.  And started laundry and did most of my ironing for next week.  Took a bunch of stuff downstairs.  And I brought the 2 tubs of fall decor and put it out.  I worked on our "tea center" b/c it was just looking bad as there was too much of it.  I put all the canned teas on top of the fridge and the rest in the tea basket.  I think we have so much tea we could open a shop!  lol

George wanted me to listen to some CD's and import what I wanted.  So I did that today.  There were about a dozen of them.  It took a while.  I didn't listen to all of the songs through, but just the beginning of them.

And I vacuumed most of the house and straightened things up and put up.  I also cleaned the laundry room window and vacuumed the space inside the window.  Cleaned the vent in the kitchen.

I was tired and decided to sit down a minute and play some Soda Crush and Candy Crush.  And I kept having a winning streak.  I'm not sure why I'm doing so well at that these days, but I am.  I was going to play til my lives ran out and I kept winning and couldn't get my lives used up.  I was determined.  Finally after a very long time I managed to lose and use all my lives.  lol  It's just very relaxing.

Nice that the fall decor is out but honestly I was not in the mood to do it so much.  I'm taking some of it to work.  I guess it just doesn't feel like September.  I always put the decor out when September arrives.  The evenings feel cooler now.  I'm able to sit out here with a nice breeze coming in thru the sun room.

Last night it was too cold.  I sat in the den with a flannel sheet around me while we watched Frankie and Grace.  Since we had our big lunch out yesterday I was really not wanting a big dinner.  My salad was huge yesterday at lunch.  I told George I really just wanted Oatmeal with a little butter in it.  He had two corn dogs.

I actually had a corn dog for breakfast.

Well, not a lot to tell, but the day was wonderful just being in our house and working on things and relaxing.  Still have tons of projects I could do.  I've decided that most of those projects I really don't want to do so I just never get around to it.  At some point I will I guess.

Oh George ordered a pressure washer from Amazon.  He got a "same day delivery".  But he didn't start using it until today.  He loves it.  He worked on the side walk and the front of the house.  It does a good job.  Makes things look so nice and clean.

Ok I guess I better go and work on a few other things.  Ya'll have a wonderful Labor Day weekend.


  1. I love reading your blog every morning it's almost the first thing I do I sit here with Breakfast news on the BBC not really paying much attention to it !...a cup of tea at me elbow and I pad on my knee, then it's Sonya time... I'm glad yesterday was a nice relaxing day for you..My gosh....these. STEAKS I have never ever seen such wonderful looking steaks in all my life, i think they would be so expensive even if I ever saw them the price would be well out of my reach, so I will just have to wait till I get to you and George will let me have a teeny weeny slice of it. It is wonderful that George is so great at making all those delicious sauces, oils etc etc I'm sure if ever you were on real hard times he could sell things for a fortune!!...
    Hope today has been a good one and that you have been able to get to church etc.......I will be going to collect the lady from Bath to bring her out to church and then home again afterwords. Bye for now, much love winging its way across the big pond xxxx

  2. those steaks look scrumptious. and so does the tarragon. the new pressure washer sounds like fun.

  3. Those steaks would definitely feed more than one person each. I think I'd have split one and frozen the other for later on. I have seen oils with herbs in them for sale but haven't tried them. I have some flower boxes with herbs in them and should harvest and dry them for later on. Fresh herbs are wonderful though so I'm waiting to see if I can put them on the sunporch and see if they'll winter over. It's been so cool here I've started changing over clothes for fall. I needed something warmer to wear yesterday. And I found my fall wreath for the door and put it out. Glad you got such a nice day at home and hope today is another wonderful day for you. A Sunday well spent brings a week of content they say.


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