Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Our New Home Addition, Meet Maisy! And a Day Out with Katy in Franklin!

Here is our NEW pretty little girl.  I've had an open mind for a while for another pet, knowing that our Tugie is 16.  And while there is NO replacement for her when she leaves us, I feel very strongly about Roger not being by himself.  I see how other pets keep each other company.  With one coming to you past the puppy stage and already housebroken and laid back and friendly and sweet.  What more could you ask for?  He was going to be taken to the shelter tomorrow, b/c the people across the street that found him couldn't keep her as their pets did not take well to her.  

Our neighbor found him in the rain during the really rainy/flash flood days of Harvey remnants.  She was wet and muddy and in the rain by herself  So the neighbor picked her up and brought her home.  His Mom gave her a bath and took her to the vet and was hoping to keep her.  But it's disrupting their other pets.  The dog has his shots and has been microchipped 3 years ago to an elderly couple.  The dog is 5 years old according to the vet.  The dog does not answer to the original name of "Tinkerbell" and George teasingly says he is not going to be caught walking a "Tinkerbell" down the street.  lol 
The neighbor has called her Missy for the past 3 to 4 days but the dog is not responding to it yet.  After much thought and feeling like if you are allowing something to sleep in bed with you - you have to know it's name.  lol  So Maisy is close to Missy and I really like it.  I love Lennon and Maisy the singers and then my friend Sybil's dog is Maisy.  But Sybil lives across the ocean so I don't think it will be confusing.  But at least we have ties to Sybil, my sweet friend across the big pond - over in Box, Wiltshire - I'm not even sure if that is totally correct, but over there somewhere!  I need to get my map out and Google Earth it!

So an ad has been run by our neighbor and the 3 days have passed and the vet has said it is legally hers.  So we are going to go to the vet and our neighbor said she would sign papers if anything needed to be signed as far as records, so we could tie our records to hers.  I mean if all the tests had been done we could tell them to bring over "Missy" records to the "Maisy" files.  lol  

Anyway this should be an interesting ride.  When I got up yesterday I had no idea I would have a new pet my sundown.  But I liked her a lot and she liked me too at first greeting.  She responds well to my pet voice and loves to be loved.  She rolled around on the sofa and took in the smells and seemed to be comforted by it all.  

The down side?  She sheds.  But I am going to keep her trimmed down.  And she has a bit of bad breath and we may get her teeth cleaned.  They need some attention.  

 She is a Papillon and the reviews on them are very good as far as getting along with people and dogs.  The only aggression they seem to show as a breed is when kids or another animal is rough with them and the Papillon is in fear of being hurt.  Our dogs are all laid back.  But we'd have to watch around Findlay - Katy' dog b/c she still has a lot of puppy in her.  

Well, isn't she beautiful?  Isn't she lovely?  She seems to be laughing and happy.  All in all I think she was a bit thirsty too.  

So we told our neighbors we'd be back to get the dog about 8.  We had a day planned in Franklin to see our daughter and meet her cat, Sterling.  The cat likes to lay on the guest bed when they are home.  She let me hold her for the longest time and purred.  I really like the cat! Very sweet.

We were starved (well Katy and I was).  George had eaten most of my breakfast b/c I was not feeling well due to my back.  (The back situation got better - sore but not the pain I originally had).  So we were going to go to Moe's BBQ but they were closed for Memorial day.  So we went to McCreary's which is Irish.  It was pretty good.  The Irish Soda Bread was a bit dry and I was not too fond of the crust that went with my Dublin chicken pot pie.  But their beef and cabbage spring rolls dipped in mustard were great and so were George's fries  lol - they were HOME fries.

Afterwards we went to a fudge and ice cream shop in Franklin called Kilwin's.  I ended up getting a small cone of strawberry.  

Then we went to a book store.  

We didn't buy anything but it was fun to look.  A lot of history type of books in there.  Particularly of Williamson County and local authors.

So we took clothes for Katy to sort through and she kept some and then we brought the rest back for the yard sale, plus two bags of clothes that she wanted to put in the sale that she had there.

And we came home and dropped the dogs off and went to Walmart.  George got the new dog a retractable leash and then we went to pick the dog up after we got home - about 7:45.

All went well and the new dog and I sat in the sun room for a while.  The eating and sleeping went well.  George got up to let "Maisy" have water.

She is having a little trouble adjusting this morning - since George and Roger got up.  She immediately went to George's bathroom and lay on the rug and wouldn't come out.  ;-(  It's thundering out but she doesn't see afraid of the thunder.  But she does seem to be shy now or afraid to come out.  George said she acted like it was a trained behavior to get out of bed and go sit on the bathroom rug.  So......we are wondering if the dog was kept in a bathroom a lot.  I have no idea but I guess much like Roger, we'll have to work with her a bit.  I'm sure she will fit in eventually and be comfortable.  We can't expect it overnight.

So I guess we'll put food and water back there.  And she can stay in our bedroom and bathroom area.  It gives her plenty of room and she seems content.  I think that is her "safe spot" for now.  That is the one spot that Tugie and Roger smells are not all over.

We'll see how it goes.  I need to get ready and go to work.

It's going to be a big bad busy week.  My assistant is on vacation and I'm happy for her but suspect it will be a busy week b/c my schedule was already busy as it was.

So the back is better today.  I think I slept on it wrong but it was really hurting when it started up.

Ok, more on Maisy tomorrow.


  1. Maisy is darling. So happy you have found her! Can't wait to hear all the doggy stories to come.

  2. I love your new addition and her name too! It's sad she got lost but so lucky to find a good home. One can only wonder about her previous owners. I once had 3 dogs and they did enjoy each others company. It's good to have a playmate. Hope the week ahead is a good one for you even though it will be extra busy.

  3. Maisy is so sweet. You all are going to love her to pieces.

  4. Hi Sonya and Hello Maisy...wee Masy over in Box, near Bath, in England sends you her love. She wants to tell you you will love to stay with Sonya Roger, Roger, and Tuggie, her Mum, Sybil tells me all about them and how Roger was strange at first so don't worry, you will soon love them all.............
    I know I'm daft imagine a dog writing a greeting LOL.....I'm just so happy for you. We both know that she will never take tuggies place but I think you are sensible to have another to fill a space. Just hope she is going to be able to settle down to being on her own during the time you are at work, if she had been owned by older folks maybe they were at home all day. Has she been spayed ? Certainly hope so with Roger around !!.... Wonder why she was left out in all that rain etc. Some people can be cruel sometimes without intent just thoughtless ...
    Hope work has not been as bad today as you thought it might be. ( meant to say earlier I do like Kate's wee kitten, what is its name ?) take care God Bless....

  5. Love your new pup! She is adorable! Love her "new" name! :)



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