Monday, September 4, 2017

Productive Day, and a Few Labor Day Surprises Already

What a great and productive day at home.  The church we go to had an "all church retreat" somewhere for the weekend, and there would have been a minimum crew at the building, but not the norm, so we decided to have our own retreat at home, lol. 

Tugie in true fashion got me up at 4 ish both days so for, but this morning finally let me sleep til 7.  So yesterday I was up early and productive early.  
Lots of laundry, and still have a couple of more loads.  Busy one this week for some reason.  

The little bugger slept ALL day long yesterday after making me get up early.  

She was out of it most all day yesterday and hardly alert at all.  I was a little worried about her.  I had to come and check to make sure she was breathing about 3 times.  Her face was so peaceful.

She and Roger get trims next week and they will look much better.  I brushed Tugie last night and see seemed to enjoy that.

Kitchen was cleaned and dishwasher emptied and rebooted.  

And then I had the whole day before me to work on projects.  I was determined to do so with an extra day in my weekend.  

So I got the mending done.  I hemmed some navy pants that the hem had started coming out of.  It's been in the pile for about 8 months and now I have an extra pair of navy pants.  Yay.  I took some favorite "flowy" black pants and hemmed them on both sides.  One of the hems was coming undone due to "wear" as the backsides always hit the floor.  So I doubled them under.  And hoping they will work just fine now.  That meant I had to hem both legs.  But it is done.  George saw me sitting there with sewing needle and brought me a pair of his shorts and a button.  So I did that.  And I mended a new sweater that had a hole in it.  I enjoyed it as I got to sit and watch TV at the same time.  

Have had The Weather Channel on all morning yesterday, kinda like old times. I used to have it on 24-7.  I seem to get a lot done with them in the background.  I was curious about the upcoming storms.   Irma is the next one.  I hope it does not hit Charleston.  :-O  If it does, I guess we'll change our plans.  Yes I worry.  But if you read, you knew that already.  Not anything we can do about the weather, but we can change our plans. 

I hung the Solar Eclipse poster in our bedroom.  

Took some pics of the fall decor and as I took the pic below, I realized that the "white flowers" were not very "fallish".  So I removed them and put them in the tub with the "spring/summer" stuff.  I'm also not sure why there are two baskets there.  lol  I don't usually put two baskets in one spot, but I think the candy was moved away from the living room to avoid being eaten.  lol Anyway I could use one more "fall bouquet" or fall flowers look to put in that spot below.  

The above is in the foyer when you come in the house.  I always put the Welcome Scarecrow there. 

Here is a pic of the dining room table.  Those nails are going to be used in an "old key" project along with the old barnwood.  George rusted the nails for me.  I am getting closer to working on that project but need some more ideas and inspiration first.  I keep seeing "crystal" along with barnwood and old keys.  So I was on the internet yesterday looking for crystal knob hooks.  I'm just not sure what I want to do yet.  But it needs more than just old keys on the barnwood.  Maybe lace, eyelet - I'm still thinking.

George is actually keeping beer tops to make artwork with.  That is kindof cool.  That will be good on the barnwood too. I think we'd be pretty crafty, both of us, if we had time to be.  

Well the dining table is filled with George's piles so I didn't photograph the whole table.  If you think that is bad you should see the pub table in the kitchen.  The coffee table also.  Drives me nuts.  Sometimes I move the pub stuff to the dining room table so I won't see it.  I like clean space - not stuff sitting around.  If he piles it neatly I can live with it. Most of the time it IS in neat piles.  But I think that is why I retreat so often into the websisphere or a book - so I can not be bothered by the fact that I've cleaned and it messes back up in 30 seconds.  I've learned to just quit cleaning as far as putting up stuff for the most part.  Rarely have to dust too when stuff is everywhere.  lol  It's so against my grain to have stuff everywhere.  But usually he reduces it to certain areas and piles neatly. Lately the pub table - not so much.  It's his "staging area" and it grows, like a bad bacteria.  When company comes if it's not moved, I put it all in a box.  ;-) So he usually moves it when company comes so he can control where it goes.  lol 

I've told him that I cannot stand clutter and if it ever gets to a certain point (I told him whose house I was thinking of) I'd have to move out for sanity sake.  lol  I guess if his clutter situation gets worse, I will know he is ready for me to go.  lol lol lol 

However, he's willing to get rid of stuff and we are cleaning so I guess he's wanting to keep me. 

Truth be known, I am a pack rat at times, but my stuff is hidden.  Like boxes of old letters and cards, and "stuff".  But I'm better at getting rid of it than he is. 

No I wouldn't really leave, I don't I do not like clutter.  Period. 

Here is the sliver of the pub table that I can show.  lol

So I also did my magazine project and tore out all the folded over pages of about 15 magazines from the past year.  Now I just have to go through them and file the recipe, or check out the webpage, or look up the travel destination, or the author's blog, or ---whatever it is.  That is fun!

And I worked on the family photo project.  I downloaded my favorite photos from families websites and ordered prints on Shutterfly.  Of course about 1/2 did not work.  So I had to go back and try to download the original size so the resolution would be ok.  I've learned the profile pics are usually not going to work b/c Facebook reduces the size - so you have to go back to the photo and click on the "dots" for more and click on "original size" and then sometimes that will work.  But not always.

I finally got them uploaded and ordered.  I included some of our closest buds that we have known for so long that are like family.  I want them all on my mantle.  That project has been on my list for some time - I think since the first of the year. It just takes a chunk of time.

<pause for about an hour>

Well - while in the middle of typing this - several things happened all at once to make the last few minutes very agonizing.

1.  My back clenched up on me and I had severe pain - in the muscle underneath my shoulder bone.  So agonizing and quick and sharp.  It was hard to breathe.  It was akin to a charlie horse I think only felt as if a knife sticking into my insides through to my lung.  Excruciating pain.  About a 7 on a 10 scale.  Enough to make me panic and reach for immediate relief from Acetamenophen.  I started to take two but I wasn't sure of milligram.  Later realized it was 500 so I'll let that try to work first.  Within 15 or 20 the pain was duller.  Started to take another 500 but decided to wait it out.  It was enough to bring tears.  Not sitting, not laying, nothing to help except that when it is massaged it feels better.

2.  Tugie hurled about 30 seconds after my episode with back.  I'm not sure if my being in pain scared her.  She was intently watching me once I gathered my bearings.  She is always atuned to what is going on with me.  And more alert than yesterday.   She knew there was something wrong with me.  And she is not well herself being with her heart issue and old age.

3.  George fixed a wonderful breakfast of steak, eggs, toast with preserves.  And why is that so bad?  Because I couldn't eat it.  Well, I eventually ate one of the eggs and the toast but the rest, no - just couldn't.  And before he could eat his own, he had to clean up Tugie Hurl while I was laid up in the back with tears of pain trying to find comfort anyway I could.

Once George had cleaned up Hurl and eaten - then he could deal with me.  And put the massager to my back. (Notice I'm last, lol).  Good thing it wasn't a heart attack - I'd be passed out and dead by now.  But no it's a muscle back type of thing from sleeping - but weird how it came on at once.  Best described as a Charlie Horse in your back shoulder blade that keeps clenching - except sharper.  I may reach for the 300 mg. yet.  It is still quite bothersome.

Anyway, back to yesterday.  George played around with the Pressure Washer.  He did a lot with it.  Did the rest of the sidewalk and in front of the garage, the back side walk and up the back stairs.

He fixed hot chicken for dinner with a rub that Katy gave him.  It was really good. We enjoyed our dinner.  We watched two soprano's back to back.

Well, if sleeping makes your back hurt this bad, then I prefer to get up early.  My gosh.

We are going to Franklin today with dogs in tow today and will go see Katy.  We will leave dogs there and go eat lunch.   We will get to see the new cat.

Anyway, I'm hoping this back pain goes away soon.  What a surprise that was.  Ya'll have a great Labor Day!


  1. Well it's some time since you posted that lot so hope by now the pain in your back,has gone to at least eased a bit. If not you will have to go see Dr. It's not right to have these odd pains. I was reading somewhere about a new little d-g ? Dying for more news. I will be looking in first time in the morning just to see if you have written's 9.30 pm here and I'm pretty tired so,think,I must have an early night. Not sure if I told you on Thursday night I went to,bed usual time 10ish but pain in hip/ leg/back was so bad, despite taking 80mg morphine and the tiny blue pill that relieves nerve pain before I went to bed I had to get up at 11.30 every step I took was agony so I managed to take another pain killer Tramadol...I sat here on the chair for an hour by which time pain had eased so back to bed...witching half an hour the pain was raging again so I got up and sat here for the rest of the I am still tired trying to catch up I might go early xxx

  2. tugie looks worn out. probably from getting up so early in the morning. i love that eclipse poster. looks quaint. perfect for the spot.

  3. All in all it sounds like a wonderful Labor Day weekend. I tried to get decorations out and change clothes around but didn't finish, I hope to do that today. I do miss having a pet around and enjoy seeing others. Do you still have a cat too? Glad the back started feeling better. That was a strange one! I cannot imagine sleeping was the cause, but who knows???


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