Saturday, September 16, 2017

Saturday Morning Confusion

Hmmm....I am sitting here wanting to type and nothing seems to want to come out.  I'm having to dig deep this morning for any thoughts and feelings.

I think I'm sitting here a little confused about a few things.  And a lot of things I don't want to go into.  
Sitting in the sun room this morning.  Just glad to have a Saturday morning and a day with nothing to do but go out to eat tonight for our anniversary.

The dogs let us sleep from 10 to almost 6 I guess.

Yesterday after work I went to the vet and got Tugie's heart meds and then went to Walmart and got more dog food.

I also got Garden Herb cream cheese to go on my toast.  :-)

I did realize that it's the dog making me want to upgrade things in the house, me trying to compensate for her messing the house up with the marking or anxiety issue during this adjustment period.  However, it's been LONG overdue on that damn blue linoleum and the itchy scratchy dirty sofa ---and the Smart TV - let's just throw that one in there.

Not sure if I am going to be in the mood to do much cleaning this weekend.  I suppose I will.  I'm just kind of deflated, discouraged, and asking a lot of questions about right now about a lot of things.
 And yeah I guess this was a bullet point entry and that usually means 1)  I'm tired  or 2)  I have things on my mind that I don't want to say.

I'd go with #2.
So I'll just be over and out with that one.


  1. I haven't been able to comment regularly but I do read here daily.
    Your new puppy is a pretty girl. I think her & your other dogs have done well. That's a BIG adjustment for all of them. I know how frustrating this time can be for all.
    A new furniture,tv,flooring not too much to ask. You work. Fulltime. Don't let these wants drive you nuts but you do deserve these upgrades. I don't want to feel negative towards your husband. I don't pay your bills. I don't think he gets the importance of what these improvements mean to you. I think once these items are put into place he will also enjoy them. He will LOVE the smart TV.
    Take some time on your own to pick out your choices. You are not an extravagant person from my point of view. These are not outrageous wants. Stick to your guns. You deserve to be happy & comfortable in your home. I really believe he will come around but you might have to endure a few spats in the process. Stick to your guns!
    Enjoy your puppies & have a good weekend.

  2. until the new dog is settled in i'd go for the smart tv on your priority list.


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