Saturday, September 30, 2017

Saturday Morning, Head Tilted Sideways, Drinking Coffee

Had some really good sleep last night.  The sore on the roof of my mouth, is making the coffee not as enjoyable.  My 3:00 p.m. coffee yesterday hurt too.  After coffee, I'll try Ma Rainey's suggestion of baking soda.  I think it's not getting better b/c I've had either spaghetti or chili almost every night.  I also wonder if the flu shot, along with all the acidity was too much for me this week.  Let's blame everything on the flu shot.  Maybe the flu shot is why I'm so busy. ha

I do feel better, than I did a day or two ago.  I was on the verge of getting ill.  But felt more myself yesterday and had some energy.  This morning I feel pretty good too.  A bit tired but all good.  

I'm actually having to take a sip, lean my head sideways, let the coffee pass through on the right side of my mouth and swallow.  The left hurts so bad, but I have to have my coffee.  If someone saw me drinking coffee this morning - they would think I was a nutzoid.  Hey wait.  I am a nutzoid. :-O

So I didn't get all the things I wanted to do done this week but I got close.  We can plan all day long but my planned schedule doesn't always take account for other people needing you for things.  And that takes away from the day but what can you do?

My assistant and I went to lunch yesterday.  Logans.  I wanted my salmon, baked potato and salad.  I ordered the lunch size.  But the portions are so tiny - so next time I'll order the real deal for a $1.00 more.  The salmon was drier than normal and the baked potato no bigger round than the bottom of a coffee cup.  Two or three bites down in there, lol. I think they cooked my small piece of salmon - less than half of a normal piece) - the same length of time as a big piece and then it was dry.  So live and learn.  I paid $20 for my lunch yesterday with tax, tea, and tip - and I expect to have a wonderful meal when I pay that much.  But I didn't complain to the waiter.  He was really nice.  But the food was edible so I ate it, what little there was, lol.

Anyway, came home and was elated to have some free time.  I had about an hour to hour and a half of just playing Candy Crush, petting the dogs and talking to them and watching Instagram stories.   It was wonderful.  George went to see his Mom and to Lowe's and I sipped wine, turning my head to swallow (life is hard).  

We had leftover chili - just couldn't hardly eat it - it hurt so bad.  No more acidic stuff til this goes away.  I got the bowl down and let George have my seconds.  

Bed felt soooooooooooo good last night.  Rest felt good. 

I have this morning to do some laundry.  I am taking a couple bottles of wine to Katy's house, and taking one of my new suitcases for her to use for Charleston. Have to stop and get a cheese platter.  Going to get one with like pepperoni and Italian type meat on it and probably some crackers to go with.  Then head to her house for the Sip and Shop party.  I think my head will be permanently tilted sideways by end of day.  

Other to do's include bringing up the fall clothes and my suit case for packing for Charleston so I can go ahead and throw some things in.  I also need to make a big dent in laundry and pick out what needs to be ironed for next week.  Need to reschedule my hair appointment and will call them this morning.  I need to check to see if my lab results are in and Monday I'll call and check on the RX prescriptions.  No need to check to see if they are there today.  I think they won't be and if they are not I can't call anyway.  I've got meds through next week - or at least most of next week. 

I believe that is all that is on the list today.  We do not have anything going tonight.  And I don't know what we are doing for dinner.  I think George has laid out a whole chicken for the clay pot - not sure if that is tonight or tomorrow.  I hope it's nothing spicy.  lol

Tomorrow is busy too.  OMGosh, I leave for Charleston in a week and two days!  A whole week of vacay!  I'm getting two whole weeks of vacay off this year.  Actually there are three weeks of vacay plus a few I'd rolled over from last year that I had used already.  I'll be using most my 3rd week of vacay in sectors in Dec and one day in Nov - depending on whether I cook or not.  Anyway I will only have a day or two probably this time to roll over into the next year.  But usually I don't get to take but one whole week at a time and the rest in taking a day here and there.  Knowing that I have had this Charleston trip planned and wanted some days in Dec, I have not taken my onesy days and I've really missed having them here and there on Friday's.  But it's ok.  It's been worth it knowing I'd get the week off in Charleston to travel, and explore.  

Katy and I are going to pack a carry on bag with us (each) in case we find a lot of shopping.  We are Christmas shopping.  And we may find some things for people for Christmas.  I DO plan on looking for me a watch and also a few tops.  I think our Christmas list is a bit simpler this year.  Not as much shopping.  But just enough shopping to still have fun.  Some are getting big items.  Like we are getting Katy and Cody a freezer (they'll still get some things wrapped each and their stockings) so less shopping and wrapping.  But they both also have birthdays in Dec.  And Mom we are getting her a new tablet.  

I looked online at Amazon to get a keyboard attachment for my ipad so I can do some blog entries while I am gone.  However, I practiced doing an update without it and I can easily get an entry typed to pop in and say hi.  This ipad is bigger than my mini.  So it works better for typing.  Not perfect but better. 

Well, the dogs did great for 3 days - no pees and no messes, and no marking.  However, just a minute ago - Maisy peed in the floor.  George said she came to tell him she needed to go out (may have).  Normally they go again about this time of the morning.  But it's Saturday and sometimes later than 7:45 when they go out for their 2nd romp of the morning.  

So I guess I should get started on the day with all that beckons. 

Tomorrow also a busy one.  Up by 6 and to church and to do a store run for the next week.  Have some letter writing to do.  And I need to search for some Zenger Miller training info in my HR stuff downstairs. I'll need that for training next week.  I've got to get my training thoughts together for kindof an impromptu thing for our AZ and OKC trips for supervisor training.  The Zenger Miller training I've been through had a great list of tips to use for getting points across, listening, giving constructive feedback, etc.  I'm hoping I can find all that.  I wouldn't have thrown it away and I hope no one else did. 

Well, gotta go.  Ya'll have a good weekend.


  1. sorry your fish was too dry. that always ruins a meal. hope your ulcer heals sooner rather than later. hope MA's baking soda trick works.

  2. Sorry to read that your mouth is still sore, just keep an eye on it ( what a daft thing to say,!!) ..if it's not better you might have to go and have it looked at....I'm glad yesterday was a good day and you got a lot done..exciting to think of our holiday. Mary and I leave next Saturday flying via Paris to Venice join the cruise ship then visiting various Greek will be away at same time, but expect you will have your I pad with you as I will and I have paid extra to be able to use it on the ship so ...much to marys annoyance...I will be able to pop in and out.... Not sure if I told you I am having a new bathroom fitted there was a doubt if I could afford it but yesterday I had a revised estimate and all is going to be good...I'm so pleased about that. Also my dear brother in law gave me £100 to pay for a new printer and have it fitted up by the computer man so that I can use it with my I pad. At present I have to use my lap top for printing..that's all I really use it for now...when I get back I will get the man to get it for me..yippee we are both getting things we want....have a good day enjoy church. NGod bless. Xxx

  3. So glad that mouth feels better and that I could help. Your trip sounds wonderful and it's perfect timing too. A break right now will definitely help as it gets so busy when fall comes. That sip and shop party does sound like lots of fun. Hope your weekend is a wonderful one !

  4. Try some Metallica (?) Honey on your mouth. It is much more expensive, but has really good antibodies for healing. My friend told me about it when she had a really bad place that would scar. No scar. I had a tiny jar and have used it on cut, sores etc.


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