Friday, September 8, 2017

Territorial Doggie Days, Aunt and Uncle Fleeing Irma

I think it's Friday, right?  lol

Been busy with the new dog.  But all going well with Maisy.  George let Maisy stay WITH the other two for their 2nd full day because when he left Roger was upset and barking because Maisy was upset and barking so he decided to just let Maisy join them so everyone would find their spot and settle.  Since there has not been any sign of aggression - other than an occasional grunt growl or bark when one lands on another one in sleep or something.  Once they realize what is going on they hang back and are ok.  No real strong threats to be alpha dog.

That said that first full day was definitely a territorial one.  George got home first and found NINE pee spots.  NINE!!!!!

We both said "well, that was probably the worst day" and that is over now and every day going forward will hopefully be easy for them.

So....yesterday he came home to THREE - but they were tiny - however one was in Roger's bed.  And Maisy has been wanting to take over Tugie's chair.  She definitely wants to establish rank.  The first day Maisy was really excited.  Yesterday she was a bit more reserved.  I also think that is part of the ranking deal.  Reality setting in, learning her role, and so forth.  She's been laid back since she has been here, but still with more energy than the others - following us around and exploring and such.  But yesterday she seemed to just relax and hang in one spot like the others.  Sleep is going well too.  Tugie has moved over to George's side more and Roger.  Maisy stays really close to me - so no more "bumps" in the night.  lol

Maisy doesn't like treats.  So we have to find one she likes.  There is one that she will take and hide, lol.  I think the other dogs eventually eat it.  She is a definite meat eater.  Doesn't like dried food at all.

Her breath has been bad but honestly in the last day or so it seems to have gotten better.  I guess she is eating better things here than out in the streets, huh?  So glad that her records are normal and she is ok.

They all get trimmed tomorrow and I'm so glad.

I've been worried about my Aunt and Uncle in the storm of Irma - as it's headed toward their way in Jacksonville.  They are on the road and headed to Mom's.  Traffic horribly bad.  They were on backroads.  They should arrive today or possibly already.

I'm hoping to take off south after work and eat dinner with them out somewhere and then drive back home. I need to see how I feel after work.  I am really tired and honestly don't want to have 3 hours of driving after work.  But we'll see.  I do want to see them.  George will have to take care of dogs and see his Mom.  The other possibility is tomorrow night we could see them but George already has a leg of lamb thawing to fix and we'll be gone Sunday to Titan's game.  Life is full and not much of a weekend to do anything at home.  But it'll be a fun weekend I guess.  Although packed full.

We'll see what all happens.

And work has been unbelievable busy.

 It's been mostly all work and no play this week.

  I did have an hour the day before yesterday where I shirked all responsibilities and played Candy Soda Crush for an hour.  lol  I should have been cooking dinner I suppose instead.  We had something quick.

I made up for it last night.  I fixed dinner while George pressure washed.   We watched a Soprano show.  I know that is "play time" too but I don't count it as "me time".  Sometimes you just need some "me time" to do whatever.

But mostly I have been doing someone elses agenda all week long.  Such as is life.  But it's all good.  Trying to make the best of it.

Saw there was an 8.0 earthquake in Southern Mexico.  And all those hurricanes lined up out there.  Just hope they are gone and do not do anything to Charleston as our trip is coming up in 2nd week of October.  Maybe weather patterns will be changed by then, but right now our earth is going crazy.


  1. I'm glad to hear that your Aunt and Uncle evacuated to your Mom's. I think that is the most sensible thing to do if you can. One of my DDIL's wrote asking for prayers for her family in Florida, I guess they are all staying put. Hope that very soon Maisey settles in and no more episodes trying to mark territories occur. Take good care if you decide to drive to your Mom's that is no short trip. It's finally Friday and your weekend does sound like fun!

  2. I do pray that your Aunt and Uncle are safely at Moms by this time and feeling better at being safe, it has been heartbreaking watching the destruction that the hurricane has made on all those lovely little Islands. Most of them I visited when on the cruise with my friend Pam two years ago. The people on these islands were so friendly and kind....Glad that dogs are still behaving themselves. I think it's amazing that they stay in the house all day without any damage to anything...just hope they get on well together, it's early days yet,.,take care love and God Bless you George and all those you love xxx

  3. three dogs are alot to deal with. glad your aunt and uncle will weather the storm farther away than home. hope you get to see them this visit.

  4. Am sure I commented last night but can't see it this I will be quick. Glad dogs are still settling in together. Wonder how wee Masy is going to look after her bath groom and brush up...waiting to see nice photos.....hope today will be good for you and George and that the Titian game goes well...must go visitor at the door xxx


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