Friday, September 15, 2017

The Big Push

I saw this in my pics where I saved this a few years ago.  What a great idea.  Everybody ought to have one of these illuminated potty seats.  

I suppose yesterday went well.  After I woofed my lunch down I walked at work.  There is a nice place to walk (the sidewalk all around the complex.  It is in front of businesses so it seems safe.  I will try to do that as much as I can.  It is a relief to have that option.

But after that, I think I hit a wall.  And totally reversed the effects of the walk by having cake and ice cream in the break room.  :-(  

So I left at 4:45 since I have put in a lot of hours lately and just felt like I needed some personal time.  
The new dog is eating us out of the house.  I forgot to stop and get more fresh pet yesterday.  We have plenty of dry dog food but Maisy is not fond of it unless it has something that fresh pet or sandwich meat to get her started.  So today I'll have to run some errands after work and I will probably leave at 4:00 or 4:30 b/c the vet is one of the errands I have to run to pick up Tugie's heart meds.  

The dog still having problems adjusting.  Several spots in the house.  I'm glad we have a good carpet cleaner.  But I think George is going to go rent a big professional one and do each of the rooms. He likes to do the carpet cleaning.  Although I have asked if he wanted me to do some of the rooms.  I think he just likes doing it and it does look nice afterward.  

 I wanted to have a fall party with everyone over but I'm not this year.  I appreciate our friends having us over all the time, but until we get some things updated in the house and this new dog gets settled - I'm not spending a lot of time trying to clean and prep the house.  It's to the point that cleaning is not going to make it look nice.  The  old sofa and chair, the flooring, the linoleum, the appliances, the shutters outside - all of it needs to go and be replaced.  I don't want to entertain anymore til my standards are met.  And this dog gets control of herself.

Hubby should be proud.  Why?

I'm not pushing for the pool yet.  I have not pushed for stainless steel everything.  I have not pushed for new countertops.  I've not pushed to get rid of the blue linoleum despite it being one of the first things I wanted to change.  But it's time to push.  I did not get to do updates in the old house until we moved out and they updated it to sell it.  I didn't get to enjoy those updates.  I really don't want the same thing to happen here. 

Back to a pool.  No a pool would be nice but honestly I'd probably not get in it much.  I'd sit beside it. So I'll save our pool money and use that for travel.  He'll be so proud.  ;-)

Yep, gonna have to work on ole Deep Pockets over there - gonna have to dig deeeeeeeep in those breeches pockets to get Momma a new sofa and keep her happy.   As well as these other things that need updating that I have waited patiently for all these many years.  By the time we get stainless everything it'll be out of style.  lol 

I did notice this week that we are going on a "Brew Bus" soon at $70 per person.  That is $140 between us.  That is also $$ that could be put on a sofa.  We seem to have NO problem booking things like concerts and buying wine boxes and brew bus tour outings.  I enjoy those things too but sometimes we need to think of making the home nicer.  Dig a little I know there is sofa money down in 'em pockets somewhere.   

Yes, it will be a daily mention til it happens!  

I'm really not wanting to even sit in the den anymore.  

  I need to add that I keep talking about it, but George has not said no.  He just said we needed to talk priorities.  Which means to me a sofa is probably not number 1 on his list.  Any time I've wanted anything over $300 it is always an issue and timing not right.  But we'll see.  There is always something hanging over our heads besides concerts and outings.  I just want to come home to a comfy sofa and a smart TV and a nice kitchen.  These are the two rooms we spend most of our time and I'm not comfortable in them anymore.  I'm just not. 

Well ya'll have a great day and I'll quit moaning.  Well, I'm off of here to go clean up two more pee spots from this morning alone.  We've been outside first thing but yet there are two more spots.  This is driving me absolutely bananas.  

Can I come live with you all?  Do you have a smart sofa and a TV and clean floors?  This is just a daily battle for me right now.  I don't even want to come home sometimes.  It's time for the Big Push to update a few things.  Yeah, it'll be a Big Push. Nothing is ever easy when it comes to spending money on anything besides entertainment around here.  Hey wait - Smart TV is entertainment!  Yep we gotta get with the program.

And I did notice that I titled this "The Big Push" and immediately there is a toilet right under the title.  No connection there I promise - just total irony.

Over and Out.


  1. I plan to have family over for my daughters birthday this month. I look around and all my furniture is worn ugly and dont match. We dont have the funds to Pretty up, so Ive always just kept it clean and made do. I want to decorate the house in Fall. Ill pull out the old decorations from the attic and dust them off. Ill be lucky to get a new Fall themed center peice and a wreath for the door.

  2. It must feel wonderful to get outside where you work and no longer be afraid to be there. A big plus for sure ! I think our homes are where we should feel comfortable. It's our place to be able to relax and enjoy. You do work hard and having a place you like to come home to is important. From what I've seen from the pictures you've shown your home is nice the way it is, but things do get old and with a house, there is always room for improvement. Yay it is Friday! Hope your day is a fantastic one!

  3. just me, but I'd much rather spend money on my home's needs than spending money on activities outside the home. I'm very glad I don't have to wait for my DH to say ok ;) Hopefully your new dog gets it figured out. I'm sure she will

  4. Sorry love missed this days really are in a downer this week.....It's such a shame but I think it is very understandable often when you have so long waiting for something when it comes it's your office move, then you become so tired and need something else to think and worry your case it is the house. I think again it's natural you might want a new settee and I think it's time that George realises that. Why don't you get Kate on your side and maybe get her to say to her Dad that has he noticed how worn it is ? He might react differently to if you moaned on about it again....just a suggestion....

  5. As hard as you work You deserve your new sofa and what ever else you want. You are right. I have a old sofa and am ready for something else. I would like new carpet or hardwoods in my living room too. We do have a nice TV. My husband is into electronics. I would like a new chair of my own. My recliner is 15 years old. It is leather but just not as comfortable as it once was. I feel your pain. I always want to fix up house. The kitchen is fine but I need a new fridge. Ours is white and the rest of our appliances are stainless steel. But husband said if it works we are keeping it. I feel your pain. I try not to complain but it is hard sometimes.


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