Thursday, September 14, 2017

The Makings of a Better Day with Maisy.

Well, I think this pretty girl and I bonded a bit yesterday.   I was so mad at her for her behavior the day before- we had been gone all day, came back, left again.   It was a day filled with pee, (grass on the floor), a bit of bad behavior to the other dogs, and not much sleep for anyone the previous night.  So yesterday morning when she got up the 2nd time with George and pranced happily over to me I made a comment that I had already seen her to say our "good mornings" this morning (at 3 a.m.) in a sarcastic tone.  I was really just being myself like I am when I'm tired and grumpy and was actually being a bit humorous.  But Maisy read my voice and my behavior to a perfection and she went and hid under the sofa side table and pouted and WOULD NOT COME OUT.  I had to move the table and reach back (took several tries) to get her out.  I held her, hugged her, told her I was sorry and that I was taking her for a walk.

I'd heard that some exercise can be good for situations like these and I read that a Papillon needs their exercise.  She strode around the block like a little champion.  Maybe had been leash trained as she kept in stride with me.  She stopped to do her business but we had a good walk around the block and I think it was just what she needed.  But she had reduced me to tears.  To have a dog mad at me was more than I could handle.  

I thought about it all day.  I couldn't wait to get home to her and tell her I missed her and I hoped things were better between us.  She was all about it.  She was so happy to see me.  Even when George came home, she wanted to be by my side.  I think that she sees that I'm starting to understand her and I think she might be starting to understand me a bit.  She seemed to feel the same way - that she wanted to show me she wanted our relationship to work.  

So things are much better between us.  There was one little pee spot yesterday which had just happened, and probably from the excitement of the garage door or us coming in. It looked like an accident instead of a planned one.   One little spot is much better than 5 or 7 or 9 (nine on the first day I believe). 

And we slept good last night.  Everyone was in their "spot" lined up in the middle of the bed and it just worked.  When I don't have my sleep - the day is hard.  It's hard for me and everyone around me.  
But the day went well.  I managed to drink enough caffeine to keep me awake.  I went to sleep with Maisy and Tugie.  Maisy growled a bit when Tugie wanted to come up and sleep where Maisy was too.  Tugie most often sleeps at my feet now and doesn't really want to snuggle much anymore - but now that Maisy is here she wants to.  Go figure.  But I just petted her and gave her attention at the bottom of the bed, and she was fine with that.  So I have to be careful and give them both attention.  

But yeah, I feel like a barrier came down b/w Maisy and I yesterday - one that I didn't know was there.  My heart broke when she was mad at me and now I'm wrapped around her paw!  

Now the spot that she hid yesterday - she has decided that she likes it and likes to sleep there when we are busy around the house.  So that is ok then - as long as she is not mad.  You can tell - she will come out when you call her when she is not mad or scared.  So I put a little blanket under there for her and she loves it.  It's also very close to my desk (2 feet away) and she keeps an eye on me while I blog or check facebook or do the Walmart order, or going through the mail at my desk.  

So yes, things are much better today.  

I think George may have even taken off his shoes.  I noticed he was late coming home.  But at least he pulled up and brought us both a beer from the fridge and helped me finish walking the 3 dogs around the yard, so I knew it was all going to be ok.  

I had a big lunch yesterday and he probably did too so we only had poached eggs and grits.  

A lot of stuff going on.  

Our anniversary weekend is this weekend.  26 Years.  

I told him that I wanted a new sofa - since the last one was bought for my 40th birthday and I'll be 55 next month.  It's time.  He didn't say no but said we'd list our priorities.  lol 

So probably no more trips for me and no more wine kits and concerts for him.  ;-)  lol

No I think a Sofa and Chair won't be too hard to come by.  We aren't talking real leather here.  I've asked to bring the downstairs sofa upstairs, but for some reason he doesn't want to do that.  So we'll get another one and that is probably better so we can get a matching chair.  I want a reclining sofa b/c I like to put my feet up.  We are in here so much in the evenings - that to me this is priority.  And then the Smart TV is next.  ;-)  I like it when things are smart.  ;-)

Well I better go get ready so I can take Ms. Maisy for her walk around the block.  I hope we see some sunshine today.  I believe Aunt Martha and Uncle Ken headed back yesterday - they had decided to stay another day b/c of the gas shortage and lack of power.  

Well, ya'll have a grand and glorious day.  I'm just soooo glad to have been able to get sleep and get some improvement in the household.  I was truly very ready to move out. If not for a day or two. I have standards you know.  I cannot operate in "messy" and "subpar" conditions - at least not w/o complaint, lol.  And I sure as heck can't operate without sleep.  Those two things in combination does not make for a pretty scene when out of kilter.

Ok off to get coffee and proof read and see how many typos I had.   Ok I'm really gone this time.  But I sure am growing to love that little girl at the top with all my heart.  


  1. Nice for both of you to take that walk around the block...and so good to hear that you got some sleep. One can not function right with out it. Hope you have a happy Anniversary and get what you want. I'd be lost with out my smart tv here as I can't get cable and have to stream what I want to watch on TV. The kids all went together a few years ago and bought me one. Hope you have a great day! Happy Thursday!

  2. Not sure I'd want a new sofa and chair with a new dog marking her territory. But if you think she's getting better, perhaps then.

  3. Maisy is so cute. I think she will be fine in a few days of getting use to the routine in the house. Makes me want a little dog. I hope you get your new couch for your anniversary. I want the same thing and am hoping we can get one soon..


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