Sunday, September 24, 2017

The Weekend and All Sorts of Thoughts

Howdy!  I know I'm behind on my daily updates.  It seems lately on the weekends, I've kinda ignored the blog some.  It's hard to keep up sometimes.  And I'm trying to focus on some other things I want or need to do.  

Currently, I'm sipping a Manhattan, have Maisy to my right, and Roger to my left - at their choice.  I'm so honored.  Tugie - well, she is napping heavily and has been most of the day.  Bless her.  She'll wake up probably and join us when she realizes everyone is missing. 

George is fixing an Indian dish for dinner.  Naan bread included.  Yum. 

I'm gearing up for fixing chili at some point in the week once the Indian dish is gone.  He thinks it will last two nights. 

We had a great big ole store run today.  We are set for the week now. 

Before that we went to see Granny Jan.  She has been up to a lot lately.  But I don't really want to subject you all to the horrors of Alzheimer on the public blog.  I will say that unique and bizarre things are happening as this progresses.  I will uphold her dignity on this blog.   But it is just sad.  She has moments where we look at each other and smile and she seems like the MIL that I once knew.  But she is like a child now.  And also as she ages she has become more frail.  She is falling a lot.  I predict that she will be in a nursing home situation or a higher care facility soon.  She is getting where she cannot walk very well.  And problems getting from chair to wheel chair.   But a lot of other disconnect and bizarre things happening as well.  It's so sad. 

As I was typing this I was listening to Oysten Sevag's Children's Song on the Windham Hill Piano Sampler II in my iTunes list.  It's so pure and beautiful.  It makes me cry!  And writing about my MIL while listening real did it!  

And now Tugie has woken up and joined us. 

Maisy is really taking to me.  That day a week and a half ago or so when we "bonded" - I think sealed the deal.  When I yelled at her got on to her, she tucked her tail and hid under the end table.  I suppose she sulked all day and I worried all day and felt bad all day and we went for a walk, we talked, and I came home and hugged her and told her I loved her and I realized she was sensitive like me and that we'd stick together and work it out.  She has stuck to me like glue.  She misses me when I leave the room.  

I heard George telling someone that he was glad that I had a dog now, b/c Tugie is often aloof these days and Roger follows him. And I need a dog to follow me.  Awww...that lets me know that he loves me when he wants a dog to love me.  How sweet is that?  

Well, I guess I should back up to yesterday.  I guess I was not in much of a party mood yesterday for our brew tour.  Of course I love our friends dearly.  I think I've just needed some quiet time.  Us introverts require some time to rejuvy.  We need time to air out the week behind and gear up for the week ahead.  We need to exhale for a while and think, and plan, and reflect.  But the weekend forged full ahead too quickly.  But we did have Friday night and we did have the morning time.  I was lazy yesterday morning for the most part.  

We left at 1:15 to meet our friends at 2.  Don, our friend, organized a series of breweries to take us all to along with his brother and other friends and some of Lisa's friends.  Lisa was DD (designated driver) to their group and I was DD to George.  I got to drive George around.  I did get to have a beer but my rule was 1 to every 2 to 3 hours.  We went to four breweries.  One of the breweries had a full restaurant menu.  George and I ordered pizza and since I wanted *something healthy* I got us a Cobb salad which I mostly ate, but I munched on pizza too.  

We went to the following breweries: 

*Little Harpeth 
*Smith and Lentz
*Tail Gate Beer
*Black Abbey

OK So it was fun day just us all being together.  

Now, George did (and usually does) get irritated with me while driving him around.  His cries for "Im "I'm ok to drive.... I promise" .  I'm sure he was.  And part of my problem yesterday was my detest for driving around Nashville.  George got to experience for himself what my driving is like around the Metro area.  The Waze App was trying to tell me to get to an interestate entrance and it was amidst a chain of other roads and entrances - and b/w the Waze App, George's instructions (or lack thereof), and my trying to just "figure it out" - drove us both NUTS.  George wanted me to follow Lisa.  I tried to follow Lisa, his instructions and WAZE all a the same time.  And OMG - we ended up doing a cloverleaf like 3 TIMES!  lol lol lol 

George was so beside himself that he quit trying to help.  lol lol   He was so mad that I was listening to WAZE instead of following his instructions.  Sometimes I wasn't sure he was right and it made him mad.  I was feeling so bad - that I was a horrible driver and a horrible DD driver.    Despite our clover leaf adventures, we still beat Lisa.  So I feel I gained some credibility back.  I haven't even had time to tell Lisa this.  I guess it was still a sore spot at the brewery so I never brought it up.  But George seemed pleased to just have arrived, lol.  

George had quit giving out instructions so when I asked if "this is where I need to turn" he refused to answer, saying "I'm not gonna say cause you don't want to listen to me".  lol lol lol 

I'm so sorry, it was just that I was trying to follow Lisa and Waze and Him too and so I ended up doing a dipsy doodle of all 3!   I HATE driving in NASHVILLE!  I can do the interstates all day long but getting to and fro from the interstates and the loops and the streets around town. You have to think fast and know what lane to be in and it drives me crazy.  My brain is not wired for it.  

So he cheered up though b/c I got him to the damn darn 4th brewery.  I was pretty happy too to have a salad and a two pieces of greasy    gloriously wonderful pepperoni and feta pizza.  

At the Black Abbey, I sat at the end with the guys (not intending to be away from my Lisa) but it ended up that way and we listened to Don's brother talk about war stories.  I am not sure what started it.  Perhaps the talk of the current day issues with North Korea.  But I don't know that I have ever sat at the table with any one sharing beer and talking about their experiences in our navy or army discussing their experiences in the military.  It was very interesting to me.  I was glued to the conversation.  Of what it was like, of what he did, of what he was part of.  I could see so much in his eyes as he talked.  The sadness, the grief, the pride moments of his team, the happiness as he looked up to see that we were glued to his every word.  I have such a respect for him.  And it just personalizes everything our servicemen do for us.  I have a new respect for our "guys" and "gals" in service to our country.  And how confusing it must be.  While there was Vietnam in it's confusing time frame and all that goes with that.  And then there is NOW which is soooooo far infused into the same.  The "why"  and the "reasoning" is so far fetched.  God Bless those who blindly go into service for our country - now in these days - with the confused "identity crises" that we seem to be going though.  Bless those who give their life or a portion of their life to protect those of us - here in America - as we fight to identify who we really are. What we were is something truly different from what we are.  

And so we ended our brewery tour.  And my lovely friend Lisa (aka one of my favorite family members even though we are not related ----we SOOOO ARE) checked in with us to make sure we arrived home ok.  

And so.....  I sit here listening to my iTunes and I think of how many years worth of gathering my favorite songs, just so "in the future" as I listen, I'll be listening to all my favorite songs.  From then, it is now the FUTURE and I'm enjoying it immensely.  

I like all kinds of music and it may be anything from rock to disco to classical to blues to country to pop.  It is so lovely.  I can hear "fiddle music" and think of Dad.  I can hear "blues" and think of Memphis and our almost potential move there (gag, lol)  and I can think of "pop" from the 80's and think of high school and college years.  I can hear country and think of Daddy and Nashville.  I can hear rock and think of high school, college, Titan's tail gates, and all sorts of things.  I love my iTunes and it really is becoming the person of who I am.  

Perhaps in the future funerals of "us" we should allow that our iTunes selections be played, our facebook posts be remembered, our blog posts be reviewed as this is the AGE we find ourselves amidst.  

And I will close on that as our Indian dinner is about to be served.  I realize that amidst dogs, music, friends, (can't forget the spouse who has grabbed my hand today -(just because he loved me and wanted to hold my hand) and has been my bartender, my friend, my cheerleader - despite our occasional communication woes).  I guess life is good.  

We start the work week tomorrow.  And I am much reminded of the things I need to accomplish both at work and at home before our girls trip to Charleston!  
So next weekend is Katy's Shop and Sip party to have all of her friends over that have home businesses.  We'll sip and ship and have Lula Roe and all kinds of purchases.  ha.   George has been aware for about 3 months - so I'm sure it's in the budget  - ha. 

Then the next weekend is our yard sale and then then Katy and I leave for our trip -----TWO weeks from now!  OMG!  

I'm so excited!  

Much to do b/w now and then b/w work and home.  So I'll be working hard.  

Gotta go.  George is sending me messages.  Two minutes out!  

See ya, later. 


  1. Great post!
    Hope you enjoyed your dinner.
    Monday is near. And the beat goes on.

  2. what a lovely weekend you had. sounds perfect.

  3. Sounds like you had a nice weekend.

  4. Oh Sonia I do love (you) the way you write your blog, it's just as if you are sitting here with me and we are smiling and giggling at the same things...I could just "see" you George and the sat nav trying to drive on the highways etc !! It sounded a great afternoon though. Now I have a fun story for you....I was chatting to an old lady yesterday, she is 90, her nephew has come to stay with her, Colin. Is who I went to the Jazz on the canal boat, anyway he has a sat nav in the car and Flo was telling me where they were going for lunch, to Oxford she said, oh said me, does Colin know the way...she whispered to me.....well he has this woman he rings her and she tells him where to go,she must be quite clever cause we usually get somewhere nice.....oh that will be sat nav I said....don't know was the reply, I don't like to ask him !!!....LOL.
    Sorry to read that granny is failing so quickly George and his sister must worry....there is a church friend who rings me seems like every day crying saying her horrible(nice) husband is starving their dog, next it's going to be her.....what can you do, it's so awful and Margaret was one of the folks who was always doing something and rushing around..Now she can't even drive her car as her licence was withdrawn.....anyway have a good week...take care and God Bless. Xxx

  5. Sounds like a great weekend for you ! Lots of good food friends and family. So glad you your new dog are getting on well too. Will keep George's mom in my prayers. It is a devastating disease, especially for the family. It's not an easy thing to see happen to someone you love. Times are getting very busy for you there. The next few weeks are going to fly by. Nice you have that trip to look forward to. Hope you have a great start to this new week! Happy Monday!

  6. I'm sorry about your Mother in law. This is a horrible thing for her to have to go through. Someone is our family is going through the same thing. Her husband and daughter are trying to care for her at home. Spend as much time as you can with her. I know just having a kind voice or a hand to hold helps. It just breaks my heart.


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