Monday, September 18, 2017

Trip to Mom's and Maisy Still Trying

This is what you do when you are being chauffeured for an hour and a half down the road with two dogs in the back seat, one in your lap and one on the side.  

Three dogs is a little much in my opinion but I'm trying to make it work.  I know at some point there will only be 2 again.  And I hate to even think about that.  But at least we won't have to train a puppy all over again.  I think it would REALLY send me over the edge if this dog was a chewer.  

I was about to say that Maisy is getting in the routine as far as going outside the last few days.  Truly it has been better.  But she pooped and pee'd this morning just after going out.  And she pooped at Mom's yesterday after being outside.  Grrrrrrr.

At least I can say that over the period of time, she was getting a little better if you put it on a trend line.  I think the trip to Mom's disturbed her.  I don't think she understood it.  She was probably afraid we would leave her there.  She growled at Fancy, Mom's dog, when Fancy would get near me.   

I think that she will be like Roger and get in the routine when she is secure and understands how it will be.  She is very smart but just not able to understand a lot right now.  Look at those eyes, how serious they are.  

Our trip to Columbia and possibly the fact that they were 2 hours behind schedule eating - even made her growl at Tugie in the car when their noses touched too close.  Tears formed in my eyes b/c I know if she continues to be all growly I won't be able to keep her.  I will NOT have her antagonize my babies.  I love her and want to keep her but she has to be nice.  George said that he felt that they were all hungry and tired.   But our two don't growl at each other when they get hungry, so neither should she.  At least it's not a hard aggression, only minor. She hasn't bitten anyone or any of the dogs.  And her growls are usually just pretty much a low growl - but when she make Tugie growl back - it gets loud and sounds horrible.  I will say that she is still on probation.  We will probably be able to keep her.  But she will have to get over this growling thing.  So far leaving her with our dogs has gone well b/c they spread out and they each have their space. We have to watch them at food time.  We keep them separated as much as possible with pillows in bed so no one snarls.  

But as it is with Maisy and going to Mom's, I would not be comfortable leaving Fancy and Maisy together.  Maisy growled, Fancy began barking at her as if to say "I dare you growl at me in my own home" and Maisy showed her teeth and began growling back again.  So I am not sure they are going to be able to be left alone and us go out to eat like we do sometimes.  

So we'll see.  I think she will still work but it'll take some more time.  At least we know she does well at home.  Except for the housebreaking situation.  And that is getting better.  I remember that with Roger about the time we felt he was getting better, he would do it again.  

Well, we did have a good time at Mom's.  We took KFC and Mom had tea and pecan pie.  

Today is our anniversary.  That is all I will say.


  1. Yes, I do remember the diapers you had for Roger. It does take time to adjust and Maisy has had an unsettling time of it. She is such a doll and worth being patient for. No doubt she was a little scared of being around new people and a new dog. Glad you took food and hadn't planned to go out to eat. It's a new week and another chance to get it right. Happy Monday!

  2. Hi love, just been leaving a comment on Thursdays blog...I thought I had written this morning, but probably got interrupted.!!.....I'm really sorry about the trouble you are having with dear wee Maisy, she probably is still very confused about whatever she has been through these last few weeks. However she must learn to share and share alike maybe she was the only dog wherever she came from, perhaps her previous owner got another dog that Maisy didn't like either, and growled at it that's why she was left to wander by her wee self...she must be mixed up, and as your not with the dogs all day she feels she has to defend herself by getting the first really is an almost impossible situation, I think you and George are exceedingly good to her and for her...I'm keeping the situation in my prayers and pray that calm pee free days will develope very soon. Xxxxxx

  3. Sorry to hear about the growling. That doesn't bode well for the new dog IMHO. Fingers crossed that changes soon.


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