Friday, September 1, 2017

Tropical Depression, A Play, and Katy's Tornado Warning

Various pics of Depression Harvey as it made it's way through our area yesterday afternoon through this morning.  

Yesterday morning, I was going to make sure I had some good stuff to eat - for breakfast and for lunch so I wouldn't have to get out.  I had bad luck with that.  I gave up.  I had tried to fix a banana smoothie but the bananas in the freezer had gone bad.  I don't know how they can go bad in the freezer but these did.  They stunk.  OMGosh made me not ever want another smoothie.  So I tossed it and grabbed coffee and just went.  There was nothing in the house that I wanted for lunch.  And after a week of mainly eating in the break room, I just decided Tropical Depression or not, I'm eating out for lunch.  I ended up eating a Belvita for breakfast - the new toasted coconut flavor.  It tasted like a sugar cookie - and to be quite honest - it probably WAS.  

But for lunch, I went by myself and enjoyed peace and quiet and had the express lunch of salmon, rice, and a salad and ice tea which I had a refill of and took a cup back to the office.  

It was VERY Busy yesterday and I did not get anything done that was on my agenda.  But that is ok.  I will try again today.  Still loving the 30 to 35 minute drive.  I do drive thru heavy traffic during that 30 minutes but I'll take it over the hour long commute through Sodom and Gomorrah any time. 

I went in to work at 6:45 yesterday and got off at 4:30 so I could take dogs out and we could be able to eat before the play.  So thank goodness we had time.  I had wanted to go to McNamara's but we just did not have time for a full service sit down meal.  So I suggested Bo Jangles as we'd not had fried chicken in a while.  

While we were there Katy called George.  I looked and she had called my phone twice.  I never heard it.  I had my volume turned down low b/c of work.  Normally there I can hear it b/c it vibrates the desk.  I may have to set an alarm at 4:30 every day to remind myself to switch it over to volume so I won't miss calls at night.  lol 

Anyway Katy was wanting me to look at the radar and see what was up b/c she said tornado sirens were going off and it was raining horribly and black clouds.  
We told her to pull off into somewhere if she could seek cover.  But I looked at radar and she said where she was and I could see if she just kept going straight she would run out of it and the tornado hook echo had just passed where she was.  I hadn't even realized that tornado warnings were in the area. 

She got home fine and I was a bit nervous during the play we went to "Big River", that when the play got through we'd have to drive thru bad storms.  But it was mainly rain and quite a bit of it.  It could have been worse though.  We made it home and there were BIG HUGE puddles everywhere so George drove slowly and took the slow route home instead of the interstate.  We were safe and dry and I was so glad to pull into the garage. 

We didn't get home until 10:30.  Sleep was pretty darn good knowing it was raining out and we were in a warm and dry bed.  

So this morning most of the schools are closed all around, including my daughter's county.  I'm so glad for her.  She gets a 4 day weekend.  A good break.

Above is the view of Harvey Remnants as of about 4 this morning.  Our area had 5 to 7 inches I think in the Nashville greater area.  It's moving on.  I mainly took all those pictures b/c it astounds me that the "eye wall" was still in circulation even though it's not strong winds.   Even some of the storms on land have had these circulation walls.

I think I made the coffee too strong this morning.  But I should be awake. I lost count as to how many spoonfuls.  I think I put one extra and I could tell the difference.

I am going to fix some eggs if there is any left.  I need some protein this morning.

George is coming to see my office and to eat lunch with me today.  We will be able to eat lunch together some now.  So we are trying a new place for lunch today.  And then George has his Mom's house closing afterwards.

Then we head into the weekend.  This is the 1st of September so I'll get out the fall decor.  And we have some cooler air coming in - more fall like temps - high in the 70's lows in the 50's.  So I'll be moving some of my white clothes to the spare closet (which is appropriate for after Labor Day), and getting some of my sweaters out that I wear over blouses - as I imagine it'll be chilly in spots.

I have a wool shawl in my office and tend to use it mid day - after lunch.  I guess your temp drops or something after you eat?  I'm not sure but briefly it gets cold for me right after I eat (may be a blood sugar thing) and I wear the shawl for about 30 minutes and then I get hot.  lol

Anyway, I am going to go and fix some eggs.  It might make me late for work but that is what I want! Watch us be OUT the day I want them.

Ya'll have a good day.


  1. It's much cooler here and I have my cozy shawl on here this morning. I use it to take of the chill. We'll have a couple of warmer days on the weekend but now our highs are calling for mid 60's. Glad you all are safe and the storm didn't do damage. Eggs are good for breakfast. I've been trying to keep hard boiled ones on hand in the fridge. Hope you get yours and enjoy that lunch with George. How nice to be closer !

  2. glad the bad weather didn't leave you in a lurch. a nice warm bed is nice to be sure. thats wonderful your husband is coming to see your new office. the move has been good for you, hasn't it?

  3. Gosh I'm pleased that Kate didn't get caught in the path of the Hurricanes, give her my love xxx You didn't say much about your evening last night, hope you and George had a lovely meal,,,it's nice to get is served to you at the end of the day. I'm mighty relieved that your journey to and from work has been so much quicker another answer to prayer xx

  4. P.S....forgot to ask if George is ok ? Has there been any more " movement" ?


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