Saturday, September 9, 2017

Your Comments and Who is the Alpha Dog?

Good morning!  
I decided not to make the drive to Columbia last night.  I was tired when I left for work yesterday and I knew I would not be getting off early as I was not getting to work early and had a lot to do.  I knew that would make Mom and my Aunt and Uncle have to wait to eat until about 7 and Mom likes to eat early.  I also knew that I'd be on the highways a total of 3 hours (1.5 going down and 1.5 going back) and I was NOT up for that yesterday.   I was spent before my day started. 

Traffic was horrible yesterday.  I left at 7:05 which on a normal day would put me getting there about 7:35 or 7:40.  But yesterday it was 8:05 b/c half the interstate was shut down.  The WAZE app rerouted me.  And thank goodness for that or I'd have even been later.  

The day went well at work but VERY busy.  I made it w/o my assistant but would be pulling my hair out if she was not coming back Monday to do the data entry before payroll runs.  It's all printed and ready for her to do.  I had time to print and sort it by category but not time to enter any of it.  

Anyway, I wanted to say - especially to blog reader Sybil, that my comments do not show til I go in and hit the approve button.  I usually go in and approve the comments and read them once per day.  I see them on email too when I check emails on my phone and can approve them from there too.  If I'm in a hurry sometimes it's every OTHER day when I finally go in and approve them where they show on the blog.  I've been especially bad about it this week as it's just been a very long and crazy week.

So it's bad for the good commenters b/c they can't see they have posted til I approve it, but it is delightful for the spammers.  I had one yesterday that tried to post a porn link on my comment section but ---haaaaaa ----it didn't work b/c I didn't approve for that to be posted.  That gives me such glee when I realize I have control over that.  Makes me wanna say "na na na boo boo" and stick my tongue out.  But I guess I won't do that.  George'll be wondering what's wrong with me. 

George'll <-----Don't you love my new word?  "George will = George'll"


Well, the dogs have been doing well.  Not much marking now.  Only two excitement spots - very little.  So the territorial thing is a little better.  We did have a problem yesterday.  Maisy the new dog loves loves loves Fresh Pet.  And I got home as George was feeding them and George left the dogs eating in the kitchen to follow me into another room and was talking to me.  And then we heard horrible growling noices.  And Maisy was biting Tugie's neck.  George ran in and Maisy ran to the sofa in the next room and looked guilty.  

Tugie was ok.  And probably Maisy got to close to Tugie checking out her meal and she was not going to allow it.  She probably growled and snapped first and then Maisy tried to bite back.  We are not sure.  But one thing we DO KNOW is that we will have to stand there during meal time.  

I really don't think Maisy was being too aggressive - but defending herself and it was over food.  But they seem to do well being by themselves during the day.  I'm sure they will have squabbles here and there but hopefully no big fights.  As time goes they will all chill and know their boundaries.  

I'm glad we don't have to worry about puppy chewing on things.  Thank goodness.  

So this morning I got Maisy to eat Science Diet.  I put it in with her "Fresh Pet".  She ate the Fresh Pet and was still hungry and went on and ate the Science Diet.  Yay!  This will help as far as feeding them and getting them full and the nutrients they need.  And will help with the cost of feeding them.  

I think I'm going to have to get some cubed cheese for treats b/c Maisy does not like ANY treats that our dogs have.  She will take a Canine Carryout and go hide it - or drop it somewhere.  She will save it for later, but only one time have I seen her eat it later.   Much to my surprise once she has touched it our dogs will not eat it.  Odd.  

In my opinion, Maisy is heading for Alpha dog.  I am wondering now if it's between her and Tugie.  Roger, bless his heart is so timid that he just falls rank to the bottom and retreats.  Tugie with her old age is retreating and letting the new dog have rule.  Maisy made a statement yesterday or the day before by taking over Tugie's chair.  We made her move and she's not tried it that we have seen.  

So, I'm thinking she is either at #1 Alpha dog or it's b/w her and Tugie.  But Maisy has to learn that being #1 Alpha dog does not mean you get to eat your food and everyone elses too.  

So as far as the WHOLE pack goes.  George is alpha dog - he is here more to do more for them.  I'm the one that goes in earlier and stays later at work.  So they seem him as the Big dog.  Then me.   Maisy definitely respects us and understands "no" and will retreat with tail tucked and go into another room if she thinks we are upset with her.  So she definitely goes into "sorry" mode.  That melts our hearts.  ;-)   She truly is a sweet dog, she loves attention. 

And speaking of attention.  When I let Tugie get in my lap yesterday afternoon and I gave her attention and talked in my dog voice, Maisy was on the sofa and began whining in lament (almost singing) and barking b/c she was jealous.  Made me laugh.  I put Tugie down and she came over and got in my lap.  That was her spot she thought.  

So today we take them for their trim and I will be so glad to get all the bushy hair off of Maisy.  She looks like she has on a big black and white tutu.  lol  She will be so cute when she comes back.  So I need to get off of here and get my candy crushing in and my shower in so we can go take dogs for trim and then run some errands. 

We have to figure out what we are taking for the Titans game tomorrow.  And I need to check on the hurricane.  I'm glad that my Aunt and Uncle have arrived at Mom's ok.  Sorry that we are having a busy weekend though and can't get down there.  I guess all the rains from the Hurricane will hit us as a tropical depression.  Possibly with 30 mph winds sustained.  Did I see that somewhere?  I'm not sure but I did see a map showing that.  

Well, I hope you all have a wonderful Saturday.  I'll be trying to fit in laundry and housework any way I can. 


  1. Massey will soon learn that there is enough love and food at your house to go around. Becoming a new family member overnight is not easy and time will soon smooth things out. Can't wait to see her new hair do. Good decision just to stay home. Hope your Saturday is a super one, Sunday will come too soon!

  2. It sounds like you and George are dealing with three kids. lol. Pets are like children. Yours sounds very sweet. Have a great weekend.

  3. the new dog sounds like quite a handful. it'll be nice to see her new hairdo after spa day.


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