Tuesday, October 31, 2017

A Tangled Mess, Chili Making, and Journal Notes

The beginnings of chili.  I made 3 batches last night.  Whew!  It took a while.   

I actually left work around 4:10, calling Mom on the way home, and arrived around 4:45.  Traffic was almost just as bad as the 5:00 traffic.  Anyway once home I had to take the doggies out.  It was a pleasant experience getting to see the trees turning and walking in the back by the woods tree line.  There are actually some trees turning red and their red and yellow leaves were falling and on the ground.  A nice breeze coming through and not to cold as I think it warmed up to the 60's.  

The dogs were excited to be out, scattering themselves in all sorts of directions, coming back to me, then scattering themselves again.  By the time I finished enjoying the tree line walk, I realized that all of us were about tangled in one big ball.  I kept having to step over the leash lines to get out of a mummy like wrapped tangle.  I got out of my tangle but then the tangle got wrapped around Roger some how.   I heard his blood curdling yelp and turned around in time to see him flipped over by the line.  Maisy ran to see him like she wanted to help him.  Bless her.  Then I approached to help untangle.  And for whatever reason, Maisy then went from trying to help Roger to attacking him - she growled at him and jumped on him.  Thinking back, I think it is b/c I had yelled "oh no" as I was trying to untangle him and perhaps she heard something in my voice and thought Roger was going to attack me or that I was mad at Roger.  She is VERY sensitive to voice and emotion.  VERY.  She never bit him.  Just jumped on top and they both started growling.  I picked up her with one hand and a foot.  My other hand was holding the leashes.  Folks, there is no doubt in my mind that I cursed at this point.  So I'll just repent right now.  I'm sorry.  It wasn't the last time I cursed as the evening "swore on" (lol).  <----Proud of myself for that one.  Although it was a total fluke.  

Anyway, I flipped Roger over, and tried the best I could to get the four of us up to the front steps and in the door.  Of course Roger has to be last.  And coaxed, and Tugie can't hear any more to take instructions, and Maisy is just like a happy hopping bunny rabbit that has just been let loose in Farmer Gene's lettuce garden.  So how I ever got all of us knotted together critters in the door and in one piece I'll never know.  It was an act of Houdini for sure.  Getting all dogs unhooked was just as treacherous.  I slammed the mound of 3 leashes, once 3 separate leashes, into the leash basket - saying some not necessarily God -given words - leaving the braided mess to hang off the cabinet.  A good wife, and steward, would have patiently untangled said mess, for later when they must be retrieved again.  But the good evil wife of the day, let the masses hang in braids as a badge of honor to tell the tale without saying a word.  

Later amidst chili making, I hear George say "Wow, you must have had some time with the leashes today!"  Then he heard the story. He heard the WHOLE story.  Ok so I didn't tell you all the WHOLE story.   I'm not sure whether to tell all the story.  It might be TMI.  A lot of coffee, a full bladder, a lot of excitement, a not so young woman anymore....and yet, another curse word.  I was gonna change clothes anyway.

So...........let's back up to where I left off.    The dogs were all over me for dinner already, the pack of 3 following me from room to room.  But the fiasco had totally made me mad.  I pronounced that dinner would be delayed.  I had to obviously take care of myself first.  Then I decided while in the laundry room to go ahead and do a load, and why not go ahead and fold it, as I seethed in that the beautiful fall walk turned into a cluster fist.  Well, it did, literally.  

So then I go back to put up the clothes and discover Maisy has made a big pee in my bedroom.  How do I know it was Maisy?  Well all 3 dogs followed me around like a stick tight on a country sock. And I looked at the 3 faces and said "Who peed?"  Maisy bowed head and left the group, left the room, and went to hide in her hidey hole.  That's how.  

So I went to get the Spot Bot cleaner.  And of course, it was out of liquid.  And the dirty water tank was full.  So I empty the dirty water tank into the toiled.  Gag o Matic!  Geez.  And fill the cleaner tank up with the last of the Bissel cleaner.  Mental note to order more from Walmart.  

So I go and clean up the spot.  Of course you have to take a rag first and try to get as much up as you can.  I HATE THIS!  However, I do love the Spot Bot b/c it does a wonderful job.  I spray urine eliminator on it as well.  And George has scotch guarded the carpets - so usually if we catch things in time it doesn't soak in.  This one though I think had been there a while.  I think that Maisy is mostly housebroken but I think she is going through what we went through with Roger - just not sure of her world yet.  

So finally I was able to start on the chili.  Coming home early to get started on the chili is a joke.  Joke is on me.  Had I just continued to work and then come home and make the chili I would have had a much better day.  However, responsibility sometimes is not pleasant.  George had to pick friends up at the airport and take them home, so I had dog duty anyway.  Geez. 

3 batches of chili.  I wish I could say that I enjoyed the chili making.  First I had to clean the kitchen.  I cannot stand to have ANYTHING out of place when I start.  So finally I was able to get the chili started.  In the process of making the chili (3 batches  I might remind you), I was short on space.  I had 2 crock pots and a pan that I would use to cook our own batch on the stove and the frying pan that I was cooking things or sauteing in and I had several chopping mats and several bowls of chopped veggies (peppers, jalepenos, onions, garlic) and I had spices about.   So somehow while draining the hamburger grease, I managed to reach over and knock 2 of 3 decorative plates off the shelf over the stove.  (Insert your favorite bad word here). 

So I continue to pour grease, letting the plates lie - good that none broken.  Then I realize one has landed on the burner that is on medium high.  (Insert bad word here again.)  Hubby G comes over and says "what on earth is the problem?"  (He likes for everyone to be singing Kum ba yah and clapping hands, not cursing over the chili.)  He reaches for plate and I yell "nooooo don't touch it - it's hot" which scares him and makes him mad.  So he's reaching behind me and the pan of grease to get a hot pad, telling me not to move.  (lol)  He grabs the plates, says "let's not keep those there anymore" and "you shouldn't cook if it puts you in this kind of mood".  

I tell him, well noted.  And I say "However, I didn't realize that every freaking thing was going to go wrong - otherwise I might enjoy it."

Oh the dogs DID get fed by the way.  I stopped to do that before fixing the chili! 

All went well until it was time to open the sauce.  I had just enough sauce and spilled one after opening it.  I blame that on my arm.  My arm was killing me during this whole process.  It hurt to reach out and stir the pot.  It hurt to use the can opener.  It hurt to lift the bowls.  And I have no idea how I'm going to get said crock put from car to the kitchen counter at work.  I may have to use a rolling chair.  lol

By the time we sat down to fix the chili, I was just exhausted.  It seems so easy to make chili that you would think 3 batches wouldn't be so bad.  George helped with the spices.  I have a tendency to want to fix it like I do soup - but this is chili - and I didn't want to mess it up.  I never put enough cumin and chili powder in it.  So he helped get it right.  I was so tired.  But finally we had OUR chili from OUR batch.  

And we watched Mr. Bean again, some of the other shows.  I needed laughter.  Then bed.  I was 30 minutes late to bed.  But had I not gone in early yesterday and then left early - it would have been even later.  

So Halloween is here.  We have our own Halloween plans.  And I'll tell you about them tomorrow.  
But first, let me show you the cookbook that George brought home to me: 

My friend Lisa has this book that is always in the book holder on her island in the kitchen.  And I always look through it and get ideas.  The idea from the Pork Stew came from Lisa!   She fixes some awesome carrots from this book.  There are several recipes that we will fix from it.  I am happy.  I like to take a cookbook and cook from it across a season.  It makes you "one" with the cook book somehow and it melts slowly into your heart and becomes one of your favorites - if indeed the recipes were one of a kind.  

We are such foodies.  And yes, I'm a terror in the kitchen.  I love to cook and love the thought of cooking.  But when things go awry, I'm not a happy cook. Everyone leaves the room.  Dogs, humans, and mankind.  Except George often comes to my rescue, b/c he is a fixer and likes to fix kitchen problems, in which I incur many. 

Yes I am a good cook, but best kept to a minimum, on a good day, with a good spirit and nothing on a maximum scale.  My specialties are salads, potatoes, pasta, soups, and some simple desserts.  

Update on Maisy's Chip: 
Well I went to enter the chip number and update the record.  It's not so simple.  I have a form to fill out and send it in with $19.99 and have to have a record to show she is mine.  A vet bill or vet record will do.  The other records mentioned we wouldn't have, such as records showing she is adopted, etc.  The neighbor had paid for her shots already so we don't have a rabies shot record yet under our name.  So she will not be updated until we can get to vet and ask if they can print out a record showing that she is ours (her name on our account).  We may have to have something done first.  We wanted to clean her teeth, so maybe we do that?  Anyway, was disappointed that we couldn't just get the transfer done.  But I understand that it doesn't need to be easy for someone to just steal a pet and change the record easily.  So I would want it to be hard for that to happen on the flip side.  So I'll be patient. 

In the Journal book: 

Notes to make Granny Jan's birthday special.  That is our next event. 

A note to begin working on my Christmas list and budget. 

A note to wrap the kids Christmas gifts (for the donation thing at church). 

A note to tape the "GEN" tab back in my Bible before it completely falls off.  How did this happen?  It's not like I've worn Genesis out in the Bible or anything!

A note to give George my Christmas wish list.  Done!

Sermon notes from Sunday about Leadership and Humility.  A good sermon.  

C.S. Lewis said that through pride the devil became the devil.  And pride leads to every other vice - or leads to every other sin. 

EGO means, "Edging Out God". 

"Pride is our greatest Enemy"
"Humility is our Greatest Friend"

"Not thinking less of yourself, but of yourself less"

Being a servant leader = leaving a place better than you found it.  

The CEO of Chic Fil A, cleaned up the bathroom of Taco Bell next door one day when he went to visit and eat.  He even took out their trash.  He was asked why.  He said "I always tell my staff to leave a place better than you found it" and so I do the same.  

I have a note to check out the CBS Morning recent segment on funeral and death.  I'll have to go back and find it.  In our Sunday school class they said that it gave a different view on death.  Haven't had time to check it out yet. 

In my journal I wrote that I would make some i-Tunes lists for my itunes.  I guess I'm the only person in the world that doesn't have lists.  I wanted to make them fun.  This is on my bucket list.  
I don't want them to have ordinary names like Happy list, Mellow list, Holiday list, and Mad list.  So I want to name them and so subsequently they will be "Blue Birds Sing List" (Happy) and "Peace Out List" (Mello) and "Christmas at Our House List" (Holiday) and "Let it Out List" (anger).  lol  Well I haven't had time to create said lists, but soon!  ;-)   The anger list will house hard rock, b/c sometimes you just need to listen to hard rock.  I guess I need the "Woe is Me List" for when I'm feeling sorry for myself.  What other lists should I have? lol

Ya'll have a good day.  I best go and get me and this chili to work.  

Monday, October 30, 2017

Bucket List, Herb Harvest, Irish Pork Stew, Mr. Bean and Que Sara Sara

Well, I did the gluing and George did the nailing, but our bucket list is on the wall.  I failed to realize that when I hung the sheet up it would cover up much of the decor.  Duhhh.  I love to beeeee crafty but never said I was really good at it.  But it looks pretty cute to just cut the paper around it and have "tabs" that clip into the board.  

George fixed an awesome seafood dinner Saturday night.  He kept on buying things at Kroger.  We had Lobster, Cod, and seared Tuna, with leftover Pineapple Curry Rice with Bamboo Shoots, and (Stauffer's Spinach Souffle).  

Then Sunday I made an Irish Pork Stew.   Oh my word.  I'm not bragging on myself here, as it's not my recipe.  However, I will brag on the one that created it.  It came from a website called Ireland Calling.   (<----Link)

Check out the link and watch the short video and make it SOON!  This is going to become a winter staple dish in our house.  Oh my gosh it was so good.  Now, instead of putting it on mashed potatoes, I added a few small tiny round potatoes - to keep it Irish, lol.  Next time I'll probably leave out the potatoes all together, b/c I think it's best serving with toasted and lightly buttered french bread (crunchy crust and soft inside).  We dipped the bread.  Oh my heavens, it was good.  

You know what is weird?  Ok so I've been cooking soups for a long time with beer and balsamic vinegar.  I usually add the 4 elements of flavor:  salt, sweet (sugar), heat (red pepper flakes), and sour (vinegar).  This recipe called for the stout dark beer and also had the balsamic.  However very minimal seasoning.  Salt, pepper, and caraway seed.  

I was skeptical about adding the greens.  In the last 30 or minutes or so you add fresh Brussel sprouts.  However, I found I really liked it and it gives you your greens!

I added a few halved small potatoes (to keep it Irish, lol) as mentioned instead of the mashed potatoes.  Sometime we will do the mashed potatoes though.  But I like the bread dipped.  This was a perfect dish for yesterday's VERY cold day. 

So I think we had our first true frost last night.  We have come close before.  But George harvested the herbs.  He has rosemary. 

This was the stew after an hour and half or so.  It gets darker as it cooks.  You actually cook this uncovered.  And you cook it for two hours.  It's really simple.  You do need to chop a pork butt (which is misleading as I found out is the same as a shoulder - not really a butt, lol).  

Here is Thyme harvested.  I always think these make the prettiest of pictures.  

Well, we had a busy weekend of errand running on Saturday.  We took Maisy to get the chip number read so we can register her to us now.  It was very easy.  I have not gone in and registered her but I will probably do that today at lunch.  I had no idea how that worked but they waved a wand over her and it beeped and gave them the number.  Interesting.

We then took her back home and went to Hardee's drive thru for a "Burgah".  We had a lot more errand running at it was 11 and I'd not had anything to eat yet.  George said "we were home all morning, why didn't you eat then?"  I said "b/c we don't have hamburgers at home".

Anyway, went to Target and bought the gifts for the 5 children.  We will be wrapping those this weekend.  We then went to Kroger and bought what we needed for the weekend and the upcoming week.  We bought all the chili fixin's for his work, my work, and ourselves.  Yes we are fixing a batch for ourselves.  So I'm making 3 batches tonight.  I will probably scoot out of work a little early b/c there will be a lot of chopping and prepwork and gonna have to clean out some space in the fridge to set it after it cooks and cools a bit.  We will each be taking a crock pot.

So we came home and worked on our projects but it was about 4 by the time we got home after all we did carefully picking out Toys from Target and thoroughly going through Kroger.   Oh George went to a yard sale too while I waited in the car.  So dogs out and then George worked on his pumpkin for work.  He has done a little bit each day.  And then he fixed our seafood dinner.  Pic above.

We ate it and watched Mr. Bean, a video that he has.  Love Mr. Bean!

And I little humor I had with the Paint Shop Pro group below.  (Someone needed to have a little humor in that group, lol.  For some reason they did not like me and I think it was because I worked and did not stay home and play all day like they did, but...who knows.  People are weird and hard to figure out sometimes. I'll Amen to that.  lol  Alas, some of us have to work for living.)

So yeah, Mr. Bean, Mr. Bean.  He does lighten the spirit.

Sunday we went to church and then to Home Depot as George is "debugging" the tornado room in the basement.  It is a little alcove in the basement and once called my "tornado room" until the spiders starting showing up.  Now I guess I'd prefer to just blow away with the wind as to be tucked into a room with spiders.  This room also has a ton of storage shelves.  But I'm afraid to go in there.  George decided to "debug" the room and is spending a fortune on rubber spray stuff around the ceiling where they are coming in.  Yuk.  Anyway, not me.  I'm staying clear of there.   Then we went to Aldi.  We needed more food.  We have a freezer full of things.  We needed some "quick" things to eat though as we are often busy this time of year.  Aldi's also has scallops, reasonably priced and they are very good.

We got home, took doggies out, and worked on projects again and I did laundry and fixed the stew.  Did I have time to clean? No.  That's about two weeks or more that I've not had much time to clean.  I did get our sheets changed and the toilets swished.  Added toilet paper to each bathroom and the laundry and cleaned the kitchen but no vacuum time or dusting time.  I am going to have to try and do a little after work each day I guess, in addition to the laundry.  That will about usurp any of "my time" which is already minimal.

So, that said I need to get to the real reason that saps all my time - the real work - the work that puts the stew on the table and the coffee in my cup.

I guess I need to do a mini devo before going in the doors this morning.  I need something to keep the good spirits boosted.  It's so easy to let things get you down.  But nose to the grindstone so as not to think of all the things that are bothering me right now.  Just overlook them and go on.  Let go and Let God.  What will it matter 100 years from now anyway right?  That is just so sad to have to think like that.  But I guess it's true.

Que Sera Sera!

When I was just a little girl
I asked my mother, what will I be
Will I be pretty
Will I be rich
Here's what she said to me

Que será, será
Whatever will be, will be
The future's not ours to see
Que será, será
What will be, will be

When I grew up and fell in love
I asked my sweetheart, what lies ahead
Will we have rainbows
Day after day
Here's what my sweetheart said

Que será, será
Whatever will be, will be
The future's not ours to see
Que será, será
What will be, will be

Now I have children of my own
They ask their mother, what will I be
Will I be handsome
Will I be rich
I tell them tenderly

Que será, será
Whatever will be, will be
The future's not ours to see
Que será, será
What will be, will be
Que será, será

We are not ever really in control are we?  We have influence, but we are not truly in control.


But.....there are lots of choices in life, so that is good.  If one road closes up another opens.  One thing is for sure, we keep trying!  And we keep trying to control it.  lol

Ahhhh each person's struggle for happiness.  The struggle is real eh? 
And I'll end on that note.  

I'm just glad to have had the weekend to shake off a few things.  And now we shall gallop toward the work week as Tiny Tim tip toed through the tulips and shall wear the hat of uncertainty and sing the Que Sara Sara song, lol lol lol. 

And we will smile and sing and have blue birds flying around.  

I better close here before they send me off in a straight jacket.  lol

Saturday, October 28, 2017

Charleston Historic Houses and Reflections on the Week

Another day of Charleston homes in the Historic District.  I'll have several days left to go.  Scroll down for the regular daily blog entry.  But hope you are enjoying the homes. 

This house below in the middle, was still boarded up from the hurricane.  Sometimes they keep them boarded the rest of the season, they said on the tour, but very few had, that I saw.

Charleston was a very clean town from what I saw of it.

Well yesterday was Friday.  It was a good day b/c of that.  It was a good day b/c as I tried not to use my arm, I later realized that it was improving on my range of motion and not hurting.  What a relief.  I noticed that later in the day I could raise it w/o as much pain.  So I delayed calling the doc to set an appointment.  I guess God heard our prayers too.  And the Icy Hot helped a lot.  It's not perfect but I'd say I have about a 60% improvement from the day before when I just wanted the arm to go limp.  Usually improvements come overnight.  But man...it just continued to get better as the day progressed.  Even typing did not bother it. I will continue and try not to use it much today so it can get some more rest.  I'll continue the Icy Hot on it while we are at home.  The next time I go to the doc if my range of motion is not back to normal I will at least go ahead and mention it.  But it will never be perfect b/c it already hurt to lift the right arm and my range of motion was not perfect anyway.  But I can get most things done now so no doctor for me yet.

Since back from my trips I have felt some change in the air, not only the leaves turning on the trees, but in other ways as well.  There are some things mounting that I am less than pleased over.  Some things I can see that are not going to end well and I'm not sure I can stop a train mid track. But ahh, the damage is done. It's really only for others to deal with now.  Only God and His ways can fix it and there is not much I can do.  So the hell with it and hands thrown up in air. I'm done with certain situations. God having shown me how to deal with a few things and that makes for a great sleep at the end of a long day.  Just Let Go and Let God.  And it is all going to be ok.  I will be ok.  One way or another.  I think on one topic I have run the gamut of surprise, fear, anxiety, anger, sadness, back to anger, to basically just giving up and giving in, and finally just releasing it.  Obviously I still have little underlying currents that rise and bubble up from time to time - like now when I'm reliving my feelings on a certain matter.  I think change is felt by more than just me too.  

There is nothing like being home with your pack and shutting the world out at the end of a long day or a long week.  ;-)   We went to see Granny Jan.  George needed some company and Granny needed another face to see.  It takes some pressure off of George.  We talked about Destin and several other subjects until Granny got on certain subjects that were traumatic for her so I had to change the subject quickly.  Which is easy to do with an Alzheimer's patient.  

Back home George wanted to fix a chicken dinner.  It was really good.  We watched a Sopranno's show.  

The Weather has turned cooler.  Rains came after we got home last night and brought cooler temps.  The temps rebound some into next week.  It always cools down and brings the first frost around Halloween. 

Since the calendar is approaching November, our November month has just really added up.  Three birthday parties, two are family members and one a good friend.  Dog trims are set.  Thanksgiving is set. Katy's school dinner and auction is on the calendar. And the one thing that is missing is that we have not planned a lot of shopping time.  I think we better carve some time out and plan the Christmas shopping excursions NOW or we will find ourselves scrambling in December.  However, I think most of our shopping is pretty simplified this year.  Bigger gifts, gift cards, and just stocking stuffers.

I had bought a thin Oxford Stone Paper notebook to write my thoughts in, dates that need to be plugged into the calendar, sermon notes, thoughts from Sunday school, things I want to look up, things I want to remember.  It's working out really well.  So now that I have a chunk of time at my desk at home, I can relive it, plan it, plug it in the calendar, look it up etc.  

I liked this verse from Sunday: 
"The Lord confides in those that fear him".  Psalms 25:15.  As many times as you read the Bible some things just do not stand out.  This one didn't catch my attention.  It made me want to start "talking to" the Lord more.  I've done that this week. I think He draws us closer to Him when we do.  And I think He lets us know things that He wouldn't have otherwise had we not tried to converse.  Amazing how that works. 

I also had made note in my journal to download the Bible Analyzer.   Interesting that Google would not allow this to come up in the search results.  At least not in the first two pages.  I decided to just try the bibleanalyzer.com website and that seemed to work just great going there directly.  So I have downloaded this and it has commentaries and all sorts of resources.  

I had written down to research the 7 Spirits of God.  I did some research on that.  I think I have found 6 anyway: 
1.  Wisdom
2.  Understanding
3.  Counsel
4.  Might
5.  Knowledge 
6.  Fear (Love)

 Not sure about 7.  I saw something about interpretation, but think that would fall under wisdom or understanding. 

I had also written to look up Sand Fleas b/c someone at church had them from the beach.  What?  I've never heard of anyone getting sand fleas.  So I did look that one up.  :-O 

We have set a time to go look at OLD family photos with my SIL and BIL in November and George and Susan will decide what to do with the photos - who gets them etc.  I guess we should remember to take an array of envelopes, boxes, etc for "piles".  

In the journal is our thoughts of getting things at the grocery for chili, and our upcoming meal of Irish Stew.  Yes we foodies think of these things all week. I think we are having fish tonight, Irish Stew tomorrow (on my bucket list to make a pork irish stew and have a crusty bread on outside but soft on inside to tear alongside for dipping.)  So thus my little thin journal has grocery list items until I can get home and tell Alexa to add to my phone grocery list.  When you don't have an Alexa on the go!  That is the missing piece to this Alexa.  I need Alexa on the Go!  Oh I might want to get an Echo Dot for Christmas.  I need to put that on my Christmas list, which is tiny this year.  

So, George and I are going shopping soon for Local Head Start/Pre-K Children through our church.  We have 5 children to buy for.  Clothes and Toys.  We are going to Target.  I think this will most likely replace my doing a "box" this year.  My journal has a big paper clip with these kids Christmas wishlists.  

I had written in my journal some relationship factors that are important for a healthy relationship:  Time, Transparency, and Trust
That just seemed liked it is so true.  So I wrote it down.  
I think it will be fun to share with you from time to time, the Journal entries that I make across the week.  ;-)  

Had made a note to look up Sam Cooke, The Man Who Invented Soul.   I think it was mentioned in my Rod Stewart biography book, now finished.  I did look him up and recognized some of his songs.  And I can hear a bit of Rod Stewart style in him, so probably so. 

Began reading Billy Ray Cyrus' autobiography.  And had made a note to look up Trail of Tears song he did as well as Achy Breaky Heart.  I know we all overkilled on that one, but we loved it.  I would like to add Achy Breaky to my iTunes list. His old band was called Sly Dog.  He was in that band when he signed for a record deal.  

I've written in my journal the type of Notepad that my Mom wants.  A Samsung.  And I'll be doing some research on that.  

And that is about the end of my notes for this past week.  

I need to move on from reflection on the past week and move into action for the next week. 

We will be going to take Miss Maisy to the vet to see if they can read her chip number and give it to us.  They had not made a note of it and so we have to take her down there and have it read.  Then we can go on line and "adopt" her to have the chip read our name and information.  

We also need to get her a tag for her collar.  

Well, I am going to get off of here and get going on things we need to accomplish today.  I also want to work on my "Bucket List Board".  I have all the stuff just need to glue and assemble.  Pics later.  
We'll be doing errands, shopping, grocery runs.  Church tomorrow.  Lots of cooking.  And laundry and ironing and house cleaning.  Gotta try to be a left hander if I can to continue the arm relief/healing.  Ya'll take care and have a good one. 

Oh Sybil had wondered if the yard sale went well.  We did do ok on it.  We made less than $200 off our "stuff" rather than just totally giving it away.  Still took two van loads to haul off and a few clothes donation kiosks.  We still have round 2 of going through the house and getting rid of things.  I was thinking much of it is George's but I do have a few things I can let go of as well.  

Ok off of here!

Friday, October 27, 2017

Charleston Homes and Problem with the Right Arm

Here are 6 more homes from Charleston's Historic district.  Enjoy.  Scroll down for blog entry.  

Well, I'm not sure what was wrong with me yesterday - I guess tired.  I felt like I needed to lay down all day.  My arm gave me fits.  Now I'm wondering if something is more serious in my arm.  My range of motion is dwindling, the pain not getting any better.  I suppose I will call the doctor and try to see him since I've dealt with this most all week.  A long time ago I began having pain in my right arm and noticed that at certain angles it hurt when lifting.  My range of motion a bit limited, but certainly not life altering.  I didn't even think it necessary to mention it to my doctor but felt it was just a "getting older" thing.  If we discussed every ache and pain we have, we'd be labeled as a hypochondriac and I'm probably already labeled that as I have had a lot of fatigue, pain, and issues through the years with joints and muscles.  The vitamins and eating better helps.  Stress makes it worse.  The last 10 years I've learned to live with it by getting rest, eating greens and veggies, taking Vitamin D and a B Complex.  So for my right arm to have pain didn't really seem anything out of the ordinary.  Matter of fact my right knee is doing the same thing.  I've not mentioned it to the doc but I did the chiropractor a while back.  I seem to often have skeletal pain if I sit and notice so I just try not to notice.  lol  However, this is becoming a problem and I am going to need to see if I can get in to see the doc and at least be under his care and let him check it out.  I need my right arm.  This is now becoming an issue.  

All the yard saling, travel to Charleston and other places and pulling on suitcases and laptops have not helped and has made it worse.  I just figure it's a degenerative issue that has escalated.  But if it hurts to lift a coffee cup, I need to have it checked out.  I can use the arm at many angles, but to lift it up or outreached in certain angles is excruciating at times.

George gave me the Icy Hot he uses sometimes and that was soothing.  My problem is that I need to use my right arm and so it's not getting rest and that is not helping.  It even hurts to drive.  I do it b/c I have to get to work.

It even hurts to type b/c I use that muscle to hold my arm steady while typing.  :-(
This morning I've had to take the laptop off of the desk so I can put it in my lap and not have to raise my arm to type, but I can still feel a little aggravation in it from just moving my fingers around and it radiates up my arm.  Geez.

So yeah I will call the doc and see if I can get in today.  I'd rather see the main doc but I bet there are no openings.  I could probably get into see the walk in center connected.  I'm not sure whether to just wait to go to work and try to get in today.  Or go on to work and then head back for an appointment.  I'd rather see Dr. Pare, my regular doctor.  So I may just go on into work and then call from work.  They probably won't have anything immediate anyway. 

So, I guess yesterday I was sleepy, hurting, and just sappy.  The dogs had kept me awake the night before.  But I had better sleep last night.  

So, although yawning still and needing more coffee, I'm hoping today is a better day.  I left and went to Santa Fe and had Fajita's.  Expensive but it was what sounded best to me.  Was very good.  That gave me protein to get thru the day.  And I drank a Ginger Coke at 4 to get me thru the rest of the evening as I had to get nails done on the way home.  The lady doing my nails was getting mad at my right hand b/c of my arm I guess I wasn't letting it sit on the table in the right position.  She kept moving it and saying to please relax my right hand.  I had to tell her about my arm - that I couldn't.  lol I am not sure what it was doing.  I guess it was tense b/c I was having to hold my arm up there.  

It was good to get home and put PJ's on.  I wrapped up in a flannel sheet as we ate dinner and watched a Soprano's show.  

Bed felt so good.  

Well, I'm going for more coffee and going to get ready and head in.  That way maybe I can get some things done before having to leave out again.  I have to decide if I will put off seeing real doc next week if they cannot work in today.  Or if I will leave and go to a walk in center.  I do NOT want pain meds.  I do want to know if it's a tear, why there is a knot, and why it's not getting better.  I would take a sling to keep from using it.  I want to know if it is going to get better or if my arm is just going to be like this the rest of my life since it was degenerating and hurting for a while.  I'm starting to be concerned.   I would not want surgery of course but hoping it's not to that point. 

But I'm pretty miserable with it right now. 

Well ya'll take care.  I'll keep you posted.

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Charleston Historical District Photos and Thanksgiving Planned

Charleston Historic District pics here.  I'll try to show 6 pics a day with my blog entries til done.  That is really the only way I will get it done. I don't have the patience to sit and load them all in one entry.  Plus one entry of houses would be boring to most.  ;-)  So scroll past the pics for my blog entry today.

Well, so I've been worried that Thanksgiving would end up a train wreck but last night I decided to talk to George about it.  As some of you may know we will not be doing Thanksgiving with extended family on either side of the family this year for very different reasons on each side.  And was in a quandary about how we were going to do Thanksgiving with my immediate family on Thursday and to be able to see Mom.   Mom is going to another Thanksgiving meal on Thursday to which she has been invited so we will let her do that on Thursday and we'll see her on Friday and will come spend the night.  Cody and Katy go to his parents for the dinner (evening) meal.  And will be seeing us for the lunch meal on Thanksgiving Day. George and I could cook a big meal here on Thanksgiving Day for the 4 of us, but that leaves Katy and Cody stuffed before going to the other meal and/or having to skimp at our meal to be able to enjoy the other.  (Been there done that!)  So I think we have a plan for the Thanksgiving weekend that works for everyone - finally.  But until I got in worked out, I reached the point of tears.  At the point where George said "just us two could just do Shoney's" the tears fell.  Hell no I'm not doing Shoney's on Thanksgiving Day.  I don't do Shoney's on a normal day usually.  lol  I found myself saying "you don't think enough of our relationship that we should have a good meal on Thanksgiving together?"  (lol, lol - keep in mind I've had a stressful week or so and also some underlying things happening as well).  He hugged me and said "nooooo I'm trying to make things easier - we will be together whatever we do - just have an open mind.  I went through what you are going through now at Christmas last year.  Everything's different, but we'll make it all ok and you will have fun and a good holiday.  But it'll be different."  

So I looked up a few places that serve Thanksgiving meals on Thanksgiving Day.  And we have reservations for two at a very nice restaurant one that would be for a special occasion like an anniversary OR Thanksgiving Day (lol) and all for about the price of what we would have to buy in groceries to fix it at home.  Maybe less.  I was so happy to be able to get a reservation.  George was thrilled as well. 

So I called Katy to see about our plans together.  They can come around noon for the lunch meal - so I suggested shrimp and sushi - and it would be more like an appetizer for them.  We might add a couple of other things, but that will be good for us all to have appetizer like things.  Katy was happy with that.

Then I called Mom about Friday.  She is probably going to have to cook some for Thursday and I didn't want her to have to cook on Friday.  So we will be bringing in a REALLY NICE meal for Friday.  We will have to eat in as we are taking the dogs and Fancy and Maisy do not get along too well yet.  We can't leave them alone.  If we left them at home and took Mom out to eat, we'd not get to spend the night.  So I suggested to Mom that we come and spend the night, we'll call in and pick up a meal - not have to cook and have that breakfast casserole the next morning. She seemed fine with that.  

And now I'm happy and it doesn't feel like Thanksgiving will be a train wreck. And I no longer have to watch it happen  ;-) 

I'm actually excited now about Thanksgiving.  And I may NOT take the day before as a vacation day now since I don't have to cook anything.  Kinda sad but kinda glad.  ;-)  When we have grandchildren, it'll be a different story.  I will want to have a full traditional meal - even if we have to do it on a different day.  But for now, we will make the best of different times.  This has bothered me for a while.  But I'm happy now that it's all figured out.  I just need to figure out where we get the meal from.  Mom says she wants KFC, but I was wanting it to be a little more special than that.

So I did not get much sleep last night.  Early on about 11:30, Maisy stepped on Tugie in the bed and all hell broke loose.  I turned the light on and discovered that Tugie was having a spell from it.  She was bobbing her head up and down, almost not breathing, limp, and was going cold.  Her heart cannot take anything like that.  I hovered over her to hug her and whispered all is ok in her ear and stroked her head.  She began to go back to normal.  Heat came back to her body and she began to breathe heavier.  I was awake for an hour at least - could not go back to sleep afraid that Tugie would fall off the bed, die in her sleep, or that Maisy would get to close to her again.  I told George that I would NEVER be ok with her dying under those circumstances.  So I'm happy to say she is alive and well (normal) this morning.  I'm drowsy this morning, but dealing with it. 

My arm had been better and now worse. I have not been doctoring it either.  And I have been using the arm a lot - lifting dogs up and down from bed, doing laundry, out reaching my arms to lift things - and it has not done my arm any favors.  I've tried to keep it close in to my body and use it minimally but then you realize "no I need my arm to function" and try to make it do what it needs to do and then OUCH.  I can use it but it is certainly unpleasant at a certain angle when lifting.  It's hurting this morning to even lift my coffee cup.  (My coffee cup is like a brick though.)  So may have to go to the doctor but will try to put it off til next week.  I'll see if I can't doctor it some this weekend.

So at the dentist, the place on the roof of my mouth - the dentist said it looks like a cut - like I had stabbed myself in the roof of the mouth.  He said it looked healed though.  I told him I could not imagine what that would have been except that once I remember eating a tortilla chip that really hurt.  It was one of those things that make you go "ow" but then you are talking or whatever and just go on and not pay attention.  So he has asked that I use salt water to rinse and gargle every night for two weeks.  He said it "in no way looks like cancer".  So that is the good news.  I have to call him back in 2 weeks.

Well, got a lot done yesterday at work.  But have a LOT more to do and some of it is pressing.  
So I'll try to head in early today. 

I was going to get my license picture redone today but I think I'll wait til next week.  I'm just NOT in the mood today for picture taking.  And don't want to look at this outfit on my license for the next 8 years or however long it is. 

Well anyway, I'm glad we got Thanksgiving worked out.  Still doesn't solve the main issue there but not sure the main issue can easily be resolved.  But at least all that is worked out.  And I'm happy about it and we can go forward.  And I checked another ✅ mark of the Bucket List. 

Well, I'll see you all manana.  Oh my is it Thursday already?  Yay!

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

God is Helping Me Make Adjustments in The Way I View Negativity

Good morning!  It seems like a great day to just be writing in bullet fashion.  I have a lot of thoughts running through my mind.  Most of which I really don't want to go into deeply.  For reasons of 1)  It's a public blog and 2) My present Mood, which I'm having to enhance.  Coffee is helping.  So is God.

1.  My "Very Charleston" book came in. 

2.  My Rod Stewart book is finished and now it's on George's book shelf.  I felt bad saying I had lost respect for him.  I shouldn't have said that.  He made a nice way for himself.  He made some mistakes.  But haven't we all.

3.  I began reading about the history of Charleston.  Normally not a history person, but to have walked in places where a lot of things happened, blows my mind.  Now that I've been there, I want to go back and revisit the past.  Last night the book began by quoting Maggie Davis of Venture Magazine in 1969 that "Charleston does not have the history we like to boast about in our text books".  She said "it's not only bloodstained, and wicked but continually unrepentant."  The book states that Charleston continues to remains unrepentant and proud, defies history, defies time and continues to defy America.  The book was written in 1947.  And dates back in time to 1670 when it was Charles Town.  Within the same paragraph, the book approaches that both whites and blacks have been able to do "more" together as a people for the Charleston area, making it a stronger and vibrant place.  I agree.  That is good.  Hopefully that continues with the attitudes that some have today. Next bullet.  lol  I'm not sure how I had reading time last night.  I think it was b/c dinner was late.  I was very late (1.5 hours late) getting to bed.  That does not help my persona.  But I did enjoy the extra time.

4.  Parts of the day yesterday were weird, odd, different. Parts of the day made me feel an array of emotions.  I let God have most of it and that was comforting.

5.  When you see a train wreck coming and you can't stop it (and maybe you don't want to stop it) it kinda makes you feel bad.  You have to start planning your words in advance.  Do you say "I knew this would happen?"  or "I told you so" or just "I'm so sorry!" to which I just almost laughed out loud.  George and I have a thing about that phrase "I'm so sorry".  We had a show in which we would count the number of times someone said that.  But....."I'm so sorry" seems to be a good phrase to use when 1) you don't know what to say or 2) you want to mask what you really want to say.  Now my secret is out. 

6.  Why not stop a train wreck?  Well if the train has had problems staying on the track, swaying in and out and often was opposite of "the little train that could" but is "the big train that swayed back and forth", would it not be better to let the train just go ahead and wreck and then build a new track and get a better aligned train that goes down the track right?  yeahhhh heh heah!  Of course.  If the new train can't be obtained in one land then there is always another land in which tracks can be laid.  No reason to be afraid of the future, so Jesus take the wheel - or the engine if you will (wheel, lol) and I will be watching and "she'll be coming 'round that mountain when she comes".  We'll see where it lands. lol lol lol 

7.  I am amused at the fact that when I let go and let God that we both have fun with it.  I am thankful that He (God) listened to me yesterday and that he is helping me turn what was bothering me into 1) humor 2) an adventure show 3)  a front row ticket to sit back and watch 4) a safety zone as He removed me from the danger zone

So...peace out man! 

And Enjoy the Ride...here we go. 

We'll ignore the fact that some days are like this right? 

8.  So someone was defiant yesterday and I let God have that too.  We talked and He showed me that 1)  people sometimes have a story you don't know that made them the way they are 2) there are reasons why people are less than kind and once I was quiet and let Him whisper thoughts into me, I realized that the issues are not directly related to me, but in the person's own experiences.   So it turned out best to pray for those that are negative and not be hurt by them.  Also George's big thing is "don't let anyone else change how your day is going".  I've heard several people say that in a different way.

 The church ladies say "Don't let that person steal YOUR JOY", lol. 

And psychologists say, "Don't give that person the power".  All good stuff right there.  So YEAH!  Yesterday's saga....gone! Poof.  Thanks God!

And this is probably what the devil said, which also makes me laugh, but perhaps is not the best way to look at it:

or perhaps the devil would say....

I may also think that, But I won't say that.  Go away devil, get thyself away from me.  But thanks for the alternate view.  lol

9.  I need more coffee - be right back.

10.  My arm was better then I had a battle with a fitted sheet last night.  But the good news is my arm is still attached, so I'll try to be positive. 

11.  This coffee is really good to me right now.  Just plain ole Colombian Maxwell House.  I have ordered more with the Walmart order I did last night.  I usually like to order beans, but I'm taking a break from having to grind coffee every weekend for the next week. 

12.  I have a dental appointment today at 8.  I have something going on - on the roof of my mouth.  I'm a little worried about it. Also have pain in my upper right and lower right teeth.  So hoping that this is nothing serious.  Today is my routine scheduled 6 month visit (cleaning) but will discuss the other.

13.  I am worried about Thanksgiving.  I want it to be special.  I'll give that to God too I guess.  Given the current situation, our extended family in C Town won't be dining together this year, but on separate days.  So I'll let my Mom tell us what day we have and we'll plan it from there. 

14. Why can't people just be nice?

Well, I'm going to get off of here.  All is well.  And moving forward.  It's all going somewhere.  I'm not sure where, but we're moving and shaking.

Til then:

Yep and we will end with that one!  It's always good when you can turn things over to God.  I didn't really expect to have a view of humor and amusement out of it all.  But God is making it that way!  Thanks God!  Ya'll have a great day.  It's OTH day.  Ovah the hump!