Tuesday, October 31, 2017

A Tangled Mess, Chili Making, and Journal Notes

The beginnings of chili.  I made 3 batches last night.  Whew!  It took a while.   

I actually left work around 4:10, calling Mom on the way home, and arrived around 4:45.  Traffic was almost just as bad as the 5:00 traffic.  Anyway once home I had to take the doggies out.  It was a pleasant experience getting to see the trees turning and walking in the back by the woods tree line.  There are actually some trees turning red and their red and yellow leaves were falling and on the ground.  A nice breeze coming through and not to cold as I think it warmed up to the 60's.  

The dogs were excited to be out, scattering themselves in all sorts of directions, coming back to me, then scattering themselves again.  By the time I finished enjoying the tree line walk, I realized that all of us were about tangled in one big ball.  I kept having to step over the leash lines to get out of a mummy like wrapped tangle.  I got out of my tangle but then the tangle got wrapped around Roger some how.   I heard his blood curdling yelp and turned around in time to see him flipped over by the line.  Maisy ran to see him like she wanted to help him.  Bless her.  Then I approached to help untangle.  And for whatever reason, Maisy then went from trying to help Roger to attacking him - she growled at him and jumped on him.  Thinking back, I think it is b/c I had yelled "oh no" as I was trying to untangle him and perhaps she heard something in my voice and thought Roger was going to attack me or that I was mad at Roger.  She is VERY sensitive to voice and emotion.  VERY.  She never bit him.  Just jumped on top and they both started growling.  I picked up her with one hand and a foot.  My other hand was holding the leashes.  Folks, there is no doubt in my mind that I cursed at this point.  So I'll just repent right now.  I'm sorry.  It wasn't the last time I cursed as the evening "swore on" (lol).  <----Proud of myself for that one.  Although it was a total fluke.  

Anyway, I flipped Roger over, and tried the best I could to get the four of us up to the front steps and in the door.  Of course Roger has to be last.  And coaxed, and Tugie can't hear any more to take instructions, and Maisy is just like a happy hopping bunny rabbit that has just been let loose in Farmer Gene's lettuce garden.  So how I ever got all of us knotted together critters in the door and in one piece I'll never know.  It was an act of Houdini for sure.  Getting all dogs unhooked was just as treacherous.  I slammed the mound of 3 leashes, once 3 separate leashes, into the leash basket - saying some not necessarily God -given words - leaving the braided mess to hang off the cabinet.  A good wife, and steward, would have patiently untangled said mess, for later when they must be retrieved again.  But the good evil wife of the day, let the masses hang in braids as a badge of honor to tell the tale without saying a word.  

Later amidst chili making, I hear George say "Wow, you must have had some time with the leashes today!"  Then he heard the story. He heard the WHOLE story.  Ok so I didn't tell you all the WHOLE story.   I'm not sure whether to tell all the story.  It might be TMI.  A lot of coffee, a full bladder, a lot of excitement, a not so young woman anymore....and yet, another curse word.  I was gonna change clothes anyway.

So...........let's back up to where I left off.    The dogs were all over me for dinner already, the pack of 3 following me from room to room.  But the fiasco had totally made me mad.  I pronounced that dinner would be delayed.  I had to obviously take care of myself first.  Then I decided while in the laundry room to go ahead and do a load, and why not go ahead and fold it, as I seethed in that the beautiful fall walk turned into a cluster fist.  Well, it did, literally.  

So then I go back to put up the clothes and discover Maisy has made a big pee in my bedroom.  How do I know it was Maisy?  Well all 3 dogs followed me around like a stick tight on a country sock. And I looked at the 3 faces and said "Who peed?"  Maisy bowed head and left the group, left the room, and went to hide in her hidey hole.  That's how.  

So I went to get the Spot Bot cleaner.  And of course, it was out of liquid.  And the dirty water tank was full.  So I empty the dirty water tank into the toiled.  Gag o Matic!  Geez.  And fill the cleaner tank up with the last of the Bissel cleaner.  Mental note to order more from Walmart.  

So I go and clean up the spot.  Of course you have to take a rag first and try to get as much up as you can.  I HATE THIS!  However, I do love the Spot Bot b/c it does a wonderful job.  I spray urine eliminator on it as well.  And George has scotch guarded the carpets - so usually if we catch things in time it doesn't soak in.  This one though I think had been there a while.  I think that Maisy is mostly housebroken but I think she is going through what we went through with Roger - just not sure of her world yet.  

So finally I was able to start on the chili.  Coming home early to get started on the chili is a joke.  Joke is on me.  Had I just continued to work and then come home and make the chili I would have had a much better day.  However, responsibility sometimes is not pleasant.  George had to pick friends up at the airport and take them home, so I had dog duty anyway.  Geez. 

3 batches of chili.  I wish I could say that I enjoyed the chili making.  First I had to clean the kitchen.  I cannot stand to have ANYTHING out of place when I start.  So finally I was able to get the chili started.  In the process of making the chili (3 batches  I might remind you), I was short on space.  I had 2 crock pots and a pan that I would use to cook our own batch on the stove and the frying pan that I was cooking things or sauteing in and I had several chopping mats and several bowls of chopped veggies (peppers, jalepenos, onions, garlic) and I had spices about.   So somehow while draining the hamburger grease, I managed to reach over and knock 2 of 3 decorative plates off the shelf over the stove.  (Insert your favorite bad word here). 

So I continue to pour grease, letting the plates lie - good that none broken.  Then I realize one has landed on the burner that is on medium high.  (Insert bad word here again.)  Hubby G comes over and says "what on earth is the problem?"  (He likes for everyone to be singing Kum ba yah and clapping hands, not cursing over the chili.)  He reaches for plate and I yell "nooooo don't touch it - it's hot" which scares him and makes him mad.  So he's reaching behind me and the pan of grease to get a hot pad, telling me not to move.  (lol)  He grabs the plates, says "let's not keep those there anymore" and "you shouldn't cook if it puts you in this kind of mood".  

I tell him, well noted.  And I say "However, I didn't realize that every freaking thing was going to go wrong - otherwise I might enjoy it."

Oh the dogs DID get fed by the way.  I stopped to do that before fixing the chili! 

All went well until it was time to open the sauce.  I had just enough sauce and spilled one after opening it.  I blame that on my arm.  My arm was killing me during this whole process.  It hurt to reach out and stir the pot.  It hurt to use the can opener.  It hurt to lift the bowls.  And I have no idea how I'm going to get said crock put from car to the kitchen counter at work.  I may have to use a rolling chair.  lol

By the time we sat down to fix the chili, I was just exhausted.  It seems so easy to make chili that you would think 3 batches wouldn't be so bad.  George helped with the spices.  I have a tendency to want to fix it like I do soup - but this is chili - and I didn't want to mess it up.  I never put enough cumin and chili powder in it.  So he helped get it right.  I was so tired.  But finally we had OUR chili from OUR batch.  

And we watched Mr. Bean again, some of the other shows.  I needed laughter.  Then bed.  I was 30 minutes late to bed.  But had I not gone in early yesterday and then left early - it would have been even later.  

So Halloween is here.  We have our own Halloween plans.  And I'll tell you about them tomorrow.  
But first, let me show you the cookbook that George brought home to me: 

My friend Lisa has this book that is always in the book holder on her island in the kitchen.  And I always look through it and get ideas.  The idea from the Pork Stew came from Lisa!   She fixes some awesome carrots from this book.  There are several recipes that we will fix from it.  I am happy.  I like to take a cookbook and cook from it across a season.  It makes you "one" with the cook book somehow and it melts slowly into your heart and becomes one of your favorites - if indeed the recipes were one of a kind.  

We are such foodies.  And yes, I'm a terror in the kitchen.  I love to cook and love the thought of cooking.  But when things go awry, I'm not a happy cook. Everyone leaves the room.  Dogs, humans, and mankind.  Except George often comes to my rescue, b/c he is a fixer and likes to fix kitchen problems, in which I incur many. 

Yes I am a good cook, but best kept to a minimum, on a good day, with a good spirit and nothing on a maximum scale.  My specialties are salads, potatoes, pasta, soups, and some simple desserts.  

Update on Maisy's Chip: 
Well I went to enter the chip number and update the record.  It's not so simple.  I have a form to fill out and send it in with $19.99 and have to have a record to show she is mine.  A vet bill or vet record will do.  The other records mentioned we wouldn't have, such as records showing she is adopted, etc.  The neighbor had paid for her shots already so we don't have a rabies shot record yet under our name.  So she will not be updated until we can get to vet and ask if they can print out a record showing that she is ours (her name on our account).  We may have to have something done first.  We wanted to clean her teeth, so maybe we do that?  Anyway, was disappointed that we couldn't just get the transfer done.  But I understand that it doesn't need to be easy for someone to just steal a pet and change the record easily.  So I would want it to be hard for that to happen on the flip side.  So I'll be patient. 

In the Journal book: 

Notes to make Granny Jan's birthday special.  That is our next event. 

A note to begin working on my Christmas list and budget. 

A note to wrap the kids Christmas gifts (for the donation thing at church). 

A note to tape the "GEN" tab back in my Bible before it completely falls off.  How did this happen?  It's not like I've worn Genesis out in the Bible or anything!

A note to give George my Christmas wish list.  Done!

Sermon notes from Sunday about Leadership and Humility.  A good sermon.  

C.S. Lewis said that through pride the devil became the devil.  And pride leads to every other vice - or leads to every other sin. 

EGO means, "Edging Out God". 

"Pride is our greatest Enemy"
"Humility is our Greatest Friend"

"Not thinking less of yourself, but of yourself less"

Being a servant leader = leaving a place better than you found it.  

The CEO of Chic Fil A, cleaned up the bathroom of Taco Bell next door one day when he went to visit and eat.  He even took out their trash.  He was asked why.  He said "I always tell my staff to leave a place better than you found it" and so I do the same.  

I have a note to check out the CBS Morning recent segment on funeral and death.  I'll have to go back and find it.  In our Sunday school class they said that it gave a different view on death.  Haven't had time to check it out yet. 

In my journal I wrote that I would make some i-Tunes lists for my itunes.  I guess I'm the only person in the world that doesn't have lists.  I wanted to make them fun.  This is on my bucket list.  
I don't want them to have ordinary names like Happy list, Mellow list, Holiday list, and Mad list.  So I want to name them and so subsequently they will be "Blue Birds Sing List" (Happy) and "Peace Out List" (Mello) and "Christmas at Our House List" (Holiday) and "Let it Out List" (anger).  lol  Well I haven't had time to create said lists, but soon!  ;-)   The anger list will house hard rock, b/c sometimes you just need to listen to hard rock.  I guess I need the "Woe is Me List" for when I'm feeling sorry for myself.  What other lists should I have? lol

Ya'll have a good day.  I best go and get me and this chili to work.  


  1. i tried to publish a comment and in case it didn't go through just thought I'd wish you a safe and happy Halloween day !

  2. Oh Sonya, if only you could see me, the tears are running down my cheeks as I read about the fiasco of the dogs walk and leads tangle....other tears of sadness but tears of laughter, I had just composed myself when I read the next section about you having to change ! And you set me off again ROFL.....oh dear, I know it mustn't laugh but I just can't help it......Glad that the chilli made in the end...bet it was good...not that I would have liked it you know me I'm no good with hot or spices....take care tonight..hope you get a good nights sleep nxxxxx. Night night. God bless.

  3. sorry to hear you all got tangled up in the leashes. happy halloween.


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