Sunday, October 22, 2017

Busy Weekend. Not Rested. Not Ready for the Work Week.

Well it has been a nice weekend, but it has flown way too fast.  I've not really had a good chance to rest much, clean much, or do the things I've wanted and needed to do and that makes me sad and a bit anxious. 

However, I did get most of the laundry done.  I did NOT get to the ironing, which means I'll have to come home and do it for the next day for the pants that need to be ironed.   Oh well. 

The unpacking took a while too. It is amazing how long it takes to get everything back where it goes.  Cosmetics to the bathroom, dirty clothes sorted and started in the laundry, clean clothes hung back up.  And the fact that I always take the extra coffees, shampoos, soaps, etc. lol Have to put all that up.  Then all the cords and plugs and electronic devices.  Then all the paperwork for work that was in my suitcase.  The jewelry.  I'm too detailed I guess.  But all is unpacked.  Laundry done.  Well it's never truly done but - as good as it's gonna for the day!

 And I chose to work on a project and organize a few things.  I had to stop about 3:00 with everything to take a shower and get ready for a Bluegrass and BBQ Event that we had been invited to.  The above pic is one I snapped on the way to the event in Gallatin.  Driving out there yesterday let me know that fall is happening.  It's been pretty green around and of course I've been gone for two weeks.  So it was exciting to me to see the leaves turn. 

I think one reason I ran out of time is that I made our bucket list through Christmas time.  I had a list of things rolling around in my mind.  And was making a list and I remembered a friend that had a blog that did a bucket list for her kids mainly.  But I thought that it would be fun for George and I so that we could both put our ideas together and plan to do things that WE BOTH find important to us.  So I got his take on his things and we came up with this list.  The list is not finished.  I need to add birthdays in there.  

But I did decide to make a bucket list section of our kitchen.  And I'll make a Bucket List Sign out of this barn wood.  

I bought some clips today at JoAnne's and spray painted them a bronze color.  And I bought some other things and some wood glue to  decorate it up.  Also bought the letters in burlap material to spell out "Bucket List".  

We'll do one for each season.  This will help us to see our goals and it will include some projects, and fun things and we can easily be reminded in our old age what it is we need/want to be working on.  lol 

So I decided not to work on this today b/c I needed the clips to dry after spray painting them.  But I think this list came from my excitement to be home from the trips and on the "next leg" of our year.  I knew once the trips were over - we'd be planning things beyond it and OH WE HAVE.  

We will not do everything on that list -but there is always a chance to roll something over to the next one.  

But I was excited to get started on this project and pleased that George liked the idea and was supportive of it.

So that consumed a lot of yesterday.  And we went to our BBQ dinner.  We had a good time at that.  And a friend that George knew was playing in the band.  We sat at Lucky Table #13.  And we were one of the first ones to get to go eat through the buffet.  Oh it was all so good too.

George's sister and her husband was there too and we sat at the table together and caught up a bit. 

I was so "done" though by 9.  I have been incredibly tired and with low energy since I've been home.  My right arm has been hurting me as well as my right knee.  I can use them but both are very sore.  
Two weeks of pulling on and yanking stuffed and overfilled suitcases, and laptop bags, and heavy purses filled with cameras, ipods, ipads, iphone, umbrella -  I'm just spent.  So I've really pulled the muscle in my right arm.  I can use it but it's not happy.  It really feels like there is a knot in there.  If it doesn't improve soon I'm going to the doc.  It has bothered me for some time but it's not been a life altering thing.  But now it's really bugging me.

So today we went to church.  And then to Home Depot and then to JoAnne's and then to Staples and then to Pet Smart and then to Cori Dog's and then to Publix.  George also has a craft project he is working on so we were looking for things for our crafts.  And then groceries and got hungry in the process.  

We came home and put up groceries, took dogs out, rebooted laundry.  He went to get hair cut and see his Mom.  And then I went to bed for a nap.  I think it was about 1.5 hours.  I thought maybe it would make me feel better and I think it did.  I'm only able to stay up and do this  blog entry b/c I did this.  It cleared my head and gave my muscles a bit of relief.  

Getting up, rebooted more laundry and decided that I was not going to iron and I was done with housework.  Disappointed not to get any cleaning done at all but was happy to finish all but one chapter of Rod Stewart book.  

I was helping to fix our dinner tonight, so after George made relish out of peppers that a neighbor gave him from his garden, it was my turn to make spaghetti sauce and spaghetti.  George then finished it up to make his pepperoni spaghetti.  It was really good. You just bake the dish with pepperoni's and about 3 cheeses on top.  

So, I thought it would be so simple to come and do a blog entry and wanted to import pictures first.  Well no go.  My computer would not let me transfer pics from my phone.  I found a way to do it but it actually did all 300 photos (again).  So I finally figured out that Microsoft 365 had not been all the way reactivated and I think that when I renewed that, it allowed the program to do what it normally does with my photos.  I have no idea "what part" does it, but once I downloaded from my annual renewal - it began working again. 

But my computer was acting slow anyway, so I had to run the Webroot and do the analysis and reconfigure it a bit.  I hope it acts better tomorrow.  We'll see.  

But today it was not easy just getting this dang blog entry done. It should have been so simple.

Well, so - I'm going to bed now. 

The week is going to be busy and big and bad.  I'll give it all I can.  But I'm not feeling too good right now.  I hurt all over and my muscles are screaming.  

A busy weekend, and not a lot of rest.  But here we go.  

I will do my best to put on a smile and give it all I got.  Then come home and crash.  I'm still zonked.  

But looking at the weekend, we did a lot really.  And our November weekends are filling up.  Friends asked us to go away on a trip with them the 2nd weekend in Nov, but we had just made plans yesterday for that date.  

Well, yeah, it's a busy time but we'll have fun and in the mean time - I need a maid or a personal assistant at home I think.  ;-)

Ya'll be good.  More later. 


  1. I wish I could give you a day off.
    I can feel your exhaustion and aches. I hope you can find some time to relax and breathe.
    Take care,

  2. your bluegrass event sounded like fun. whats that line... there is no rest for the weary. hang in there.

  3. I agree with TT, it seems there is no rest for the weary it seems, but what doesn't do us in can only make us better ! Hope you do have a wonderful Monday and feel better too !

  4. The less rest you take the more rest you will need.....please take care Sonia...just wish I could come and sort you out !!!.....although you will have to wait a while cause I am so tired after all that happened at the end of our has given us an awful cold and I have no energy, if I am sitting down I fall asleep. Night night. Xxx

  5. I hope you feel better. Flying and working is exhausting. They are already giving flu shots here. I am going this week to get one. Seems like more and more people are getting sick this time of year. Try to get some rest.


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